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=Ratchet and Clank (Future): Quest for Booty=
=Completist Game Guide=
=Copyright 2008 Tim van der Meij=

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                YQh8:              yBQBQBZEZQQBQBQBQQy CBR0QBQK,.hFt.,   
              ZQZQBQ.,           ,.vBQBQBQQQQQBQBQBQ    .W8QB1RQBQBQB,  
            KBB0QBQBQ,           JW lZQBQBQBQBQBS         lB, rBQBQBQ   
           QBBBQBQQQBQ           QB:ilCQBQBQBQB,           Qy,,SBQQQB   
                   QBQLJERZQBQBQE        QJ,;Q8BBQBQB;   UBQBZBQBQB     
                     QQOOBQBQBQBQ         QS,.REZBQBQB,    lQBQBQBY     
                       QBQERBQBQBQ         OB.;ZOZBQBQB                 

=Version History=
=9/21/08= (Version 0.40)
Typed up the begginings of the guide. As this is my third guide, this is
probably going to be a much easier process than the ToD guide was (for
instance, I'm getting used to hitting enter to conform to the GameFAQS
format for guides). Also to make it easier is the fact that it's a much
shorter game, so I don't have to keep trudging along like in ToD. Please
ignore the accidental pun in the ACII art up there, what with it being
made up mostly of Q's and B's.

=9/22/08= (Version 1.00)
Completed the entirety of the guide! Just need to type up the
complimentary Weapons and Gadgets Guide so I can submit it with this one.
And I think I made the margins a bit too small... oh well.

=9/26/08= (Version 1.01)
CheatCodesCentral has been added as a site allowed to host the Guide.
If a site is hosting the Guide and isn't on the list, then they are
hosting it illegaly and without my permission, so please contact me if
you see it on a site other than GameFAQs and CeatCC.

=9/27/08= (Version 1.02)
Added Supercheats.com to the list.

=11/7/09= (Version 1.05)
Touched up a few things, added a Hard Tip for the Hoolefar Beach Battle,
and added a few bib bobs that I missed out on.

My third FAQ! Glad to be writing this thing. Quest for Booty is a minor
title as far as Ratchet and Clank goes, second only to Going Mobile, but
is still an integral part to the story, ESPECIALLY in what it reveals at
the end!

If there's anything you feel is missing from the Guide or something that
you feel would need changing, feel free to contact me at
timv@paradise.net.nz. Given the amount of free time I currently have I'll
be sure to reply to you in a jiffy (that is, usually a day or two).
Things like spelling mistakes and Checkpoint placement corrections are
gladly accepted. Spam and hate mail goes into the Trashcan. DELETED!!!

Just like last year, this game is based on the PAL version of the game,
and it also happens to be the disk version, so there may be some

=Legal Bits=
This website is copyright of me, Tim van der Meij. Thus far, the only
sites allowed to host this guide are

= GameFAQs.com
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However, if you would like to host it on your own site, feel free to
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Any part of this Guide that is listed in the Contents, in full or in
part, may be printed for personal use, as I am well aware that having a
sheet of paper can be far more useful than something displayed on a
monitor. Anything and anything else may not be copied for aforementioned

As a note, the first paragraph at the beggining of each mission is the
mission description from the game. Weapon Mod locations were kindly
provided by meximan of the Insomniac Forums, so props to him.


Each section of the guide here is given a code. Hit Ctrl+F and type in
the code, then hit search to jump to that section.

The guide, like last time, will assume that you are unfamiliar with the
game, so will provide aid as to what weapons to use, and what to do. If
you are looking for weapon mod locations and help for them, check out my
Weapons & Gadgets guide. However, Mod locations will be mentioned in the
guide whenever you can reach them at a point in the game, and will be
marked with a %%%%% border.

A Brief Overview of the Franchise.................#OVF
Title Menu and Options............................#TMO
Controls and Gameplay Mechanics...................#CGP
PS3 Themes........................................#PST

Plot Overview of R&CF so far......................#PRC
Backstory to Quest for Booty......................#BSQ

Actual Guide......................................#ATC
  Drogol Sector...................................#DGS
     Azorean Sea..................................#AZS
     Hoolefar Island..............................#HFI
     Morrow Caverns...............................#MWC
     Battle of Hoolefar Island....................#BOH
     Darkwater Cove...............................#DWC<--Devil Won't Cry?
     Battle on the Azorean Sea....................#BAS

Frequently Asked Questions........................#FAQ

=A Brief Overview of the Franchise=
Ratchet and Clank started as a quadruple set of games back on the PS2. It
has grown quite a lot since then and has developed in the gameplay and
story. Now Insomniac has moved on to a new franchise, Ratchet and Clank
FUTURE, while the original Ratchet and Clank franchise has moved on to
High Impact Games, the makers of Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank for

Ratchet and Clank Future is different from the normal Ratchet and Clank
franchise primarily because it is on the Playstation 3, resulting in
better graphics and sophistication, and a story with a more important
role in the game as a whole. This is obvious in the last two games, which
end with a cliffhanger and plot twist, respectively.

Quest for Booty brings Ratchet and Clank into a new playing field by
being the first bite-sized Ratchet and Clank game (not counting Size
Matters), and also being the first to be available on the Playstation
Network at a reduced price. If you want a disk version, there is one
available in all PAL regions aside from the Uk (more on that in the FAQ
section). However, just because it's smaller doesn't means it's some
cheap side-scrolling spin-off or something. No, this is a full Ratchet
game in all respects, with all the top-notch graphics and everything.

Due to language pronounciation difficulties, in PAL territories, the
Ratchet and Clank Future Franchise has had the Future taken out, meaning
that in PAL, this title is simply called Ratchet and Clank: Quest for
Booty. These are not different games, they are one and the same.

=Title Menu and Options   #TMO=

The title menu offers the usual trimmings for a game. New Game starts the
story from scratch, Load Game loads a previous game, Delete will help you
delete a save file, Options adjust certain gameplay aspects, and Manual
will upload the Online Manual (this is for both the Disk and Downloadable
versions of the game).

New Game has an added step for a Ratchet and Clank game. One of the
gameplay mechanics involve the use of darkness to cover up what's ahead
of you, so having a TV that is too bright would be cheating. Under the
preview image you'll see a square. Adjust the brightness here until the
square is just BARELY visible. If you can't see it at all you've gone too

Quest for Booty also re-introduces a feature not seen since the fourth
title, Deadlocked: Adjustable Difficulty. You have three different modes:
Easy, Medium and Hard. Easy is for new-comers to the series, Medium
offers a typical RaC challenge, and Hard is for those who play Ninja

Options allow you to adjust the Sound Effect, Music and Speech volumes,
as well as turn Help Text and Subtitles on and off. You can also adjust
the brightness here too, as well as change the Audio mode into Stereo or
Surround Sound. These are available in the Pause Menu in-game, as well as
the adjust difficulty feature, in case you find the game too difficult
and want to change it without restarting the game (looking at you,
Kingdom Hearts).

In the Pause Menu of the game you get an additional Control Options Menu.
This allows you to change the control layout from Third Person to
Lock-Strafe, adjust the camera speed, and invert the horizontal and
vertical camera controls.

=Controls and Gameplay Mechanics   #CGP=

Ratchet has a wide variety of moves which can help you complete the game
in style an with ease. Move him about with the Left Stick and move the
camera with the Right Stick. Jump is performed with X, and pressing it
again in mid-air will cause him to flip, extending his jump distance a
little. Jumping is also required to grab onto zip-lines, which, well, zip
you to another point in the level quickly.

