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=Ratchet and Clank (Future): Quest for Booty=
=Weapons and Gadgets Guide=
=Copyright 2008 Tim van der Meij=

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   :EQQBQBQ ,;JZZ .SHBQQQQ          ,:EBQBQQQBQBQyZBQBQBH               
        hQ    .Y8Zl QBQQQB        ,rQBJhOFOBQBQBQBO:,.yWQB               
              QBQB,               Q8Q:;1CBQQQBQBQB. ,EQBQBH              
               JBQ,,             SBBBQEyRZBQBQBQBQBQBQBQBQBQ            
                YQh8:              yBQBQBZEZQQBQBQBQQy CBR0QBQK,.hFt.,   
              ZQZQBQ.,           ,.vBQBQBQQQQQBQBQBQ    .W8QB1RQBQBQB,  
            KBB0QBQBQ,           JW lZQBQBQBQBQBS         lB, rBQBQBQ   
           QBBBQBQQQBQ           QB:ilCQBQBQBQB,           Qy,,SBQQQB   
                   QBQLJERZQBQBQE        QJ,;Q8BBQBQB;   UBQBZBQBQB     
                     QQOOBQBQBQBQ         QS,.REZBQBQB,    lQBQBQBY     
                       QBQERBQBQBQ         OB.;ZOZBQBQB                 

=Version History=

=09/22/08= (Version 0.5)
Typed up the weapons section of the guide. Much of this is a copy/paste
job of previous weapons that were featured in Tools of Destruction.

=09/23/08= (Version 1.0)
Quickly wrote up the rest of the guide for submission, including the
Gadgets, Item(s), and Credits.

=9/27/08= (Version 1.01)
Supercheats has been added as a site allowed to host the Guide.
If a site is hosting the Guide and isn't on the list, then they are
hosting it illegaly and without my permission, so please contact me if
you see it on a site other than GameFAQs and Supercheats.

=11/6/09= (Version 1.10)
And then, more than a year later... yup, an update! Turns out the power levels
for the weapons I had totally wrong, I just copy/pasted them from my ToD Weapons
Guide. This new version has the correct power levels in it. Also added a couple
more sites to the allowed list.

Fifth Guide! This Son of a Gun is meant to be a complimentary guide to my
full game guide available on GameFAQs. This guide will cover the Weapons,
Gadgets, and the Item available in the game. Due to the weapons being
imported directly from Tools of Destruction, the Weapon coverage will be
mostly identical to the Weapon's respective portions in my Tools of
Destruction Weapons and Gadgets Guide.

=Legal Bits=
This website is copyright of me, Tim van der Meij. Thus far, the only
sites allowed to host this guide are

= GameFAQs.com
= Supercheats.com
= MyPS3.com.au
= CheatCodesCentral.com (Cheatcc.com)
= Supercheats.com
= Gamershell.com
= Neoseeker.com

However, if you would like to host it on your own site, feel free to
contact me via email, and I may allow you to accept it if I consider it
appropriate. Keep in mind however that I primarily use GameFAQs as the
site with the latest guides.

Any part of this Guide that is listed in the Contents, in full or in
part, may be printed for personal use, as I am well aware that having a
sheet of paper can be far more useful than something displayed on a
monitor. Anything and anything else may not be copied for aforementioned

As a note, the Weapons, Gadgets and Item descriptions are lifted directly
from the in-game description in the Inventory Section of the Pause Menu,
so those descriptions are technically the copyright of Insomniac.

Each section of the guide here is given a code. Hit Ctrl+F and type in
the code, then hit search to jump to that section.


=Weapons   #WPN=
Weapons are an important part to any trigger-happy Lombax, and Quest for
Booty has its fair share of them. This portion of the guide will aid you
in how to use each weapon, it's power level (NOT over 9,000), and most
importantly, where you can find each of the Weapon Mods scattered all
over Merdegraw.

Note that the Found portion is at what point of the game you regain the
weapon after losing them past the first level. All but the Alpha Cannon
are available in the first level to try out.


=Omniwrench Millenium 12=
Power: Varies, but it kills Red Bugs in one hit

The latest in the Millenium Series, your new Omniwrench has been
redesigned with ultra-light teratanium and a hypergrip handle. Your new
problem solver has also been modified with an illegal kinetic tether-
perfect for traversing dangerous territory in style!

This is Ratchet's standard weapon, and doubles as an effective mantinence
tool. You can swing a 3-Hit Combo with it by pressing Square 3 times. You
can also perform a Hyper-Stike by jumping and presing Square, which deals
more damage the higher up in the air you are (so if you come off a Grind
Rail and are falling towards enemies, a Hyper Strike just when you get
off can deal 3 hits worth of damage.

