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Should I spare Jowan?

Does it matter or will he screw me if I let him live, is there a difference further in the game after the arl recoveres in redcliff ?
Should I have him executed? What happens if he goes back to circle, will it haunt me?
Can this be answered without to much spoilers?

Accepted Answer

Shale213 answered:

If you kill jowan- you can still become a blood mage, just do the quest for the circle where his mom lives and make sure you go into the fade. I played both where I had jowan executed and let him live- There's really no difference. I would answer more but don't want to spoil anything.
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Nobunaga answered:

i have had him spared in one game and executed in another...without any difference that i saw. i don't think it makes a difference(this was done by sparing him in his CELL first and leaving him there for the time being) just save right before hand and make 2 seperate games and see how they play out. ^_^
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Kahasa answered:

If you kill him in his Cell you can't become a blood mage.
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crystalgolem420 answered:

If you kill him or force him out of the castle you will not be able to save connor or get the blood mage specilization (the only time its avaliable if ur main character is a mage)
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