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Should I destroy the anvil?

Should I keep the anvil or destroy it?

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snugglelove answered:

Do both, in two different games. There's a trophy for each decision, so you'll need to do both to get them both.
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BerserkrQueen answered:

It also depends on which army you want fighting with you at the end of the game. If you destroy the Anvil, you get an army of dwarves. If you preserve the Anvil, you will get an army of golems. Dwarves have no ranged attacks, but are pretty good defensively. Golems have some melee and some range attacks and are pretty tough to bring down. Honestly, I prefer the golems (especially if you can convince the Legion of the Dead to join your army), but really it's personal preference.
Also, as far as character approval, if you destroy the Anvil, Oghren is really the only one who will be upset. If you preserve it some of your more morally upstanding characters (like Wynne) will get mad.
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Longmids answered:

Also to add to BerserkrQueens response, DO NOT have Shale in your party when you do this quest. Depending on what you choose to do, keep or destroy, he will turn on you and you'll be forced to fight him along with everything else in the room.
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