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Asked: 4 years ago

Magnum execution?

I have beat him to the punch and when it says EXECUTE i switch to my magnum but he i hit R3 he disables the magnum and execute him him with melee. HELP!!!!

Additional details - 4 years ago

Oh well, i already do it. If someone read this, all i do was let them take one raquet (not the entire ring) of the one that makes you have twice the damage as a bonus from have the entire ring so my bullets didn't hit so hard then i shot them in the knees and when they were on their knees i hit R3 (with the right pistol) and presto. Hope this help someone bcuz this board is dead.

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If I have to do a kneeling execution I pull out the weapon I want to use and run up and grab them. Then I strangle them, while the enemies health drops the enemy themselves slowly drops to their knees. When they end up on their knees let got of them and execute.

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