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  (                            Wolfenstein (2009)                           )
(                    Spoiler-Free Collectibles Guide v1.00                    )
  (                               by Almiel27                               )
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(        I N T R O D U C T I O N         )
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This guide is for all those collectors out there! Besides getting trophies
for obtaining the collectibles, gold allows you to buy weapon and Veil power
upgrades. Once you collect all the Tomes of Power you will get all the Veil
power upgrades, and all Intel gives you all weapon upgrades. There is not
enough gold to buy all the upgrades, so buy the ones that suit your style of
play, and make sure to get all the Tomes and Intel to unlock the rest.

The key to this guide is using your compass at the top of the screen, because
that's how I mostly describe how to get places. For example, the compass below
means you are pointed northeast. The asterisk represents the direction of the
current objective, which is slightly east of the current heading:


*** BEWARE of save points in the missions, if you reach a save point, then
backtrack because you realized you missed a collectible, find the collectible,
then die before the next save point, you will lose that collectible. Save
points only save once! I lost several collectibles this way because I didn't
realize this and had to replay the mission to get them.

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(      Copyright/Credits       )
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This guide is copyright Kat Saul. It is not to be posted on any site except
gamefaqs.com. I can be contacted by email at Lucky20Seven-at-gmail-dot-com if
you have any corrections or suggestions, or just want to say thank you (^_~).

Thank you wikicheats.gametrailers.com for the maps, even though some of your
collectible locations are wrong, and ign.com for some of the gold amounts I
forgot to write down.

A special thank you goes out to my DH, DorkLord64Bit, for using my guide to
help me clarify some of the instructions. I <3 U!

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(            Legend            )
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BMSH = Black Market Safe House

KCSH = Kreisau Circle Safe House

GDSH = Golden Dawn Safe House

Janickestrasse = street running west-east on the south side of Midtown East

Wortherplatz = the street where GDSH is located in Midtown East, runs

Postdamer Allee = runs east from south end of Wortherplatz and turns north
where the Farm mission access is

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(           Symbols            )
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All items are numbered and have some form of bracket around the number
denoting what type of collectible it is:

Gold items have parentheses, i.e. (1);
Intel have square brackets, i.e. [1]; and
Tomes have curly braces, i.e. {1}.

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(          Shortcuts           )
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Search the page using the 4-letter code to find the area or mission you need.
(BTW, the game starts you with the Train Station mission, then puts you into
Midtown West.)

Midtown West ............... MIWE
Midtown East ............... MIEA
Downtown & Downtown West ... DODW
Train Station .............. TRST
Dig Site ................... DGST
Church ..................... CHRC
Farm ....................... FRMC
Hospital ................... HSPT
Cannery .................... CNNR
Castle ..................... CSTL
Airfield ................... RFLD
Zeppilin ................... ZPPL
Warehouse .................. WRHS
Officer's House ............ OFHO
SS Headquarters ............ SSHE
Paranormal Base ............ PABA
Radio Station .............. RDST

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(           I S E N S T A D T          )
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For the city areas, I've made separate lists for gold, intel and tomes, due
to the fact that it's free roaming and not linear. Also, not all areas are open
from the beginning. Some locations require the use of an item procured in the
Dig Site mission (indicated by the word Veil, as in Veil ladder/opening). After
each gold entry I've indicated if there are nearby intel or tomes.

 o -------------------------- o
(         Midtown West         )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold (23)

North and south are divided roughly by the two-story house on the corner
of the main road north of the KCSH, on the corner where the road turns west.


(1)  Take the Veil ladder on the western side of the horse statue courtyard (by
     the BMSH), then follow the walkway south and west to a balcony, $250.
     Nearby: [8] [9] {1} {2}

(2)  Down in the sewer where you exit the Train Station mission, east of the
     manhole cover in a corner, $500.

(3)  Follow the southern sewer to it's northern exit (an alley on the southeast
     side of town). Make your way out to the main road then up the Veil ladder
     on the other side to a room, $250.

(4)  In the southeast part of town and where the main road turns from north to
     west the first time, head east into a room and look in the closet, $500.

