Question from matadore11

How do u air up to windows on vampires vert?

How do u air up to windows on vampires vert?

Skate4life09 asked for clarification:

I tryed that and it dont work it sucks ugh !!!!


riderfreak answered:

You pump a lot grab with R2 when you hit the ground and release halfway up the other wall
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ThePostalDudeJr answered:

This one was hard, just keep pumping over and over and you should be able to do it.
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Bluellama1 answered:

Pump pump pump and optionally ollie
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pimp_named_JR answered:

I just did the tweak plant than I road up the ramp and did a grab move in the air(pump 1 time going up the ramp)
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spenze123456 answered:

Find the shaman in the mountains......
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rkoer8 answered:

Pump on the ramps and when pushing until you go high up and keep going and go as high as you can in front of the windows.
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elementocire answered:

Its harder cuz it only give you 1minute!!!! and just keep pumping
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Buckeyes_22 answered:

pump and do 360s it will make you go a bit faster as long as you land them cleanly just go to the side where DV is there is more room so it's easier to get the air
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