To attack with Ratchet's Omniwrench Millenium 12 (or Wrench for short),
press Square. If ever you need to do anything with the Wrench, Square is
the button you'll want to use. Ratchet can do a triple strike with three
presses, or a Hyper-Strike by jumping and pressing Square, resulting in
double the damage, and even more if you do it from a high spot. To throw
the Wrench like a boomerang, Crouch with R2 and hit Square. This is handy
for picking up distant bolts or blowing up explosive crates.

A new ability for Ratchet's Wrench is the Wrench Tether. By crouching and
pressing Square, the Head of Ratchet's Wrench will pop off and attack
itself to an aqua object using a Tesla Energy Tether. Use the Right Stick
to alter the object. For instance, you could retract Spring Pads to reach
higher ledges or move platforms to traverse large gaps.

Ratchet's Wrench can also now pick things up. Flaming Rocks can be
picked up with Square and thrown with circle to destroy grazed gates and
crates, as well as hit enemies if you get the chance. Inside caves, you
can also pick up these small green worm-bugs called Helio Grubs, which
light up when scared. This is useful for lighting the way ahead or
scaring away bats which can kill Ratchet, as he cannot hurt the bats.

Ratchet also is an accomplished gunman, so to fire his weapons, press
either Circle or R1 to fire. If you're in Lock-Strafe, the camera will
always be behind Ratchet unless he is holding the Wrench. In Lock-Strafe,
the Left Stick will move Ratchet Left, Right, Forwards, or Backwards
while keeping him facing in the direction the camera is pointing at. This
is called Strafing, and it is imperative to suriving the battles you will
encounter, especially on the Medium and Hard difficulties. To activate
Strafing when using the Third-Person Control Layout, press L2.

Third Person Mode is a camera that is more suited to Platforming and
exploration. Where Ratchet faces and where the camera faces are
independent, so you can have Ratchet walk to a door while you point the
camera towards a wall to Ratchet's left. The camera is also more fluid
in Third Person and will go behind Ratchet when he starts walking,
whereas in Lock-Strafe it is more 'snappy' and always stays in the place
you left it in (unless you have a weapon equipped, of course).

When you are in Lock-Strafe, the command to enter Look-Mode is L2, while
in Third-Persion it is L1. In either case, Lock-Strafe allows you to
observe your surroundings and shoot at ememies with greater precision.

If you are using the Tornado Launcher, you can tilt the controller to
guide the Tornado to pick up enemies. The more you tile, the faster the
tornado will go in the direction you tilted in.

Crates have played an important part in the RaC franchise, and there are
four types to be found on Merdegraw. There are Normal Crates, which can
be broken by almost any means, TNT Crates, which blow up when they are
hit with force (touch them to set off their timer and walk to a safe
distance), and Metal Crates, which can only be broken by an explosion or
hot object. All these crates give you bolts. The final Crate is the
Nanotech Crate.

These crates replenish Ratchet's heath, to keep him alive. Ratchet's
health upgrades as he kills foes, meaning he can face tougher enemies, at
the expense of needing more Nanotech. Weapons can be upgraded too by
killing foes, and can upgrade through to V5. Due to Ratchet's previous
adventures, all his weapons start out at V3, except for the Alpha

Swingshots and Grind Rails have also been a staple since the first game.
Grind Rails are chromy shiny rails which Ratchet can slide down on. He
can jump to a parallel rail by leaning over to it and pressing X, and he
can pick up flaming rocks he may pass by by using good 'ol Square.
Swingshots are used to cross gaps. There are two types in Quest for
Booty: Green and Blue. Green targets allow Ratchet to swing as if he were
on a vine like Tarzan, while Blue ones pull Ratchet towards the target.
Grind Rails and Swingshot Targets have often been combined together.

The final mechanic is the use of the Gravity Boots. These allow Ratchet
to walk up and defy gravity (hence the name), so he can walk up walls and
upside-down, providing he stays on the surface. They can be identified in
QFB by metallic strips with a diamond pattern on them.

=PS3 Themes   #PST=

Quest for Booty also has a PS3 Theme available for download. It's
essentially the same as the one for Tools of Destruction, but with
updated icons for the new PS3 Features the PS3 has gotten since ToD's
release (such as Trophies), in addition to having three unique wallpapers
based on storybook pages in the game.

=Plot Overview of Ratchet and Clank Future so far  #PRC=

Due to the importance of the story that the R&CF franchise now has, each
story assumes familiarity of the previous games (wheras the original RaC
series could pretty much be played in any order with no setbacks). So,
for those who are unable to play Tools of Destruction, here is a plot
summary of the game.


At the start of ToD, Ratchet and Clank come under fire from an army of
Drophyd's, little fish in mech suits, led by Emperor Percival Tachyon,
who aims to kill Ratchet. Ratchet steals his ship and are flown to the
Polaris Galaxy, and stumble upon a Smuggler who offers to take them to
Stratus City. There, through a vision by mysterious, time-altering beings
known as the Zoni, Clank is guided to the Hall of Knowledge, where
Ratchet finds his real home planet. However it is abandoned, but they do
manage to fix a Lombax ship named Aphelion, who talks to them about the
Great War, a war between the Lombaxes (Ratchet's species) and the
Cragmites (Tachyon's). They travel to Mukow to assist Quark, but are
stopped by Captain Romulus Slag and his crew of Robot Space Pirates. The
three escape, and Quark gives them a lead to the Nundac Asteroid Ring,
which is where a coveted Lombax Secret is apparently hidden, which was
used to end the War.

Turns out the secret was not there, but they learn that the Cragmites
used to rule terribly over the Polaris Galaxy and more, until the
Lombaxes rebelled. Inside a space station there, they come across two war
bots, Cronk and Zepyr, and the owner of the station called Talwyn. Her
father, Max Apogee, was a famous explorer, who had found a Lombax
artefact, which was stolen from the station. He chased after them, but
never came back. They head to the pirate world Ardolis and nick the item
from Slag's treasure hoard, and escape to Rykan V. Here, they find an
initiation video in an old bunker for the Secret, called the
Dimensionator, a device capable of interdimensional travel (similar to
the Zoni). They head to the testing grounds on Sargasso, where Talwyn is
captured and sent to Zordoom, while Ratchet heads to Kreeli Comet, home
to the IRIS Supercomputer.

There, IRIS reveals that Tachyon build the space pirates as a child and,
as the last remaining Cragmite, was hatched in an egg and raised by the
Lombaxes. However, upon learning of his past, Tachyon restarted the
Cragmite Empire. IRIS also explains that the Dimensionator was hidden by
Max Apogee on Planet Jasindu, but Clank insists on rescuing Talwyn first,
because the Zoni warned him. However, Ratchet, not being able to see the
Zoni like Clank can, does so begrudgingly, at the expense of their

After rescuing Talwyn, they head to Jasindu and fight the native Kerchu,
but just as they find the Dimensionator Slag captures Clank, so Ratchet
lets them take the Dimensionator to Ublik Passage, where Ratchet follows
them to. After a battle with Slag, Ratchet regains the device, but then
Quark takes it and plans to throw the Dimensionator into a Black Hole to
prove that he is a real hero. Unfortunately the Escape Pod he takes sets
course to Reepor, the Cragmite Homeworld. Ratchet, Clank, Talwyn, Cronk
and Zephyr battle their way through legions of Drophyd's only to have
Tachyon steal the Dimensionator and free the Cragmites from the
dimension they were banished to. Ratchet and Clank are seperated, and
when they reunite at the ship, Ratchet forgives Clank.