(5)  Go west on the main road from it's first corner, just before the next
     corner there are double doors on the north side, go in and up the stairs
     to the third floor, $100. Nearby: [3] [4] 

(6)  In the attic of the KCSH, $100.

(7)  From the roof in front of the KCSH jump southeast onto a balcony and go
     into the room, $250.

(8)  From the roof in front of the KCSH make a running jump north to another
     roof, drop down into a small enclosed area, $100.

(9)  From KCSH's front door, go north in the alley to the first corner, can't
     miss, $100.


(10) From KCSH follow the alleys (where the KC member leads you to the Dig
     Site), take the stairs down, turn left and go under the overhang.

(11) Follow the main road to the northwest end (Dig Site entrance),
     go inside and climb to the beams, southeast corner, $250. Nearby: [5]

(12) Upstairs in the Nazi-infested house (west of arch/raised patio), in the
     safe, $250. Nearby: [2]

(13) From the Nazi-infested house go south into an alley, through the door and
     then the door on the left, up the stairs and around to the end, $500.
     (There's intel through the other Veil door.) Nearby: [6]

14-18 are reached via the rooftops. From the road under the arch/raised
patio, go east into a narrow alley with a Veil ladder, climb up, then...

(14) ...Cross the plank north into a house, $100.

(15) ...Go southeast through a Black Sun Veil opening, down the stairs, under
     the stairs, $500.

(16) ...Go southeast through a Black Sun Veil opening, through the door, out
     the left window onto another roof, east to another window, break and go
     in, $100.

(17) From the room of #16 go south through another Black Sun Veil opening, 
     south across a plank into another house, in the corner on the floor, $100.

(18) Same room as #17, up in the rafters, $250.

(19) From the KCSH, go out to the main road and head north, into the first
     house on the west, on a bookcase, $100. Nearby: [1]

(20) From the corner of the main road north of the KCSH (by gold #19), head
     east into an alley, straight through a door into a hallway,
     in a closet, $100.

(21) On the raised patio, north end, in an alcove, $100. Nearby: [7] {3}

(22) In the sewers at the eastern end, $250. Nearby: {4}

(23) The sewers on the way to Downtown (opens after doing the Cannery mission).
     Proceed down the spiral staircase and walk straight to the end, $100.

Intel [14]


[3]  From the KCSH, follow the main road south to where it turns east, into the
     double doors of the building on the corner, on the table.

[4]  From intel #3, go up one floor via the stairs by the double doors.

[8]  Outside the door to the Warehouse side mission (southwest corner of the
     courtyard by the BMSH).

[9]  BMSH -- upstairs armoire.


[1]  Upstairs in the house north of the KCSH, on the corner where the road
     turns west.

[2]  Upstairs in the Nazi-infested house north of the road on the way to the 
     Dig Site.

[5]  In the last house at the northwest end of the main road, ground floor

[6]  From the Nazi-infested house go south into an alley, through the door and 
     then the Veil opening on the right.

[7]  On the patio that goes over the road, on the western stone half-wall.

Tomes {4}

{1}  Southern courtyard, up the Veil ladder, north on the fire escape.

{2}  Raven's Nest Tavern doorway.

{3}  While standing in the road southeast of the archway where the raised
     walkway patio is, go north until you see a staircase, then east and north
     to a dead end, in the wall.

{4}  In the northern sewer, in the wall.

 o -------------------------- o
(        Midtown East          )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold (21)

I've divided ME into north and south, the fire and burned tanks in the road
and the end of Potsdamer Allee being the dividing line.


(1)  Far west end of Janickestrasse, by the access to Midtown West, in back
     room of a house, $100.

(2)  Along Janickestrasse, in a house on the left (north), near the door from
     Midtown West $500. Nearby: [11]

(3)  Along Janickestrasse, north side of road, there is a series of rooms with
     three access points, near the west end, up in the loft, $250.

(4)  In the inner room along the north side of Janickestrasse. The room has two
     bank teller type windows, $100.

