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Where do I find all the recruitable party members?

So far I have Shale, Lelianna, Morrigan, Alistar, the Dog, The Elf Assassin, and Cowboy Bebop Dwarf.

EnergyAlchemist provided additional details:

Oh no I have sten. Just forgot him in the OP. I know I need to Old MAge Lady. Where does she come in at?


Amaranth_Silver answered:

For one, you are missing Sten, the prisonner in Lothering.
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Peavy_FTW answered:

Wynne (Old Lady) Comes in at the Mage's Tower. You will have a choice to kill her or not. Be sure to save before you start the quest (Options are sorta vague.)
You will get the chance to get Logain as well.. at a price of alistar**

Those are the only one's you need then you would of gotten all characters.
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hmoobpaladin answered:

Here's where you can recruit all companions in the game. Spoiler alert! Allistair: Joins you when you talk to him at Ostagar. Morrigan: Joins you after Flemeth saves you and Allistair from Tower of Ishal. Leliana: Joins you after fighting Loghain's men in Dane's Refuge in Lothering. Sten: Joins you if you freed him in Lothering. Dog: Joins you after completing the quest in the kitchen if you're a Human Noble or while traveling to Lothering after Morrigan joins you if you saved it while at Ostagar. Wynn: Joins you in the Circle of Magi's tower if you decide to help her. Zevran: Joins you after completing two major quest lines in a random encounter. Be sure to spare him and not kill him for him to join. Oghren: Joins you during Paragon of Her Kind quest in Orzammer after agreeing to look for Branka in the Deep Roads. Shale: Available only through downloadable content. Joins you after you save the villagers in Wilheim's Cellar and obtain the real password to activate him. Loghain Mac Tir: Joins you if you agree to let him undergo the Joining ritual to become a Grey Warden. Caution: Letting Loghain live will cause Allistair to leave your party BUT you can prevent that if you 'changed' Allistair in his personal quest.
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Fangirl0 answered:

Since you specifically asked about Wynne (old mage lady), you can recruit her during the "Broken Circle" quest in the Mage's Tower.
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