They head to Meridian City on Igliak to defend them from the Cragmite
onslaught, before Clank tells Ratchet to go to Fastoon. This time,
Ratchet trusts him, and they go there. After battling more Cragmites and
Drophyds, they meet with Tachyon, who tempts Ratchet to be with his
people in exchance for survival. Ratchet declines, and a battle ensues.
The Dimensionator then malfunctions and sends them a dimension with a
lone rock on it, and they battle, to which Tachyon loses. He taunts
Ratchet about his true purpose and name, but Tacyon falls into an 
nfinite void. However, the Dimensionator is broken. Ratchet is able to
fix it and return home.

The gang relax in the Apogee Space Station, while Clank reassures Ratchet
about his purpose. Then, the Zoni appear and hypnotize Clank to take him
to an unkown location, leaving Ratchet all on his own.


=Backstory to Quest for Booty   #BSQ=

Quest for Booty takes place (presumably) shortly after where Tools of
Destruction left off. Ratchet and Talwyn turned to the IRIS Supercomputer
to seek answers about anyone who had known about the Zoni. The computer
leads them to Captain Darkwater, a pirate who had contact with them at
some point. Before setting off, Ratchet had his Wrench modified by Cronk
and Zephyr to have a Wrench Tether ability. This allows the Wrench head
to pop off and attatch itself to bolt-like objects, allowing Ratchet to
pull, push, raise or lower objects. Ratchet and Talwyn set off in
Aphelion to catch up with Darkwater in the hopes of finding Clank...

=Actual Guide   #ATC=
=Drogol Sector=
=Azorean Sea=

=Mission 1: Fight the Pirates=
A pirate named Angstrom Darkwater may know where Clank is! Unfortunately,
Darkwater is dead and pirates are out to kill you. Defeat Sprocket's gang
and avoid the locker!

So the negotiations didn't go as planned. Smash the nearby crates with
the wrench and battle the pirates with the Combutsor (use O to whip it
out). I suggest this weapon as it is the most effective weapon to use
as far as ammo is concerned. Strafe with L2 to avoidany shots while
returning the favours. Don't forget to collect up any and all bolts that
are lying around, as you need them to buy items later on, which can cost
quite a lot. If you're playing on Easy and want as much experience as
possible, make sure you kill the pirates before Talwyn does. Once you
have cleared the ship of all waves of pirates, use the Bolt Crank on the
right of the door. Press Square when on the plate and push the Left Stick
in any direction to have Ratchet open the door.

Head inside to defeat a few more pirates, and smash the aqua crate to get
some health if you need it. Green Crates give you ammo for your weapons
and the brown ones give you bolts. Those odd, cornery knobbly things are
breakables, so hit them for bolts. Head outside the door, clear the deck
of crates, and use the ladder on the left side of the door to climb up to
the roof. You can destroy the pirates on the passing ship if you like,
but you won't get any expereince for it.

Be careful of the electrified pirate in the box up the top, as touching
him will shock you. He is also impervious to damage by the Shock Whip.
Hop onto the catapult on the far end to abandon ship and get onto another
boat. Kill the pirate, smash the crates, and th knobbly thing, and shoot
the large red canisters. You can touch them without fear, but destroy
them from range. Battle yet more pirates,and make sure to take out the
one on the turret attacking Talwyn. A ship will come down bearing yet
more pirates. Hop on the turret for some blasting fun, as the pirates
don't give you experience. Use the Fusion Turret to blast open the door.

Inside, if you can't destory the turret pirate with the Combustor, the
explosion of the Fusion Grenade should be enough to take care of him. Hop
onto the turret yourself to shoot down the doors. The one of the left
will yield crates, while the one on the right will reveal some now-scared
pirates on a ship to blow up. The middle door will be the way out. Kill
the pirate and the crates (would that count as killing?), and head up the
ladder. Kill yet more pirates and crates, and use the catapult to leap
into the next cutscene.

=Hoolefar Island   #HFI=

=Mission 1: Explore Hoolefar Island=
Rusty Pete sent you to Hoolefar Island for a reason. Search the island
for a connection between Darkwater and the Zoni!

Great, so you're on an unknown island in the middle of nowhere. After the
Ratchet and Talwyn conversation, head up the steps to the left and over
the ledges, then up the Gravity Ramp. Upon coming across the Red Crab
things, you may feel inclined to whip out your Combustor and give them
what-for, no? Well, a quick check of the Quick Select will reveal that
all yer weapons got taken by the Azorean Sea. Touch luck, me Hearty!
Looks like you'll have to do without them. Kill the Reds and crates, then
head up the next Gravity Ramp. Don't be afraid of slipping off, Ratchet's
Gravity Boots will be more than enough to keep him on. Those vents give
off pre-steam before they fire their damaging geysers, so look out for
that as you cross. If you're either impatiens or in a hurry, you are able
to jump over the vents if they are on.

Smash the crates, and jump the waterfall with your Swingshot. It will
equip automatically if you jump towards the green target, but if you are
a bit nervous, you can Equip it from the Inventory section of the Pause
Menu. Jump to Talwyn and smash the crates. At the next ledge, you'll have
to use Ratchet's new Wrench Tether ability. Crouch with R2, and a
Wrench-Head logo should appear on the retracted drawbridge on the other
side. Press Square to latch on. You can let go of R2 and have free
walking ability, however you do have a certain range before the tether
gets too weak and shorts out. Use the Right Stick to entend the bridge
towards Ratchet, and once it's fully extended, press Square to return the
Wrench Head back so you can cross it (and be able to move the camera!).

The same rules apply here, but remember the keep your distance and face
the pad. Pull down on the Right Stick to pull the pad down. Just like on
the catapults earlier, jump on the pad to be launched up. If you don't
make it, you'll have to retract the pad again. To quickly attach the
Tether, press R2 and X at the same time. Once up, use the zip-line to
head down to the beach. Breakables on this island are these large, ugly,
spiked pod things on thin stalks that spew purple puss-sap stuff when you
whack 'em. Eww.

Once down, you'll talk to a native around here. What you say to him to
explain why you're here will actually affect what the locals say to you.
If you say you're a tourist, they'll go "Tourist Season already?", and if
you say you're a used Crotchitizer Salesman, they will go "Hey! That must
be the used Crochitizer Salesman!". Ask about Darkwater in the second
choose-an-adventure, erm, I mean, ANSWER, to get some backstory as to who
killed him.

=Mission 2: Repair the Wind Turbines=
The island's power supply has been tampered with by a mysterious
saboteur. Repair the five wind turbines so the Hoolefoids can turn on the
supply beacon!

::Wind Turbine 1, Alpha::
At the start of this mission, head towards the steps with boxes on them
and talk to the Wind Turbine Operator in green clothing. He'll talk to
you about why the turbines are important, who sabotaged them, Darkwater,
and a Curse. Hit Circle to quickly jump to the exit option, and press X
to get on your way. But before you do this, head around the right side of
the turbine pillar to spot a grazed gate. You'll need something to smash
this with, and your Wrench isn't strong enough. Head around further to
find some magma rocks. Pick one up with Square and quickly head over to
the gate, and press Circle to throw it at the gate. These rocks don't
last forever, so when they start smoking, they're about to blow (don't
worry, they won't hurt you.

Take another rock up the steps past the gate to quickly blow up the TNT
Crates, and smash some more of them to get health and ammo. Jump down
and smash more crates at the far end. Hop over the rocks to get back to
the Operator, and up the Steps. Jump around the platforms and use the
Spring Pad to leap up to the next level. Cross the next platform when the
vents are off, but don't worry too much if you're hit, as Ratchet won't
be knocked off. Head around the corner and repeat for the next set of

Climb up the ladder and cross carefully through the vents. Shimmy around
the corner, and jump up the next ladder when the bottom vent is off. Once
that is done, shimmy to the side and drop off (you can do this with R2).
Smash the crates and use the Spring Pad to jump up to the top of the
Wind Turbine. Turn the Bolt Crank to activate the Turbine and you'll be
teleported to the bottom.

