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Asked: 6 years ago

Free throw?

Can u make your friend mess up but messin up the bar for a free throw?

Additional details - 6 years ago

In all the other NBA live games when u shot free throws u can make they joystick rumble so what im asking is there i way you can make they joystick rumble so u can apply pressure or is there a different way 2 apppy pressure when they are shooting free throws or is there no way 2 apply pressure

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From: nyyankees038107 6 years ago

If you are the home team you dont have to do anything.
The game itself will apply pressure to the away team controller

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Please be clearer. What are you asking?

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I dont think so i haven't seen anything in the booklet about it

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I was wondering da same thing cuz i was online (home tem) but could apply pressure but i got pressure applyed. So i think u can but just dont no how srry

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