Question from TokinBlunts

Asked: 5 years ago

How do i figure out the lock combination?

In the room where water lines the ground and an electrical source is slowly advancing i cannot figure out the numbers for the lock, there is numbers all over the wall and even pieces of numbers, there are 6 jigsaw pieces on the ground and ive tried lining them up but its pretty hard any help on the 3 numbers?

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From: lchrisman 5 years ago

To followup on what bigdumbfatso said, if you go on the opposite side of the room, there is a red puzzle piece on the floor, look toward the room with Elec-man(lol), and you should see the numbers he mentioned.

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I tried looking at the walls from all jigsaw pieces and from only one of them I saw a 3-digit number clearly. I don't think they are random per game so mine was 4-3-5. Make sure you get the coupler from the tool chest to the left of where you walk in also. ;)

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