As this happens, you'll notice two doors open, and a gate underwater. You
can't go very far in the underwater cave, and through the gates is not
the preferred route (for me at least). Head to the middle, unopened door
and speak to the Mayor about what the Supply Beacon is for, what's inside
the door, and how Darkwater died.

Head down to the beach to speak with a tall guy with a parrot; The
Smuggler from the last game! Talk to him for a bit, and use the Spring
Pad to leap up to the Gravity Ramp. Avoid the vents as always, and smash
the crates at the end. Use the pre-retracted Spring Pad to jump up to
Wind Turbine Gamma.

::Wind Turbine 2, Gamma::
Smash the crates to the right, and head around Turbine Gamma to smash
another stack. Head into the open area in front of the spinning blade
pole and kill all the Reds here that pop out of the ground, then head up
the Turbine via the Gravity Ramp.

Jump over the buzzsaws and use the Tether to pull down the raised portion
of the ramp (pull Left). Head up, around, and down, avoiding more saws,
pull down another ramp, avoid more saws, pull down yet another ramp, jump
over more saws on your way up, and turn the bolt crank at the top. If you
happen to jump off the ramp, you'll fall all the way down to the bottom
and will have to walk up it again.

::Wind Turbine 2, Beta::
Cross the blade-pole thing to head on to the next area. Judge the
crossing of the blades carefully if you want to make it across in less
than ten pieces. Head around the perimeter of the Beta Turnbine and smash
any crates you come across (ignore the magma rocks and gate for now). For
this Turbine you'll have to avoid various vents. Keep a close eye on them
and study their patterns and you woll make it all the way up okay.
Activate the Turbine and move on.

After you get teleported down, smash open the gate with one of the magma
rocks you came across earlier. Here, jump on the first Tether Platform
and latch onto the second. The key to moving these platforms easily is to
move them sideways, not towards or away from you. After positioning the
second platform, hop onto it and position the third. You may notice a
gate on the island ahead here, so after you're done with the third
platform, head back and pick up a magma rock. You'll be able to throw it
to the gate by the second platform, which is needed because once you get
to the gate by foot the rock will have exploded. Head forward and extend
the bridge.

Cross the bridge and destroy the crates on the wall. If you head down to
the right side of the wall and look down, you'll notice a stack of metal
crates with a TNT crate at the bottom. Set off the TNT crate to clear the
wall and reveal a gate. Go to the foot of the middle of the wall to climb
the ladder and fetch a rock next to the second gate (don't forget to
smash the crates on the right side of the wall). Quickly dash back to the
third gate and smash it. Swing across the gap with your Swingshot and be
careful about your landing as you may hit a TNT crate and fall to your
doom. Smash the crates around here and then head back (we'll come to
those rotating platforms later).

Head back through the third gate and head around the right and behind the
spherical object with the power port in it to talk to the Beacon
Operator. You can ask him about the problem with the Beacon, and ask what
you can do to help. You'll have to activate all the Wind Turbines before
you can make contact with anyone off the island. Notice the steps behind
the Operator, which lead back down to the beach. To the left of these is
a small nooky-like area with a trio of Hoolefoids. They talk about
Ratchet's previous exploits, and what they say changes depending on how
many turbines you've fixed. They also say something new for when you fix
the Beacon and check out the reward the Mayor has. Smash the crates to
the right of those steps, and then head back to the Beacon. Take a left
and use the rotation platforms to cross the gap to Turbine Delta.

::Wind Turbine 3, Delta::
Smash the crates on the left, then head up the steps at the foot of the
Delta Turbine and retract the Spring Pad. This turbine is all about fire
jets. Just like the vents, these don't push you off, but they sting a LOT
more. Spring up when the flame vent above you is off and grab the ledge.
Shimmy around the corner and drop with R2 when the next vent is off. Use
the Tether to rotate the next platform into position and hop across.

Smash the lonely crate, hop up the ledge, rotate the platform, hop up
again, and then cross the next gap when the jets are off. Smash the
Nanotech Crate if you need Health (or if you just like breaking things
like I do), and go inside the Jump Slot. To get up these, jump to one of
the walls, and then hit X. As you hit the other wall, hit X again. Repeat
this until you get to the top, but timing is important to get up there in
a timely fashion.

Smash the crates at the top, rotate the platforms on your way up
 avoiding the jets. The next platform will require timing and a study of
the way the jets shoot out to make it unscathed, but if you don't care
for your health you can just walk right through it. Use the Spring Pad to
get to the top using the same technique as you did with the first Spring
Pad waaaay down at the bottom of the Turbine. Turn the crank to get down
to the bottom. One more Turbine to go! Head behind you from where you
teleport, and retract the catapult so that you can use it to launch
Ratchet to the other side.

This catapult will take you to the other side of the three doors at the
beach, or at least nearby them. Smash the crates on the right and head
forwards. In the clearing, you'll be attacked by Reds, so kill them as
they pop out of the ground. If you like, you can try to kill them with a
magma rock, however this isn't very effective since it's very hard to
actually hit them. Clear the edges of the area of the desecrating (NO PUN
INTENDED, I SWEAR) crates, and head through the gate after destroying it
with a magma rock. Swing over to the island, destroy the gate, and grab
up to the Grind Rail, to make your way to Turbine Epsilon (God I love
that name!).

::Wind Turbine 5, Epsilon::
Jump over the two electric rings, and then switch to the rail on the side
by holding down left and jumping. Do the same to get to the next rail,
only use right this time (wel duh). When you get to the top you'll notice
a gate blocking your path, so quickly transfer to the rail on the right.
Pick up a rock as you pass by it, then transfer to the main rail and
destroy the gate (for stlye, destroy the gate WHILE you transfer!).

Instead of jumping over the next pair of electric rings, transfer to the
side rail to avoid falling off. Do this again when you quickly come
across the next quad set, and again a second later. Jump over two more
rings, and Swingshot over the gap. Transfer to the side rail, and once
again so that you can nab a magma rock. Transfer back to the main line
and destroy the gate. Swingshot agian over another gap, then enjoy the
ride to the catapult, which will fling you up to the bolt crank. Turn it,
and then ride the rail back to the start. Smash the crates and meet
Talwyn back at the Supply Beacon.

=Misson 3: Find the Beacon=
The supply beacon is the only way to get a signal off the island. Find it
and fix it before the saboteur strikes again!

Once at the Beacon, talk to the operator to see if the beacon is working,
discuss purchasing a summer home on the island, and if he knows anything
about the Zoni.

=Mission 4: Find the Guy with the Beacon Part=
A shifty character has been spotted selling second-hand goods on the
beach. See if he has any slightly used versabolts lying around.

So it looks like the VersaBolt is missing. A trip to the top will reveal
that it is true. Take Talwyn's advice and head down to the beach using
the steps behind the Operator and talk to the Smuggler. He'll happen to
be selling a VersaBolt for the Crank.

=Mission 5: Buy the Beacon Part=
The Smuggler "just happens" to have the exact size versabole needed to
fix the supply beacon. Collect enough money to purchase the part.

Purchase it off him for 10,000 bolts. If you happen to not have that
money (and I can't imagine why since I've said Smash that Crate so often
you could buy a Ferrari with the kind of money you should have by now),
then explore the island for crates and enemies to scavenge bolts off of.

After making the purchase, head back to the Beacon.

=Mission 6: Return the Beacon Part=
Bring the versabolt to the Beacon Operator. He'll know what to do with

So talk to the Operator and have the Beacon repaired (I have NO idea what
the chicken was for).

=Mission 7: Repair he Beacon=
If you can crank the antennae into position, you may be able to catch a
signal from Rusty Pete! Climb to the top of the beacon and use the bolt
to life the antennae.

