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Asked: 3 years ago

How do you do a huge combo with Dual Pistol's Sweep Shot?

When I do sweep shot I normally get the first two melee hits, then like 4 more hits on the sweep motion. I've read, heard and seen with my own eyes people capable of doing 20+ hits with sweep shot. Anyone know how to do it?

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this is once you max out all the dual pistol abilities. I generally hit square to start my combo off and then hold square hold square hold square and then hold square.... by doing that you go through all the melee combos ending with the move that jumps in the air towards the enemy and rinse and repeat there is a timing issue on on the whole combo but that's how I do it and if I want to own damage that's what I use. I can not get the numbers with any other weapon as of yet...but that's just me

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The glitch that allowed for the canceling/chaining of sweep shots into each other for massive amounts of damage has been patched out of the game. I am assuming that is what you were asking about.

Sweep shot, by itself, cannot get up to 20 or more hits. The glitch that was removed on the Feb 22 patch allowed for people to cancel out of one sweep shot animation directly into another sweep shot animation continuously, causing a huge amount of damage very quickly.

People who knew how to do this were devastating in PvP, often able to do 2k+ combos on people very quickly.

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