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    Trophy Guide by psn_cytosine

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        ______              _
       /     /____   _____ /_/_____     ___  ____ ___ ___
      /     //  __/ /  __// //  __//|  /   //   //__// __/
     /  /\ \ \  _/ /__  // //__  // _|/   // / ///__ \  _/
    /__/ |_| /___//____//_//____//__\/_/_//_/_//___/ /___/
                              /___  / 
                              ___/ /
                             /  __/   
                            / /___    
      _______           __           _____
     /__  __/_ __  ___ / /   _  _   / ___/___ _____
       / / / _\  //  // /__ // //  / __//   //    /
      / / / //  //  // _  ///_//  / /  / / //    /
     /_/ /_//__// _//_//_//__ /  /_/  /_/_//__  /
    ===========/_/=========_//===============/ /=========
                          /_/               /_/
    Game/Guide Info
    This Game Guide is Dedicated to TMan05,
    for without him id be without this game,
    and you'd be without this guide. thnx man.
    Game       Resistance 2
    Platform   Playstation 3
    Guide Type Trophy
    Creator    Dakota Toole
    Version    1.2
    Version updates 
    1.1 Edited minor false information
    1.2 Corrected spelling mistakes
        Edited email provisions
        Added contributions
    Table Of Contents
    1) Introduction  [R201]
    2) XMB           [R202]
    3) Trophies      [R203]
     3.1) Bronze     [R204]
     3.2) Silver     [R205]
     3.3) Gold       [R206]
     3.4) Platinum   [R207]
    4) Q & A         [R208]
    5) Contact       [R209]
    6) Legal         [R210]
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    Introduction [R201]
    Hello My Name is Dakota and Thank You For Reading My Guide.
    The Reason I Decided To Write This Guide Is To Help People
    Get Ahead in Resistance 2 Trophies. I Realized Gamefaqs Did
    Not Have a Trophy Guide Yet So I Decided To Write One. Believe 
    it Or Not, This Is my First Guide. If i Misinform You, Make a 
    Mistake, or Even a Spelling Error Please E-Mail Me at 
    Trophies    [R203]
    Playing Through Resistance 2 and Doing Special Tasks in the 
    Game will Earn You Trophies. You can Review These Trophies 
    Through The XMB.
    Some Of My Ways To Get Trophies Include Dying ALOT. This 
    Will Affect Your Stats In Your Profile. Please Contact
    Me if You Have an Easier Way to Achieve a Trophy.
    Name                  Dificulty
    Bronze      [R204]
    -Rampage!                   *
    	Kill 40 Hybrids in the single player Campaign.
    	Not Alot of Explaining to Do On This Trophy. Start a Storyline,
    	Kill Enemies, And You Should Get This Trophy Before Area 2.
    -Covert Ops                  **
    	Collect 5 pieces of intel in the single player Campaign.
    	Pieces of intel are Scattered Through-out The Game. Keep Your 
    	Eye Out For White Documents or Briefcases. You Should run into 
    	Many Before The Campaign Is Over Refer to my Intel Faq/Guide 
       	for Further Assistance.
    -Recycler                      *
    	Defeat The Goliath in the single player Campaign. 
    	Pretty Easy. The Goliath is in The First Area in Single Player
        	Campaign. Just Play Through The Level and Hit His Exauhst With
      	The LAARK When Told. He Should Crumble After The Third Hit.
    -Fried Calamari                 *
    	Defeat the Kraken in the single Player Campaign.
    	Like Before Play Through-out The Second Area in Single Player 
         	Campaign. When Attacked By the Kraken, Pick Up the Pulse Cannon
        	And Let Loose You Have the Chance. Eventually He'll Fall Down.
    -Exterminator                   **
    	Defeat the Mother Spinner in the single player Campaign.
    	Located in Twinfalls, Idaho. Once On Top Of the North Tower
    	She Will Be In Dead Center. Pelt At Her Flesh With Whatever 
    	You Have, Be Wary of the Little Buggers, and She Will Eventually
    -Flyswatter                      **
    	Defeat the swarm in the single player Campaign.
    	Located in Bryce Canyon, Utah. This Is a Three Stage Fight. You
    	Will Have To Lure the Swarm inside Of the Three Traps. When it is
    	Inside, Blast Away at it with the Pulse Cannon. Three Shots and 
    	You've Won.
    -The Bigger They Are              *
    	Defeat the Leviathan in the single player Campaign
    	One of the easiest Boss Battles. Think "LAARK LAARK LAARK"
         	When He lifts You Up, Wait for Him To Widen His Mouth and Shoot 
         	Him. When Hes Under The Bridge Shoot The Bridge Then Shoot Him.
         	He Will Admit Defeat by Dying...lolz
    -Big Game Hunter                    **
    	Defeat a Marauder in the single player Campaign
    	Located in Louisianna. Right As you Exit The Tall House This
         	T-Rex looking Creature appears. No Stratagy Really. Just Attack
        	Him With Whatever You Have and After a Few Minutes he Falls. Be
         	Aware Of His Toxic Spit.