So just because the thing is repaired doesn't mean it's on. Turn the bolt
crank to connect the power to the beacon, and get raised up to a Tether
Bridge. Pull it towards you and head up. If you fall off, there's a
ladder at the back of the Bolt Crank platform.

This Tower is about the lasers. Carefully avoid them while moving the
Tether Platform up so you can cross the electric purple tiles and onto
the next ramp. Study the lasers so that you know where they stop, so that
you can move the platform. Cross the gap, and repeat this for the next
gap, then go up and fix the Supply Beacon! While you're up here, you can
get a good look of the place by Holding L1. L1 is used for activating
Look Mode, and can be used for admiring the graphics or getting a better
aim at your foes.

Now is also the time to think about making a backup save. You see, QFB
doesn't allow you to visit any place you don't need to be. For instance,
the top of the tower you just fixed is now inacessable because the Tether
Bridge has dissapeared, and the Turbine areas will be inaccessable too
later on. Making a backup save now will allow you to explore the place at
your leisure later on if you want to.

=Misson 8: Find the Mayor=
The Mayor is waiting for you by the large raritanium door. Maybe he can
she some light on Darkwater's secret room!

Head down the steps and around the right to get into Darkwater's room.

=Mission 9: Meet Rusty Pete at the beach=
Rusty Pete knows someone who can help you fix the Obsidian Eye. Meet him
over by the piet.

Sheesh, a lot of missions, eh? Walk over to the pier on the beach and
talk to Pete to see what he knows. You can talk to the Mayor if you want
though, to ask about the Fulcrum Star, Darkwater, the Zoni, and Darkwater

=Mission 10: Travel to Morrow Caverns=
The only map to the Fulcrum Star is buried with Darkwater's body. Set
sail for Morrow Caverns and follow Rusty Pete to his tomb.

If you select Not Just Yet, you'll be able to explore the island at your
leisure by making a backup save. If you're wondering about that hatch in
the bay we never went through, don't worry, we'll be able to explore it
later. If you do want to explore the bay, you'll find the following:

- A lot of coral
- Two swords stuck in the coral under the pier
- What is hopefully not a sick Planet of the Apes gag near the far wall
- Some Quark Auto-biographies near above item (Secret Agent Clank nod?)

Talk to Rusty Pete again to set sail for Morrow Carverns!

=Morrow Caverns   #MWC=

=Mission 1: Find the body of Captain Darkwater=
Only Captain Slag remembers where he stashed the body of Angstrom
Darkwater. Follow his lead, and watch out for the Pythors!

Jump off the plank and follow Pete and Talwyn through the nook in the
wall. Open the door with the Bolt Crank next. When you talk to Talwyn
through the now broken gate, you can choose whether to spark something
special between them or not. After this, follow Pete to the next gate,
which he'll open with the "Song of the Dead", and follow him through.
After finding out that the drawbridge was retracted, follow Pete to the
left side. Be careful with the bats here, as they will eat you to death,
and you can't hurt them. Slag will scare them off.

Shimmy across the aqua ledge, and don't be frightened of the shadow on
the lower wall. It's only a Shadow Puppet! Head to the left green area to
pick up a Helio Grub. Helio Grubs light up when scared, and are a great
way to scare off the lethal bats in this cave. You can also throw them
across ledges just like with magma rocks with Circle, or just drop them
by pressing Square again. They also respawn at the little pool. This is
handy when you distract yourself for a few minutes as you throw them down
caverns, listening to their "AAAAaaaaa....!!".

Head up the river pool thing and scare away the bats. Drop the Grub near
Bolt Crank, smash the crates, and extend the bridge. Take your Grub with
you across, the bridge. Throw the Grub across the cavern to the right to
scare away more bats, then shimmy across after smashing the crates in
front of the nearby Grub Pool. Climb up the ladder, smash the crates,
grind down, and extend the bridge to Pete. Near where you jumped off,
you'll spot a door. We'll be using this later. Go through the door and up
the elevator.

After the loud roar, smash the crates on the left, and then head to the
right to get a Grub to scare the bats away from beyond where those crates
used to be. However, a Pythor will show up. Carefully carry a Grub past
his attacks to Pete and scare away the bats you can can open the door
with the Bolt Crank.

Now that you've found the ship, it's time to get onto it. Take the left
path down to the rotating Tether Platforms. Remember that you can let go
of R2 and Square so that you can dodge the Pythor's attacks while turning
the platform. When you make your way across, the Pythor will go away.
Smash the crates on the left, then pull the first platform to you while
avoiding the Pythor's regurgitated fireballs. You only need to pull the
first platform about halfway to you so you can reach the second one and
make it across. Make a U-Turn into the area with the TNT Crates and
Canisters. Blow these up along with the crates and nab a Helio Grub.

The next route is on the forgotten Shipping Rails. I suggest using Look
Mode with L1 (L2 in Lock-Strafe mode) to cross, as when you're in this
mode, it prevents you from falling off ledges. When you get to the TNT
Crate, quickly touch it and walk back to avoid getting knocked off when
it detonates. Hop onto the Grind Rail, jump the gaps (don't worry, the
Pythor can't hit you at this speed), and get onto the ship.

Detonate the TNT Crates here, then take a Helio Grub ahead and scare away
the next flock (is that right?) of bats, blow up more crates, and use the
Bolt Crank to get to the upper level. Destroy the crates to the left, and
then dodge the two (yes, TWO) Pythor attacks as you lower the catapult to
launch over to the ship with Darkwater on it. Destroy the three crates
scattered about, and then lower the plank to let Pete on with the Bolt

=Mission 2: Escape Morrow Caverns!=
Rusty Pete has tricked you into unleashing the Curse of Darkwater! Escape
Morrow Caverns with your soul, or find yourself one with the crew!

The Good: You got two of your weapons back!
The Bad: You now have to face off against the undead crew of Darkwater.
Destroy all the enemies here in the first area until they don't come
anymore (which will happen, trust me), to finish off upgrading the
weapon. When it does upgrade, you can switch to the explosive Fusion
Grenades. For the Fusion Grenades, it's best to get a group of enemies of
about three or more into a bunch by circling around them, then tossing a
bomb at them for them to catch.

When all the pirates are dead, extend the Tether Bridge and launch
yourself up with the catapult. Smash the crates and the pirate, and up
to the right to pick up health and ammo. Jump off the ledge at the end to
get back to where Pete was waiting while you were away, and battle some
more of Darkwater's Crew. Head over to the area where Pete was dodging
the Pythor, kill the pirates, and head up the elevator.

At the top, kill the Pythor with the weapon that needs upgrading. This is
feasable because there are some Ammo Crate Pads, which spawn crates
periodically if there is no ammo or crate above it. After you kill the
Pythor, you can camp next to the Ammo Pad and fill up on your ammo if you
want. You will have to use the Fusion Grenades to blow up the door you
couldn't go through earlier, and hop back down to the boggy area. Destroy
the pirates, and use a magma rock to bust open the door.

=Mission 3: Talwyn Rescued!=
You rescued Talwyn and scored some good karma.

You may hear some gunfire at this point, and that is Talwyn fighting the
second Pythor. You can blast open the door here and save her if you want,
but it's prefereable to do so due to experience and bolts from the
Pythor. Once defeated, head out of here, up the stairs (blowing up the
pirate on the way up), and onto the ship to get back to Hoolefar Island.

%%%-Weapon Mod: Pyrocidic Percipitation-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
On your way out of the Talwyn Cave, you may notice some Metal crates on
the right. The Weapon Mod for the Combustor is hidden behind here, and
there are two ways to get to it. The simple way is to blow them up with
your Fusion Grenades. If you don't have any Fusion Grenade Ammo left, you
can jump into the top crates and cause them to fall over, thus clearing a
way to get to the Weapon Mod. The first method is preferable because of
course the crates give you bolts when you blow them up.

