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what does the cheat code "Super Dunks Mode" mean? 1
Free throw? 3
Can created players use Go-To-Moves? 1
Can you change your starting lineup in Dynasty? like, can you choose who plays what Pos.? 2
In Dynasty, going to the next season? 1
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Scheduling Team Events? 0
Can you create your own teams? 0
I need help recruiting? 0
Whats up with the top 10 nominee thing on some plays? 0
How can I find? 0
How do you quit from league play online? 0
How do you add created players to Nba live 09 and madden 09 ps3 franchise? 0
How do I buy the 365 code? 0
Can you lock on 1 player in dynasty mode ? 0
How do you trade draft picks in dynasty? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 18

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