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Asked: 6 years ago

What is awesome detection?

The cheat description makes no sense to me.

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From: Yiroep 6 years ago

The truth is no one actually knows the answer to this yet. This may in fact be a joke that Harmonix is playing on us.

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I think it makes it so you have to hit the note like perfect.
Usualy you can be a little early or late.

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Well, The detection theory sounds correct, but I think it sends more packets to Harmonix when you're playing online so as to brag about your awesomeness. That's my best answer for this one.

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Coulduv sworn that this increased the 'window' of note detection. As in, you can strum later or earlier than the not and still hit it. As I recall, there was a cheat that did that in Guitar Hero 2....

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It would be logical that 'awesome detection' refers to a greater level of detection for the notes, therefore being easier and therefore being awesome.

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