Pyrocidic Percipitation modifies your Combustor shots so that when they
bounce off an enemy and touch the ground, they linger on it so that any
enemy who walks over it will take some damage. This is especially useful
if you have upgraded to the Magma Combustor, which fires three shots in
a W formation.

Whenever you pick up a Weapon Mod, the icon of the weapon in the
Inventory menu will turn Orange to indicate the mod. All of the weapons
in the game have a Mod to equip for them, so if a mod isn't coloured
orange, you either haven't gotten it yet, or missed it.

=Battle of Hoolefar Island   #BOH=

=Mission 1: Warn Mayor Worley=
Undead space pirates are on their way to pillage Hoolefar Island! If you
warn the Mayor, he'll make sure the Hoolefoids all take cover.

Ohhh, so THAT'S what they meant by the Curse of Darkwater! Jump off of
the ship and run up to Worley, who will give you two of your old weapons:
the Shock Ravager and the Tornado Launcher! You should have upgraded the
Combustor and Fusion Grenades to the Magma Combustor and the Fusion Bomb,
so it should now be easy to concentrate on upgrading these two.

=Mission 2: Battle the Undead Pirates=
Undead space pirates are pillaging Hoolefar Island! Keep them away from
the Observatory, or lose the Obsidian Eye forever!

Lock and load your weapons, this fight takes a bit. First, know that near
the gate to the Obsidian Eye are two Ammo Pads should you need them, and
a Nanotech Crate on the rocks near the beach. Here we go!

::Round 1::
Head down to the beach and battle the pirates that appear and rise up out
of the water, Pirates of the Carribean-style. The Tornado Launcher is
best on large groups of enemies some way away from you, and the Shock
Ravager is for smaller groups a bit closer. In the midst of this battle,
Darkwater calls for the cannons to be used, so stay out of the reticules
that appear on the sands here while doing battle. The Mayor will also 
say near the end that he's activating the BS-33 Omegatory Defense
Station. When this happens, hop on.

::Round 2::
Here, aim for the turrets on the side of the ship whenever their guns are
exposed and firing away. If you see green pirate ghost souls heading
toward you, destroy them or else you'll be dogmeat. Other than that, not
much to this round.

::Round 3::
After destroying the left side of the ship, head down to the Obsidian Eye
door to destroy the pirates beseiging it. After this, a big Skull Walker
will drop down. Avoid it's periodic shots, and don't get too close or
else it will stomp on you. Endurance is the key here, and if you want to
get the Tornado Launcher some experience, now's your chance (but it'll
take a few disks to do it). Remember to keep your controller level when
using this weapon, but to move it with any speed you'll need to severely
tilt the controller. When you do destroy it, head down to the beack for
Round 4.

::Round 4::
Here you'll face dead pirates, turrets, and Head Throwers. These guys
throw multiple heads who act as fodder to distract you from taking out
the actual foes. Use the Shock Ravager to take down large packs of these
heads with a single flick. They key to stop them spawning, of course, is
to destroy the Thrower itself. You'll also come across some shielded
pirates from Slag's crew. The shields protect them from the weak
Combustor fire. Soon another Skull Walker will drop down, so take him out
and take out three more Head Throwers.

::Round 5::
The final round! The BS-33 will pop up again, so hop onto it to take down
the other side of Darkwater's ship. Here, you'll have to be even more
careful as Darkwater will release two souls at a time. Again, fairly
simple round here.

::Hard Mode Tip::
If you're playing in Hard difficulty, this will be the toughest section
of the game. The key here is to not focus on using the Lightning Ravager
or Tornado Launcher, instead focusing on the Magma Combustor and the
Fusion Bombs, as they are more powerful and thus more useful. If you
want, you can head into the secret cave and nab the Concussion Detonators
for the Bombs, which is a VERY handy upgrade in that they knock most foes
to the ground, preventing them from attacking.

After the battle, Talwyn will show up to talk about taking Darkwater on
before he raids again. If you forgot to rescue her from Morrow Caverns,
this is where she'll make her return, and she'll be frustrated. In this
converstation, make sure to answer the third one last if you want to hear
all her responses.

=Mission 3: Find a Translator=
Your recently acquired treasure map is written in Decadroid. See if you
can find someone to translate it.

Here is where you'll need to do some searching. Head up to the Mayor to
confirm he doesn't, and then to the Beacon Operator near the entrance to
the Obsidian Eye to get a similar response. Also note that the paths to
the Wind Turbines have been sealed off, meaning you cannot go there
anymore (unless of course you made a backup save like I advised you to).
So that leaves one more man: The Smuggler! Yes, he can speak Decadroid,
and will guide you to your destination (for a, *ahem*, small fee). You
can also ask him as to where he thinks Darkwater may have run off to.
You can also talk to to him after sayng no to leaving right away to see
if he has any weapons for sale. He does happen to have an Alpha Cannon,
but after paying for the translation you shouldn't be able to afford it
at this point.

=Mission 4: Travel to Darkwater Cove=
Captain Slag and Darkwater have set sail for Darkwater Cove. If you
hurry, you can beat the there and claim the Fulcrum Star for your own!

Before you run off to Darkwater Cove, you may want to finally get access
to the innards of that underwater cave.

%%%-Weapon Mod: Concussion Detonators-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Head down into the bay and swim down that underwater tunnel and into the
caves. Smash the crates, blow up the gate with a Fusion Grenade, and
take a Helio Grub with you into the next room. This will lead you to the
Concussion Detonators for the Fusion Grenades/Bombs. This mod will knock
enemies to the ground when they get caught in the explosion of a Grenade/
Bomb, which leaves them open to fire (and stops them from attacking you).
This doesn't work on larger enemies like the Skull Walkers, though.
%%%-Weapon Mod: Voltage Multiplier%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
But it's not over yet! Blow up the next gate and hop up onto the ledge to
find another Weapon Mod for your Shock/Lightning Ravager: The Voltage
Multiplier. This increases the range of the electrical arc that occurs
when you whip an enemy, allowing you to shock more enemies with one

Head back out of the cave and talk to the Smuggler to head off to
Darkwater Cove.

=Darkwater Cove   #DWC=

=Mission 1: Search for Clues=
Darkwater hid the Fulcrum Star somewhere on the island. Search the area
for clues and discover its final resting place!

When you arrive, the Smuggler kindly gives you the last two of your
starting weapons, the Predator Launcher and the Nano-Swarmers. Despite
this, stick to upgrading the Lighting Ravager and/or Tornado Launcher for
now. Hop onto the pier, smash crates, head onto the beach, smash some
more, and talk to the Pirate Skull. Here you can answer three names.
Obviously Darkwater is the right name, but you can answer the other two
with no compromise. When you answer as Darkwater, a whole bunch of Reds
will pop up, in two waves. Use the Lightning Ravager to take care of them
swiftly (especially if you have the Voltage Multiplier. At this, the
Skull Door will let you pass.

=Mission 2: Solve the Riddles of Darkwater=
Darkwater has protected his booty with cyphers only he can decrypt. Use
your wits to solve the puzzles and claim the Fulcrum Star!

Head up the path and to the very end to the platform, smashing the crates
on the way. You'll need to solve two of the riddles to gain access to the
third across the bay, near the giant Skull. Turn around and take the
right path to make your way to the first puzzle. Kill the Reds and then
hop onto platforms near te green lamp to the right. Make your way across
at a decent speed, as these platforms sink if you stay on them for too
long. Land on the sinking pier and use the catapult to fling up to a
sunken ship.

