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How do I become a Blood Mage, really?

I'm aware that you have to make a deal with the Demon in the Fade to become a Blood Mage, but I can't get her to make the deal. I go straight into the fight no matter what options I choose. I've already brought The Circle over to Redcliff. I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't have done that if I want to deal with the demon. Can anyone confirm?

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javianjeff answered:

You yourself have to be a mage. Sending anyone else in will trigger the fight. It is relatively easy to get her to give you the specialization... or you could sleep with her if you really wanted to. But in short, you will only get it if your own character is a mage who has entered the fade.
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ragman1 answered:

The Arl of Redcliff quest:--- free Jowan from cell in basement. You have to sacrifice Connors mother, (Jowan does this with a spell). You will then enter the Fade. Converse with desire demon and pick option for learning the blood mage. The blood mage will become active at level 12 I think; and Connor will be free of the demon. You must be a mage. This will also unlock for your other mages (Morrigan & Wynne if you have her). HTH
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irule425 answered:

You do the Arl of Redcliff quest and free jowan from the cell in the basement. Then he will say that he needs to sacrifice a person but u dont hav to as alisatir will suggest getting help from the Circle of Magi. Go 2 them and talk to the mages (i recomend that u do the Circle of Magi quest first as u will get them on ur side). Then go back and enter the Fade. After killing Connor 3 time (i'm not sure) u will confront the Desire Demon. ignore the mage's advice and engage into a conversation with the demon. Then pick the option of being a blood mage.
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