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How can you become Queen alongside Alastair?

I know you've got to be female, and I've seen places say you need to be human which also makes sense, but do you have to be a human noble or could a human mage also do this?

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pupped answered:

no your chara must be a female human noble, becouse mages a not allowed to have a title so a mage can never become a king or Queen.
If you character meets all requerments and you have hardend Alister in his personal quest (i havebt tryed it without yet) you can answer on the question at the landsmeet who will be the rule of the land with "Alister with me on his side" (or something like that). After that defeat the Arcdeamon survive (i dont want to spoil more the that) and at the End you will be the Queen alongside Alister.
I hope this helps
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