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Asked: 5 years ago

Why Does My Online Not Work?

It said I have to register my game on EA but Ive done that and it still wont let me online.

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Did you do everything correctly? It should work once you have your EA account, unless you don't have a PSN account (which I doubt, but it's a possibility).

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This also happened to me, I honestly just think that the EA servers are down sometimes

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The ea servers for this game has been shut down permanently....i was pissed when they did it -.-

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The internet version of LOTRC was shut down, it sucks.

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I have a PS3 and I got LOTR conquest a year after I got my PS3 I tried to get online but it keeps saying "Cannot connect to EA servers." Is there still a way I can connect to my online on LOTR conquest on my PS3

I hope to get a message back soon :)

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