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Where to get the best armor?

I am a level 30 character but can take very little damage when facing other level 30 enemies ... where should i get the best armor thats not that expensive because i haven no money at all i wasted it all on repairs versing chemo

kennysea provided additional details:

Where are the gladiator merchants? and the marks of legends vendors are in the watchtower right?

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RapidfireRay answered:

Depending on which mentor you have, their Wing in the Watchtower is where you'll find the best armor (Tier 1 and 2) for your character.

Wonder Woman - Magic Wing
Batman - Tech Wing
Superman - Meta Wing

They can be bought with cash and Marks of Victory.
Doing Level 30 Hard Alerts and Duos repeatedly will give you the MoVs. With a good team (tank,controller, healer and dps), you can get over a dozen a day and make some good money as well.
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swtchuck72 answered:

U get the good armor doing missions. u can get better by doing pvp arenas so u can use the gladiator merchants,witch takes influence & money. the best stuff is from the "marks of legends" vendors witch takes mol chits & money
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