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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get 1 million dollars without racing?

Like is there a way to get tons of money without doing any races

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If you mean "normal" race types, then yes, there is a way.

Just do the escape and destruction events over and over again.

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There are a few money cheats aparently, I found these with a quick google.

$EDSOC (thats the letter O)

Enter them in secret codes in the options menu, the first 2 aparently give you 10,000 and the last gives you 15,000. I haven't tried these myself so I've no idea if you can repeat them over and over, but give it a go anyway and if not it's a free 35,000. I'd try them myself but I don't wish to use cheats.

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Dragonistic - codes are a once off per save file.

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Can you drive your bonus car as free roam. And use for your career

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