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Help with magnetic puzzle?

Stuck on the magnetic puzzle if anyone can help i appreciate it?

tcmfan2002 provided additional details:

Its when u save melissa singer but i beat that im stuck on oswald tho im on low health so the screen is gray but i cant save oswald and i hope after that i get health i may have to start over but i may not have to


DonLubin answered:

If you refresh my memory what magnetic puzzle there is I will be more than happy to help... I already beat the game... (EASY trophy game... got 97% just need curb stomping 5 times :/)....
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Skylar90 answered:

I'm not sure if this will be that helpful, but I have been low on health too and couldn't find first aid for a while. But I found that if I used my fists on enemies and got the first punch and just keep punching they will never get a chance to hit back. If that's what you were concerned about, just try that until you can find a first aid cabinet or keep checking dead bodies and lockers.
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jk420 answered:

Also drinking fountains, bottled water, and bandages are a good source of health!!
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jk420 answered:

As for the magnetic puzzle, you have to slide it into the correct spot, don't worry if you hit the strikes, just make sure not to hit them to many times! In fact you have to hit some to get past it!!
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