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Asked: 5 years ago

Why doesn't the cheat code for Maxcas work?

I typed in the code MAXCAS and it could not access it.

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You have to enter MAXCAS and then create a new cas and his/her overall will be 90

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This damn code doesn't work at all. and I think this code will not work if you put it in all CAPS on it and it will not work at all again. When I put the code in, it give me a message and it say "Unable to unlock this code". Now what to do right now if I trying me best to get my Created - A - Superstars to be a 90 and the code doesn't work period.

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god need the flaming patch to use MAXCAS. That's it.

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God need the flaming patch to use MAXCAS. That's it.

Also, you can't have it in like this:




It has to be MAXCAS.

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