The final move is the Comet-Strike. Crouch with R2 and press Square to
have Ratchet throw his wrench. This is handy when a line of small, weak
enemies is chasing you. Ratchet can also walk off while he is without his
Wrench. This can effectively extend it's range if used properly.

The Wrench is the reccomended weapon for smashing boxes, as it consumes
no ammo, in addition to smaller enemies such as the Red Bugs. This
weapon also does not upgrade at all.

This new Wrench may be part of the new light-weight, hard-gripping
Millenium Series, but the new Kinetic Tether abilities are illegal
modifications by Cronk and Zephyr. To use it, stand near an object with
aqua parts like the Wrench-head, and Crouch. If you see a white Wrench
Icon on the object, you can press Square to have the head pop off. You
can then let go of R2 and Square for freedom of movement, but the Tether
has a limited range before it shorts out.

To alter the position of the object, use the Right Stick to move the head
of the Wrench. This can be used to extend bridges, pull back catapults,
lower Spring Pads, and move various platforms and plates into position.
Ratchet cannot move the camera while the Wrench Head is off the handle as
he will go into Lock-Strafe mode, and he cannot attack without losing the
Tether connection.

To disconnect the Tether when you are done, or if you come under fire and
need to defend yourself, press Circle.


Price: Free
Ammo: 100
Ammo per Crate: 15
Power: 30
Found: In Morrow Caverns, after Pete ressurects Slag and Darkwater

Blast your opponents into oblivion with high-velocity plasma balls!

This weapon fires out small fireballs towards targeted enemies, and is
effectively the games's machine gun.

V4 Power: +6=36
V5: Magma Combustor
Power: +5=41

The Magma Combustor nanotech auto-upgrade gives the weilder control of
three barrels of radioactive superheated Plasma destruction. Perfect for
reselvong minor automotive disputes, lighting barbeques or spreading
democracy to third world galaxies (GrummelNet is not legally responsible
for providing an exit strategy for said conflicts).

-Unique Mod: Pyrocidic Precipitation-
With this upgrade, each molten hot shot from your weapon will rain down
steaming pyrocidic goo onto the ground. Your foes will have nowhere to
run as the very ground itself becomes your ally in battle.

This modification is found in Morrow Caverns. Before exiting after the
Ghost Pirates are resurrected, turn left and use the Fusions Grenades to
blow the gate open. Close to the gate on the left are a stack of metal
crates. If you have a shot of the Fusion Grenades you can blow them up,
but if you don't, have Ratchet jump into the crates to make them tumble,
opening a way for you to get the mod.


=Fusion Grenades=
Ammo: 8
Ammo per Crate: 3
Power: 154
Found: In Morrow Caverns, after Pete ressurects Slag and Darkwater

Nothing ruins an enemy's day like a thermonuclear hand grenade!

A sort of combination of the Bomb Glove from Ratchet and Clank 1 and the
Bomb-lobbing gun series from the other games, this glove throws a grenade
which explodes with tremendous force, dishing out a powerful amount of
damage. It has a limited amount of ammo however, so be careful when
lobbing bombs about willy-nilly.

V4 Power: +26=180
V5: Fusion Bomb
Power: +36=216

In Tools of Destruction. the Fusion Bomb contained a cluster of
GrummelNet's patented "Intelli-Seeking Pyrocidic Nitroballs". These
devastating Nitroballs would bounce toward your foes and deliver a
resounding and unmitigated form of justice. However, in Quest for Booty,
these are oddly missing.

-Unique Mod: Concussion Detonators-
Each missile becomes equipped with a plutonium ion concssion detonator.
These detonators are extremely effective at knocking your enemies down,
thus giving you a strategic tactical advantage.

This mod is found in the underwater tunnel in the bay of Hoolefar Island,
but you can only blow open the gate to it once you actaully get the
Fusion Grenades in Morrow Caverns. Swim down here, then blow open the gate
to get the mod.


=Shock Ravager=
Ammo: 30
Ammo per Crate: 15
Power: 50
Found: Mayor Worley gives it to you before returning to defend Hoolefar
Island against the pirates.

Sheilded enemies will think twice about attacking after feeling the wrath
of an electrified energy whip!

The Shock Ravager is a decendant of the Plasma Whip from Up Your Arsenal.
Pressing the Fire Button will have Ratchet whip the Ravager ahead of him,
causing a shockwave. Any enemies caught in the shockwave are electrocuted
and any other enemies nearby them are also shocked as the electricity
sparks over to them. Great for sheilded enemies, but is ineffective
against electrified foes.

