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What is the level cap for this game?

Level cap?


hmoobpaladin answered:

I don't think there is a level cap. The game mentions up to level 20 but I'm level 22 as of right now.
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Deathmember answered:

There is no "hard cap"... you can level indefinitely, however by lvl 25, you will run out of xp gaining possibilities.
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plucky027 answered:

Level 25 is the cap.
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Subeta answered:

It's a lot like Baldur's Gate and its sequels (Seeing as how it's D&D style itself). Once you hit level 25, you can still -technically- level up, but the experience required to do this is so exorbitant that there's no way to achieve this, short of abusing the Ostagar experience glitch into oblivion. Hard level cap, I'd say, is probably 40. That's what the number of skills and talents available would suggest. (The remaining 15 levels are usually accounted for through use of tomes and such, so the player doesn't end up feeling "ripped off.")
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Takiatchi answered:

Once you hit level 25, the experience bar will say "0/Nan Experience points until level 26" - Level 25 is the cap.

(You can easily reach this by buying alot of Elfroot from the Dalish Camp and handing them in, in stacks of 89, giving you 880 exp (PC) for every turn-in),
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Link_6512 answered:

I just hit level 26 and the XP required to level again is 26,000, I already have 16,735.
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