    -Nowhere To Hide                      *
    	Tag and kill 30 enemies with the Bullseye secondary fire in the
    	single player Campaign
    	If you Do Not Have This Trophy By the Time You Finish the Story,
    	just play Through Level 1. Use R2 to "tag" an enemy and then 
         	knock it down.
    -Sharpshooter                          **
    	Get 30 headshots while scoped in with the fareye or Marksman in 
            the single player Campaign.
            Right As You Enter Bryce Canyon. JUST MAKE SURE YOURE SCOPED 
            WITH THE FAREYE. Play Through The First Part, Exit the Game,
            repeat until Trophy is Achieved
    -Explosives Expert                      ***
            Get 150 kills with the Carbine 40mm, LAARK, or frag grenade 
            in the single player campaign.
            No Easy Way Around this One, Sorry Folks! My Advice is,  
            Whenever you Have the Carbine, USE IT! Frag Grenade and 
            LAARK kills Really Dont Help You because they are So Few. 
            You Should Eventually get it
    -They Go "Boom"                           *
            Get 30 kills with the Magnum secondary fire in the single 
            player campaign.
            Level 1. Just Shoot someone with R1 and Explode them with 
            R2. Patrol Drones Are A good way To get This one faster! 
            Shoot One and Explode Them All! Repeat Untill Achieved.
    -Pyromaniac                                **
            Set 100 enemies on fire with the Bellock, air fuel grenade,
            spider grenade, or enviormental hazard in single player 
            Twinfalls Idaho. At the Main Street Battle Fire Away at the 
            Cars to get kills, in front of the diner there is a Bellock, 
            save it. Wait Until You Get Into The Movie Theater to Use It 
            on The massive Grim Attack. Use the Secondary Fire into The 
            Crowd. Do This 2 - 3 times and you Have the Trophy! 
    -Spitting Lead                               *
            Kill 50 enemies using the Wraith with the force barrier 
            engaged in the single player Campaign.
            Very Easy. Bryce Canyon, second Checkpoint. Use The Wraith 
            On The Leapers. You Should Get this First Time Around, if 
            not Repeat.
    -I See You                                    **
            Kill 50 Enemies through solid matter with the Auger in the 
            single player Campaign.
            Twin Falls Idaho. Same Teqnique as with "Pyromniac" Use the 
            Saved Auger On The Massive Grim Atak, Just Make Sure You're 
            Behind somthing
    -Talk To The Hand                               *
            Use The Auger force barrier to stop 150 incoming enemy shots
            in single player campaign.
            Just Like Above, Equip The Auger, Whenever hoards of Enemies 
            attack, let them! Raise Your Shield. You Should get the Trophy
            around the 5th Shield you put up.
    -For Close Encounters                            *
             Get 10 One-hit Head-shot kills with the Shotgun in the single 
             player Campaign.
             Ok Bryce Canyon Checkpoint 4. When The Mass Of Grims attack 
             Wait For Them to Come In Groups. Then Fire at their Heads 
             with the Shotgun. Very quick and Easy.    
    -Pincushion                                    ***
             Get 50 kills with the Hedgehog in the single player Campaign
             Okay Kind Of Hard, Nowhere Specific To Do This in. Whenever 
             you Have a Hedgehog grenade, save it For when you Have a 
             Large Group of Hostiles. Be Patient.
    	-Contributed by David L. Kenny Via Hotmail-
    The level is Twinfalls (of course). In the building before the movie theater
    (The grocery store) check the counter to your right on your way out. There are 
    two Hedgehog grenades just sitting there for you. Run the 100 yards into the 
    movie theater and wait for the grims to swarm you. chuck the grenades at your 
    feet and you'll take out 15-20 of the uglies in one shot! As an added bonus 
    you'll blow yourself sky high too, reloading the entire scenario just for you. 
    I thought this might come in handy since you didn't have a specific strategy 
    for this trophy. *Thank you for your contribution*
    -Up Close and Personal                          **
             Get 50 melee kills with any weapon.
             Easy if You Know What You are doing. Twinfalls Idaho is a 
             great place. Smack the Grims with Your Gun, They'll Go down
             one hit! Just make Sure to Not try this on full Groups of 
             them, this will mean death.
    -Wreaking Machine                                 *
             Destroy 40 Vehicles in the single player Campaign
             They Really should rename Twinfalls to Trophy land. Go There,
             and Play the Level. Destroy all vehicles, play through 2 
             times and  you should achieve it.
    -Mind Your Surroundings                           **
             Get 50 Indirect kills in single player Campaign        
             Once Again Twinfalls Idaho. On the Mainstreet battle Explode
             the Cars to kill The Chimera. Replay this area until Trophy
             is Achieved.
    -Berserker                                        ***
             Use every berserk at least once in online competative mode
             This will take some time. You will first have to get to 
             level 15 (half way), in order to unlock all of the berserks.
             Once Unlocked Use one, Change Berserk Loadout, Change 
             Loadout...ect. ***NOTE*** The Chimera and Humans have Diferent
             Berserks. Be sure To use Them All
    -Specter Recon                                      *
             Collect 50 pieces of gray tech in the coopreative campaign
             Play through Co-op and kill "elite-chimera" to obtain gray 
             tech. Get 50 to achieve trophy.