V4 Power: +10=60
V5: Lightning Ravager
Power: +12=72

GrummelNet's coveted Lightning Ravager is the only weapon in the galaxy
to harness the mysterious power of quantum lightning. The "quantum
chaining" feature is greatly improved in this upgrade to the Shock
Ravager, as searing bolts of lightning intelligently seek out and
strike other foes over a greater distance each time an enemy is hit.
Originally conceived as a bath time toy, the technology was repurposed by
GrmmulNet's weapons division on the advice of their legal department.

-Unique Mod: Voltage Multiplier-
The Voltage Multiplier increases the range of this weapon's electrical
shockwave. This greatly inproves the weapon's usefulness in dense,
close-quarter combat.

This modification is found in the same place as the mod for the Fusion
Grenades. After getting the Fusion Grenades in Morrow Caverns, head into
the underwater cave in the bay. Blow open the first gate to get to the
Fusion Grenade Mod, and then blow up the second grate to get the Voltage
Multiplier, on top of a ledge. You'll also find a Dan Johnson action
figure on the wall!


=Tornado Launcher=
Ammo: 5
Ammo per Crate: 2
Power: 200
Found: Mayor Worley gives it to you before returning to defend Hoolefar
Island against the pirates.

Create and control your own cataclismic tornadoes! Trailer Park sold

The Tornado Launcher is possibly the most unique weapon in the RaC series
so far. It shoots a disk that creates a tornado, and you control the disk
by tilting the controller. Using this, you can sweep the tornado over
enemies while dodging fire, or ever swtiching over to another weapon and
using that. It takes a bit of getting used to though, and is strictly an
advanced or expert weapon. But mastering it gives you a great aid in
battle in mopping up large groups of foes.

-V4 Power: +40=240
V5: Tempest Launcher
Power: +44=244
The Tempest Launcher's devastating storms have been rated up to F6 on the
Fujita scale. Lightning Bolts streak out of each tornado, smiting your
foes with 900 gigavolts of untamed static electric fury.

-Unique Mod: Gyro-Turbine-
An advanced Gyro-Turbine device harnesses and boosts the energy of the
raging tempest, allowing it to last longer than ever before.

This mod is found on Darkwater Cove. Head up the path that leads to the
Angstrom's Tune minigame (the musical keys one) right up to the Spring
Pad. Jump up on top of the net to the left and hop down and cross some
more platforms to this Mod. The Spring Pad here will launch you back to
the one you just skipped.


=Predator Launcher=
Ammo: 25
Ammo per Crate: 6
Power: 90
Found: Given to you by the Smuggler before you set foot on Darkwater Cove

Enemies can run, but they can't hide from this launcher's new and
improved laser guided lock-on system!

This weapon, when the Fire Button is held, releases several missile
charges around Ratchet, which lock on to enemies on screen (however,
once locked on, the rockets will track the targets even if they go off
screen). Upon releasing R1, the charges fire to the locked on enemies!
This is great if you need to wait a bit before striking a foe. Note that
each charge can only lock on to a seperate target, you won't see more
than one rocket lock on to a target. However, the larger enemies often
have multiple targets on them spread over their limbs and body.

-V4 Power: +18=108
V5: Raptor Launcher
Power: +22=130

Raptor Rockets are GrummelNet's answer to the age old question: "Why
can't I shoot seeker ammo and drop incendiary goo at the same time?"
Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in nanotech auto-upgrades, Raptor
Rockets now provide you with the seeking missiles you've grown to love
plus an extra splash of hot, stick napalm in every shot!

-Unique Mod: Dual Target Detectors-
This powerful laser-guidance upgrade allows two rockets to lock on to
each target.

This mod is found in Darkwater Cove, before the fight against Captain
Sprocket (the guy who shot you out of his cannon at the start of the
game). Before the bolt crank which turns a bridge that allows you to get
to him, there is a Pirate gate to the left. Blow it down with a Fusion
Grenade, then blow down a wall of Metal Crates to reveal a Spring Pad.
Use this to get to the upper level and to where the mod is.


Ammo: 4
Ammo per Crate: 2
Power: 15
Found: Given to you by the Smuggler before you set foot on Darkwater Cove

A single hive deploys dozens of nanosects that attack your enemies with
pyrocidic stingers!

The Hive Tower deployed by the Nano-Swarmer Glove has a targeting laser.
When it targets an enemy, the nanosects attack said enemy!

