Question from rasenkage

Asked: 4 years ago

Alpha Protocol or Red Dead?

Which one should i get? I need to know by June 3rd.


Additional details - 4 years ago

Well i can't rent it seeing as i don't have rental place near me or online subscription, also my parents are strict about video games so i cant let them know i have it

Additional details - 4 years ago

@Morpharr, which is better though?

Accepted Answer

From: Dead_Vault 4 years ago

Please take note that I do NOT mean to bash Red Dead, just merely state my opinion. I love it, so don't get me wrong, k?

I believe that both are pretty well-made games, but technically, Red Dead is tuned up better. No lag, pretty much no loading screens (though I could be wrong), and the graphics are consistent throughout. Alpha Protocol could use a little more fine tuning, but I believe it to be fun. If you can get past graphical issues such as the rendering, and a few other quirks that should have been fixed, then I believe you would think AP is fun as well. Plus I'm just a huge RPG and espionage fan, and they combined two of my loves :). Red Dead, while it is made well, is nothing but GTA all over again (taking place in the wild west). Depends on what you prefer, Alpha Protocol, while has many of the same mechanics as a lot of games out there, I find it to be done differently. Red Dead is nothing more than GTA4 with a western mask to it. I get bored easily with the same game over and over again... unless its Final Fantasy :)

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Alpha Protocol has alot of replay ability i dunno about red dead but you get value for money with protocol

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Red Dead pretty much starts fun and stays so while Alpha Protocol takes a while before you really get into the fun parts of the game. And AP is kinda of linear even though you can usually pick which mission to do first while RD is a sandbox game like GTA with similar control.

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Both! That's what i'm going for once i have the money.

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I got red dead and its awesome, i have alpha protocol on the way and ive got mixed feelings about it from the different reviews i have seen, if you are not sure rent it out first

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Both Are Recommended, i bought alpha Protocol and my brother RDR.

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