    -Specter Initiate                                  **
             Complete 20 missions in the cooperative campaign.
             More like 18, this games wierd like that (until update).
             Just Play co-op and complete missions.
    -Team Player                                        **
             Complete 5 missions with a full party of 8 in the 
             Cooperative Campaign.
             Okay Difficult if your teamates like to leave. 
             Just make sure everyones there and complete 5 missions.
    -Tour of Duty                                        *
             Complete one mission on each region in the cooperative 
             Easy, just play all 8 levels and complete them.
    Silver      [R205]
    -Salute Me                                            ****
             Achieve the rank of Lieutenant
             Kind of hard, but more time consuming. Reach the rank 
             of 31 by Getting Exp from Campaign, Co-op, and Competative.
             Roughly around 4.5 mil. 
    -Exotic Weapon Collector                               ***
             Get 20 kills with each weapon in the game in single 
             player Campaign.
             Should get this playing through the game, no grenades 
             do not count and yes pulse cannon does. In level 2 just
             take the pulse cannon outside after the first encouter 
             of the kraken and kill the chimera.
    -Master Spy                                            ****
             Collect all the Intel documents in the single player Campaign
             Not hard but time consuming. Refer to my Updated intel faq 
             for Further Assistance.
    -Snipe Hunt                                               *
             Kill 30 spinners in the single player Campaign
             Easiest Silver Trophy, go to Trophyland (Twinfalls Idaho). 
             Around the House at the First checkpoint there are plenty. 
             Kill them melee or shoot them. Quit the Game when theyre 
             all dead and go back to checkpoint 1 and do it again until 
             trophy is obtained.
    -Xenocide                                                 **
             Kill 1000 enemies in the single player Campaign.
             Playing Through The Game On Any Difficulty should earn You 
             This Trophy. Just kill as many enimies as you can and you 
             should earn this around the ending of bryce canyon.
    -Point Man                                                 ***
             Earn 1,000,000 Xp from ranked games in online Competitive mode.
             Not so easy. play competitve until you reach About level 12. 
             DO NOT GO TO "FIND GAME". go to Play in order for any of it to 
    -Specter Officer                                           *****
             Reach max level with one class in the cooperative campaign.
             No easy way to do this either. In my case, medic was easiest. 
             I made about 30-60k xp a round. Took about 2 weeks. Find what 
             youre good at and play the heck out of it.
    -Primarch Hunter                                             ***
             Kill 200 Elite Chimera in the Cooperative campaign.
             Semi-difficult. Play Co-op, collect gray tech, and kill the 
             "bosses" in each level.
    Gold        [R206]
    -R.I.P Jordan Shepherd                                         ****
              Defeat Deadalus; complete the single player Campaign
              Strait-forward. complete the game on any difficulty
    -OMGWTFBBQ                                                    *****
              Complete Single player campaign on Superhuman
              Good luck. I have achieved this one. You must play through 
              and beat difficult story before you can unlock superhuman.
    -Killing Maching                                               *****
              Score 10,000 kills in ranked matches in online competitive 
              Usually People work for about 75 total playing hours before
              they achieve it. Play online and tally up those kills.
    -Specter Intel                                                 *****
              Collect all intel in the Cooperative Campaign
              Complete all missions in every area in cooperative online. 
    	  Time Consuming but helpful.
    Platinum    [R207]
    -Platinum Trophy
               Obtain all Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophies for Resistance 2
               Self explanitory
    Q & A       [R208]
    Q:How Do I Unlock Superhuman?
    A:Play Through Single Player Campaign On Difficult.
    Q:Why did you create this guide? Do you not have a life?
    A:To help people like you. Yes i do a very good one. 
      Believe it or not it only took me 3 hours to write.
    Q:Do you have any of these trophies?
    A:Yes i have 37/39 of these. I am currently working on
      Killing machine and Platinum.
    Q:I wish to donate, how can i?
    A:Dont waste your money, i dont want it.
    Q:I wish to add you to my freinds list. Will you give out your psn?
    A:Why not? ;) My psn = CyToSiNe, Id appreciate the add!
    Q:Do you Plan on Making Any Other Faqs Or Guides?
    A:Not unless i am asked.
    Q:I would like to use this guide on my site, can i?
    A:You Most Certainly can, With my permission of course! Email me at
      hiddenmp4@gmail.com with the subject "guide add"
    Contact     [R209]
    My Name is Dakota and if you wish to contact me for corrections,
    problems, questions, or suggestions my hotmail is 
    Dakotaisawhore@hotmail.com. you can also contact me at 
    hiddenmp4@gmail.com. Or Contact me directly over the 
    Playstation Network. My Playstation Name is Cytosine (yes the dna).
    I would appreciate your Feedback.
    Legal       [R210]
    This guide Is copyright (c) 2009 Cytosine. Do not Use this guide 
    On any website without my permission otherwise. Do not edit this 
    guide in anyway if i do not grant you permission. Sites that have my
    copyright 2009-2010

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