-V4 Power: +3=18
V5: Toxic Swarmers
Power: +4=22

Toxic Swarmers improve on the already formidible nanocects, by giving each one
a toxic injection of Zanifarian death weasel venom.

-Unique Mod: Zero-Kelvin Laser Diode-
This upgrade uses GrummelNets patented Zero-Kelvin Laser technology on
the weapon's targeting laser. Enemies will be frozen stiff whenever the
laser contacts them.

Find this mod in Darkwater Cove (importantly, it's BEFORE the mod for the
Predator Launcher, thus this is the only mod to be out of order). After
defeating the first Pythor soon after unlocking the Treasure Room and
falling into the cave, turn left and walk down a narrow cliff-pathway to
find this mod. Using a Helio Grub REALLY helps here.


=Alpha Disruptor=
Ammo: 4
Ammo per Crate: 2
Power: 796
Found: Bought from the Smuggler for 50,000 bolts after he offers to
translate the map. Note that it is not possible to afford this until
after you complete Darkwater Cove (unless you die a lot).

The Alpha Cannon is so powerful it was once thought to be the lost
"Lombax Secret". It improves upon the Alpha Disruptor's already fearsome
firepower by creating a massive explosive impact with every enemy it
hits. If there are any foes withing 12 cubits of the blast radius, rest
assured you won't be seeing them in the sequel.

The Alpha Cannon is the fully upgraded version of the Alpha Disruptor,
and is unique in being the only weapon in the game to come out of the box
at V5, meaning it needs no upgrading through experience. Oddly, the Alpha
Cannon is referred to as the Alpha Disruptor by the Smuggler and by the
Quick Select, even though the Inventory Menu refers to it by the correct

-Unique Mod: Anit-Matter Transfluxor-
The Anti-Matter Transfluxor dynamically reconfigures the molecular
structure of any target hit by the weapon, allowing the beam to pass
directly through the target and hit additional foes.

This mod is found on the final segment of the game. Once you get onto the
roof of the first pirate ship you battle on, go to the far end and jump
onto the crates and on the cable, which is actually a zip-line. The mod
can be found here. Jump back over these crates to get back in action.

=Gadgets   #GDT=
Weapons may help you clear past leigions of foes, but you can't go
anywhere unless you have some trusty gadgets!

Available from: The start of the game

Ahh, your old trusty Grindboots. Use this device to slide along specially
designed rails in a frantic fight for your own life. Its an extreme
sport, but you love it!

Ratchet acquired these in the first game from an inve-Gadget Engineer,
and they allow him to slide along thin rails. Here, he can only use
Omniwrench to attack. Ratchet can also jump to adjacent rails by leaning
over to the rail with the Left Analog Stick and Jumping over to it, as
well as jumping and using the Swingshot.

=Gravity Boots=
Available from: The start of the game
The Gravity Boots magnetically lock to special metallic surfaces,
allowing Ratchet to run up walls and across the ceiling.

These functions an only be used on special Gravity strips. The Gravity
Boots are manufactured by Gadgetron, however these are the 2.00 versions
of the old Magneboots, and as such have features from Megacorp's original
Gravity Boots, such as increased manuverability and the ability to jump.

Available from: The start of the game

The Swingshot is one of the most popular and essential gadgets in any
adventurer's inventory. Manufactured exclsively by Gadgetron, the
Swingshot is compatible with a broad range of Versa-Targets across
ninteen galaxies. Just leap toward any target, press Circle and your
trusty Swingshot will automatically latch on, propelling you gracefully
out of the path of danger.

There are two kinds of Versa Targets in the game: Blue and Green. Blue
Targets are most often found at the end of Green target paths, and pull
Ratchet to the target. Green Targets, found on some vehicles, pull
Ratchet a short way before stopping, where Ratchet hitches a graceful
ride. They can also be found in paths, making you swing like a vine.

=Item(s)   #ITM=
Items may not be the most functional things in the world, but they often
are the most important. This is certainly the case with the lone Item in
Quest for Booty.

=Darkwater's Treasure Map=
Found: At the end of Morrow Caverns, when you land onto Darkwater's Ship.

A treasure map written in an ancient Decadroid cipher by Captain
Darkwater himself. If you can find a way to decode it, his booty will be
in your grasp. Metaphorically speaking.

While you never see this Item except out of a cuscene, you'll need it to
chase Slag to Darkwater Cove and recover the Fulcrum Star.

=Credits   #CTS=
Not a lot of credits here, erm, Insomniac for making the game, and, uhm...
David Bergeaud for great music? Again?