Question from jeffhamburg

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I access Advanced Car Setup?

I have already done basic setup after a practice run on "Race Now." How do I reach the Advanced Car Setup menu?

Also, can I set up more than one car and more than one driver on this game? In our household, we have at least two folks who would like to race with their own car and driver persona.

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From: VBAD85 6 years ago

Try making another user on the PS3, I think however you can start a new career and create a new driver. Never tried it, but it would make sense.

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I'm sorry but i think you can only have 1 game per PS3...And When your in the Car Setup menu just push L1 or R1 and you're in the Advanced Car Setup

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Oh yeah you can make a new user on your PS3 then you can make a new career and create a new driver

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