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Where's the best place to find Blue Lifeforce?!?!

I'm stuck at the Mellow Hills-Abyss and the Heaven's Peak Understreets and I'm completely out of Blue lifeforce. Where is the best place to get more of the blue lifeforce?!?!??!?!?

Accepted Answer

maccs1 answered:

the best place to get life force is the dungeon.
Blue = dazzle beetles
red = magma beetles
green = puffer beetles
browns = battle beetles
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dynawarrior1 answered:

The best place to get blue life force easy would be evernight swamp. Ther are small and hulking toads you can kill easy for blue life force. You can also have your blue minions kill the elf ghosts for blue life force. Another good place to get alot of different kinds of life force is from those round orange plandts in the abysses.
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mcwood1383 answered:

I find the moist hollows to be rather decent for harvesting blue life force.
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