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Open Questions

Level Help status answers
Bunker turret kill ribbon help? Open 2
How do I get (leadership points)? Open 1
Other Help status answers
After reaching level 60, can I still play my Raven character? Open 6
Are the game modes as fun as mw2's? Open 2
Are the leadership roles weighted? Open 4
Black Ops or MAG? Open 2
Can not connect to server? Open 1
Can this game be played OFF-line? Open 1
Domination Not Popular Anymore? Open 1
Eager Beaver Trophy tips? Open 2
EHy dose mag not work on my ps3? Open 1
Grenade launcher help receive Grenade Medal? Open 2
How can i change my player types, eg. Field operator, rapid assault? Open 3
How can i make money fast on Mag to buy guns and other gear? Open 1
How do you set on Inverted aim? Open 1
How many points does your PMC get per battle? Open 1
If I Buy this game new will it work in my system when Used copies dont work in it? Open 1
Is the game really worth buying? Open 1
Is there any point to get collectors edition? Open 1
Level 60 but no Veteran mode? please help! Open 1
Muting irritating squad members? Open 1
My Headset? Open 1
On customization? Open 3
Pleasee read ? Open 3
PS3 Bluetooth Headset? Open 1
Should I buy this game??? Open 1
Should I get this game? Open 1
Simple question, this or Battlefield: Bad Company 2? Open 3
Special Edition Codes? Open 1
Vetting question? Open 1
What do you Officially get extra in the collector's edition? Open 5
When is the escalation dlc coming out? Open 1
When you die do you respawn with your squad? Open 2
Why does my ps3 not let me play mag?Read Please!! Open 1
Why knives? Open 4
Will there be 2 player in the same system? Open 1

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