Question from Edgemaster99

Asked: 5 years ago

It didnt give me my trophy!?!

I have played 23 games of co-oprative online and it hasnt given me the Specter initiate trophy. I use the find game and not the play option so does that affect it, or has it glitched and i can no longer get it?

Additional details - 5 years ago

Its ok, i got it now
my profile said i had completed 29 games when it gave it to me
dunno what happened but at least i have it now

Accepted Answer

From: itwizz 5 years ago

I have this trophy so it isn't glitched, you've probably messed up somewhere along the line so all I can suggest is you play another 20 games and see what happens but if you still don't get it then ring up Sony and see what they have to say.

The only glitchy trophies are Primarch Hunter (You're supposed to kill 200 Primarchs but I only killed 180 and still got it) and Killing Machine (For some reason, if you kill an opponent with either Overload or The LAARK/Pulse Cannon, it will not register as a kill on the servers, but rather a suicide as the other player.)

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Has the game glitched while you were playing? I mean did it suddenly stop and you were thrown out of game?
There's no difference if you use "play" or "Find game" they both work. Check your R2 profile to see how many co-op games you've completed.
If the problem isn't here, it's a glitch, however I don't think it can happen.

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