Or at least close to it. Open the door quickly by sliding it to the right
with your Tether and hop to safety. Head to the left over more platforms
and use the Spring Plarform to jump up to the first puzzle, Angstrom's
Tune. Before talking to the Skull, smash the crates to his left.

%%%-Weapon Mod: Gyro-Turbine%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
If you skip the Spring Pad and jump on top of and over the netting, you
can jump on more platforms to reach a mod for the Tornado Launcher: the
Gyro-Turbine. This upgrade allows the tornados to last longer and thus
suck up more enemies and dish out more damage. There is a Spring Pad at
the end here to launch you up to Angstrom's Tune.

To play his Concerto of Doom, you need to replicate the tune the Skull
played just before on the keys. What follows here is a guide to what
notes you need to hit. Each key is labeled from left to right as 1, 2, 3
and 4. Jump up with the Meteor Pad and hit them in the right order to
pass. If you do wish to do this manually, however, you can talk to the
Skull to get him to play the tune again.

::Part 1::
1, 2, 3, 4, 1

::Part 2::
1, 2, 4, 1, 2, 3

::Part 3::
1, 4, 3, 2, 1, 4

Now that you completed the first part, the first set of steps will rise
up. But now you need one more set. Take the grind rail near the crates to
get back to the start area, jumping over the rings as nessecary. Head
over to the opposite end and to the end of the pier, then turn right.
Study the patterns of the three pillars here and jump across when you
feel the time is right. Smash the crates, and jump up the barrels to
enter the cave.

Grab one of the Helio Grubs and toss it across to the other side of the
crevasse to scare away the bats. Then move the platforms so that you can
cross it yourself. Pick up the Grub again and toss it over the pillair to
scare the bats again, then kill the Reds that just popped out. You'll see
over the netting the area you need to go, but you have to get to the top
of the zip line to get there. Take the Helio Grub and jump over the
Pillairs to the left to get there and slide down to the next riddle,
Angstrom's Brew.

Speak to the Bartender to start the challenge. Here you'll need to
decipher the riddles and make the brew the bartender is asking for by
mixing together the four beverage types in the right order using the
despenser switches. Again, you can ask the Bartender to repeat the
riddle, but this being an FAQ I'll provide the solutions (chemistry pun
not intended).

::Concoction 1::
Yellow Fizz, Blue Freeze, Green Swirl

::Concoction 2::
Green Swirl, Red Chilli, Yellow Fizz

::Concoction 2::
Green Swirl, Blue Freeze, Yellow Fizz

Apparently that last one gets everybody, but I found it easy. Who thinks
the colour for greed is yellow? The Green-Eyed Monster indeed... anyway,
that will raise the final set of pillairs, so jump up and complete the
final challenge (the exit is to the left of the dispensers, by the way).

Angstrom's Shadow is a very unique puzzle. Walk up to the Skull behind
the puzzle area to get your cryptic instructions. The 'face from the
past' is actually the logo the pirates use. If you don't know what it
looks like, head back to the pillairs and look at the skull logo on the
top. First move the second-to-farthest plate with your tether to the
right to make the teeth. Then, take the farthest plate, and move it to
the left, and closer to the wall to shrink the shadow. The eye slit will
glow blue when the shadow is in the correct size and placement. Repeat
this technique for the final plate at the far end to open the door!

=Mission 3: Fight like a Pirate!=
Looks like Slag and Darkwater beat you to the island after all! Fight off
his crew and access his secret treasure room!

Okay, so it looks like there's one extra task to be done. For this battle
you just need to fight like a pirate, but make sure to take down any Head
Throwers that appear at the upper ledges as soon as they appear. This
battle should be enough to upgrade the Tornado Launcher and the Predator
Launcher a level or two. Survive, and make it in!

=Mission 4: Enter the Treasure Room=
The only thing standing between you and the star is a few yards of
concrete. What are you waiting for?!

Well, that trap-door could cause some complications.

=Mission 5: Escape the Deadly Caves=
Slag and Darkwater kidnapped Talwyn and took the Fulcrum Star! Escape
Lythoin Caves before undead pirates recruite you into the afterlife!

So now you need to make your way out of here! Destroy all the crates in
here with the aid of the Helio Grubs and go through the pathway. Those
who played Tools of Destruction might notice that the large green tube
things are actually prisoners in Zordoom! Destroy the Pythor you come
across with the Predator Launcher and move on. Because he is such a big
target, the Pythor actually has three spots to lock Predator Missile to,
so take full advantage of that.

%%%-Weapon Mod: Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
After beating the Pythor, take a Helio Grub, and instead of turning
right, take a left turn. Smash the crates, and carefully jump around the
cliff ledges to find the Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode. This upgrade modifies
(duh) the laser diode to freeze enemies when the laser makes contact with
them by submitting them to Zero-Kelvin temperatures (that's -459 degrees
Farenheight, folks, or -273 degrees Celcius).

Take the left route, pull the Tether bridge out, and jump the jump slots
when the flame jets are off. Smash the stack of crates at the top, jump
over the gap to the left, and climb up the ledges and shimmy across,
avoiding and flame jets as you go. The second part of this portion needs
you to drop down, shimmy to the left, jump up twice, and finally shimmy
to the right and jump up to the top when the flame jets are off. When at
the top, destroy the Heads (don't worry, there's no Head Thrower) and the
ever-present crates. Throw a Helio Grub across the canyon to make the
trip acoss with the Swingshot have a happy ending. Then destroy the
onslaught of pirates here. Jump up to the ledge where the Head Throwers
were to get some bolts, health and ammo.

Take the path to the left and destroy the Heads. Scare away the bats and
smash the crates to the left. Cross the bridge and destroy the Pythor
that shows up. Use the Bolt Crank to rotate the bridge around to a new
area. Cross the bridge again and defeat the pirates that show up. If you
need a Helio Grub to light up the path ahead, make a U-turn and cross the
Tether Bridges. Now go into Look Mode to cross another Shipping Rail, so
as not to fall off. You'll eventually come to a T Split, and need to
choose between Left or Right. Take the left turn first and smash the
plethora of crates here, then go back and take the other route to
(relative) safety. Here, head forward and pull down the Tether Ledges
while dodging incoming fire from the pirate. If your weapon can shoot far
enough, this will be an easy task. Climb up the steps to get to the next

%%%-Weapon Mod: Dual Target Detectors-%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
At this area, you may notice a Pirate Gate to the left. Blow it up with
the Fusion Grenades to pass inside. Here, blow up the Metal Crates to
reveal a Jump Pad. Launch yourself to the upper level to find and collect
the mod for the Predator Launcher: Dual Target Detectors. This will allow
the Predator Missiles to lock on two missiles per target, resulting in
double the damage!

Jump over to the Bolt Crank to the right and then destroy the Head
Throwers here (as well as the obligatory crates). Go back and turn the
Bolt Crank to rotate the bridge and access the next area.

But it won't be that easy, Captain Sprocket has returned for revenge (for
what, I have no idea). None of the answers will have any effect on what
will happen next, but at least the third answer is a snappy reference to
the last game!

To survive this fight, it's all about dodging. Stay a good distance away
from him so as to avoid his Shock Stomp Move, move away from the HUGE
cannonballs when he fires them, and stay away from the vents in the
floor. Red cannonballs will explode after a short time. Late into the
fight, some Head Throwers will join the battle to make things a little
it more complicated. Survive the battle and continue into the elevator.

=Mission 6: Track Down Captain Slag=
Slag and Darkwater have set sail for Hoolefar Island. Track them down and
put and end to their pillaging once and for all!

When you get to the top, smash the lone crate (poor thing) and take the
grind rail back down to the beach, where you'll see Slag's ships sail 
away. Get back onto the ship and quickly purchase the Alpha Cannon from
the Smuggler before making chase with the pirates. The fortunate thing
about the Alpha Cannon is that it is already a V5 version of the Alpha
Disruptor, so there is no upgrading needed. Now follow that fleet!

=Battle on the Azorean Sea   #BAS=

=Mission 1: Recover the Fulcrum Star=
Slag and Darkwater's troublemaking have gone on long enough. Destroy them
both, end the curse, and find Clank!

Jump off of your ship onto the large vessel, and have some smack talk
with Slag, before doing battle. Now is the time to upgrade any more
weapons, and for me it's usually the Nano-Swarmers. When his health gets
down to a certain point, he'll do the old boss-stalling technique of
running away, and more pirates will come out. Destroy them and head
inside to give chase, but don't forget the crates to the right of the
door. You'll find Talwyn held captive inside. Smash the crates near her,
and discuss how to get her out.

So apparently you need a pirate skull. Go back on deck in the pouring
rain and nab one of the green smoking skulls, then go back and throw it
at Talwyn's barrier. Head out the back door, but before you jump up the
ladder, go to the right side of it to find a pile of metal crates with
a convenient TNT crate on top. You know what to do! Now head up the
ladder to battle two more pirates, and smash the crates lying about.

%%%-Weapon Mod: Anti-Matter Transfluxor%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
The last Weapon Mod! Head to the end of the deck here and jump on top of
the crates and jump to the wire, which is revealed to be a zip-line.
Smash more crates on the left, then turn around and collect the Mod for
the Alpha Cannon: the Anti-Matter Transfluxor. This modification allows
the super-powerful death beam shot to pass through enemies, resulting in
shots that can destroy a larger amount of enemies! Jump up the crates and
make your way back to Talwyn.

Lower the catapult on the right side of the ship and use it to launch to
the second part of the boss fight. This one is a little more tricky. Any
attempt to damage the ghost of Darkwater is futile, so you will have to
dodge his sword attacks for now. When enemies come along, destroy them,
then pick up one of their skulls and throw it at Darkwater. When this is
happening while he is striking his swords down, the Nano-Swarmers are the
best weapon to use as they can attack enemies while you dodge them.

When Darkwater's ghost is gone, the undead pirates will vanish too, so
whip out the Alpha Cannon and unleash all four shots upon Slag, then
switch to the Predator Launcher (Raptor Launcher by now, hopefully).
After a certain amount of health is gone, Slag will again run away. Camp
here and stock up on ammo (especially on Medium and Hard difficulties),
and then jump onto the ship ahead.

Jump into the side of the next ship, and then destroy the Electrified
Pirate here. Turn the corner and destroy the next two pirates (being
careful of the TNT crates), and then destroy the remaining crates before
heading upstairs with the bolt crank for another crack at Slag.

Again, unleash the entire can of whoop-ass of the Aplha Cannon upon
him before falling back to the Raptor Launcher. Two shots with the Alpha
Cannon should be enough though. Kill the incoming pirates and head inside
to destroy four more. To open the way ahead, you need to free the Shock
Pirate there, so grab a skull, throw it at the prison, and then quickly
dispense of the pirate. After this, destroy any crates that survived the
battle and head outside. Skip the catapult, instead climbing the crates
blocking the ladder to make it up to the roof. Destroy the wall of TNT
crates (with a Fusion Grenade for best effects) and smash all crates
here. Then head down and get shot to another vessel.

Next up is a fun little stealth portion. There are few ammo crates from
now on, so use a weapon you don't think you'll use in the final fight to
dispense of the enemies, as you jump from ship to ship. The Lightning
Whip is a good one because while it's useless in the boss, it has enough
power to make enemies fall to their doom by lifting them over the rail!
Use the Swingshot to swing over to a final ship. Destroy the last pirates
and then jump under Rusty Pete's ship with the Swingshot. Hitch a ride
right over to Captian Slag! The same rules as last time apply, dodge his
attacks and throw skulls at him when you get the chance. However, this
time you will need two skulls to fluff away Darkwater's ghost, and three
skulls for the one after that! Endure Slag and Darkwater's bombardment,
and you'll win the game!

=Frequently Asked Questions   #FAQ=
One of the purposes of GameFAQs is right in the title: Frequently Asked
Questions. There was a lot of mystery surrounding the release of this
game, especially the coveted Disk Versions and what the heck the game
was. This list will explain and answer your Q's with A's.

Q: What exactly is Quest for Booty?
A: Quest for Booty is a unique filler adventure for the Ratchet and Clank
Future Franchise along the likes of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and
Daxter. It is meant to act as a smaller, bite-sized title to keep Ratchet
fans happy until RaCFII rolls along.

Q: Is it an expansion or add-on to Tools of Destruction?
A: Nope, this is a completely seperate and independant title, and you
only really need ToD to get up to speed with the plot (which I actually
summarized at the start of the guide).

Q: Is it an online expansion to Tools of Destruction?
A: Again, this is a seperate title. Ratchet has also never really been
about the online, it just happened to be fun. When you compare the sales
of UYA and DL to the number of accounts that have been created for both
titles, you'll find that it only makes up for a petty 4% of the sales,
and this isn't even taking into account banned and sock puppet accounts.

A: Keep your Frag Meter on, don't give up your hopes. Insomniac Games has
and is learning a LOT about Online play with their Resistance franchise,
and it wouldn't surprise me if the final chapter in the Ratchet and Clank
Future Franchise were to come with Online support, especially since the
PS3 is MUCH better suited for Online than the PS2 ever was.

Q: Does it come with Trophy Support?
A: Sadly, no. Insomniac had finsihed the game a few days before Sony
announced Trophy compatability in the next PS3 Firmware Update, so they
really had no time to implement them into the game.

Q: What about things like Skill Points and Challenge Mode?
A: Regretably, none of that either, not even a Cinematic Viewer. This
game is as short on extras as a Square Enix game.

Q: So, where is the disk version available?
A: It's available in all PAL regions right now, except the UK.

Q: WHAT?! You mean it's not going to be released in America?!
A: Yeah, looks that way.

Q: B...b-b-but why?!
A: Well, only Sony Computer Entertainment Europe actually ASKED for a
disk version, so if anyone's to blame, it's them. Insomniac makes the
game, Sony delivers it. SCEE's reasoning was that most Americans had a
decent enough internet connection to download it from PSN. This is the
same reasoning as to why the disk version wasn't released in the UK
regions except for Northern Ireland.

Q: But that's a s****y reason! I want the disk version NAO!
A: Well there is a way to get it. Every Playstation 3 game comes WITHOUT
region restrictions, so you could theoretically import the disk version
of the game and play it just the same. The only downside really is that
in PAL regions the game doesn't have Future in the title, due to language
pronounciation difficulties (try saying "Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools
of Destruction in Italian really fast to see what I mean).

Q: Does the disk version come with any extras over the PSN one?
A: Nope. The only extras you get are a case, cover, disk, and manual,
which is a bit oxymoronic since the link to the online manual that was
present in the downloadable version is still in the disk version. I
suppose that proves that both versions are identical.

Q: What did you think of the ending?
A: Well I actually didn't like it too much. I thought it was
unnesecarry, gimmicky, and only put in to please whining fanboys. Or

Q: Whu-... are you insane?
A: Probably. I'm the guy who likes System of a Down and Jack Johnson,
after all.

=Credits   #CTS=
Props again to meximanly who provided me with the locations of all the
Weapon Mods, Insomniac of course for making the game in the first place,
and David Berguead who did some fantastic riffs of the Pirates of the
Carribean-err, I mean, Pirates of the Azorean theme.