(5)  End of the alley leading south off Janickestrasse, $500. Nearby: {1}

(6)  In the last door at the southeast end of Janickestrasse, where you access
     the church mission. There is also a black market vendor. First room, $500.

(7)  Northeast across the street (Wortherplatz) from the GDSH through the
     broken wall and up the Veil ladder, $100.

(8)  East across the street from the GDSH, through the door and up in the loft,
     $250. Nearby: [13]

(9)  Just east of the intersection of Wortherplatz and Potsdamer Allee, up the
     ladder/fire escape & in the room, $500.

(10) Warehouse at entrance to Farm (southeast corner of Potsdamer Allee), in
     the southern loft, $100. Nearby: {2}

(11) Available only when exiting the SS Paranormal Base mission, under the
     stairs when you first exit, $250. Nearby: [14]


(12) In a house northwest of the square, near the Midtown West access, $100.
     Nearby: [10] [12]

(13) Alley east of the SS HQ, up the Veil ladder and into the room, $100.

(14) In the northeast corner near the square, just east of the alley next to
     the SS HQ, there is a "sunken door" leading to a sewer access, go down the
     ladder into the sewer, $100. ***SS Headquarters mission puts you into this
     sewer upon completion. Nearby: {4}

(15) Continue along the sewer of previous gold, climb the ladder to a room, up
     two floors, south end, $100. To get back to the square, go back down one
     level, south through the door, then out the lower door in the southwest 
     corner. It'll put you out near where you went in. 

(16) On the east side of the square, go up the Veil ladder, go inside, up
     a regular ladder into a loft. It's at the west end behind a box, $100.

(17) Base of statue in center of square, $250. Nearby: {3}

(18) West side of the square, up a Veil ladder & onto a porch. Jump north over
     to the small bit of roof, crouch when facing the gold to reach, $100.

(19) Alley on west side of the Hospital entrance, $100. Nearby: {5}

(20) East of Hospital entrance, up the ladder & around the catwalk, enter the
     door, $100.

(21) From previous gold, go through the door opening on the south wall,
     straight through a second open door, jump south through the smoke around
     the corner, $500.   

Intel [5]

[11] Second house from the west end of Janickestrasse, on the north side,

[14] Southwest end of Janickestrasse, under a table.

[13] Across the street from the GDSH, in the house with the door.

[10] Northwest of the square in a house, upstairs.

[12] Same as #10.

Tomes {5}

{1}  Along Janickestrasse, south side across from the MG42 nest, on the
     eastern outside wall of the big porch.

{2}  Along the north-south portion of Potsdamer Allee, just north of the
     warehouse where you access the Farm mission.

{3}  North of the square is the SS Headquarters (has a Nazi flag on it), just
     west is a ladder going up to the roof. It's up there.

{4}  In the sewer northeast of the square. See gold #14 for how to get there.

{5}  In the wall just west of the Hospital entrance.

 o -------------------------- o
(   Downtown & Downtown West   )
 o -------------------------- o

Available after the Cannery mission.

Gold (33)


Includes the BMSH and GDSH but no missions.

(1)  From the Midtown access sewer head north, on the western porch, $100.

(2)  From the Midtown access sewer head east and pass under the archway, on the
     right near a Veil pool, $100.

(3)  On the porch west of the BMSH, $100.

(4)  In the BMSH behind the bar, $100. Nearby: [1]

(5)  From BMSH, go south on the road, west at first alley, south again, $100.
(6)  From (5), go up the nearby Veil ladder onto the porch railing. Crouch and
     inch your way to the south end and out a little, then jump east onto the
     little ledge (below the window sill). Carefully follow it around the
     corner of the building and over the railing, $500. ***This may take a few
     tries. I recommend going down into the BMSH and using the save point so
     you don't die and lose this one!

(7)  On the east side of the BMSH via the canal/sewer and a Veil ladder, $100.

(8)  In a house east across the canal from the BMSH, reached by going up a
     staircase, then in, $100. Nearby: [3] {1}

(9)  Canal/sewer outside the GDSH on the west behind the barrier, $250.
     Nearby: [2]

(10) Canal/sewer outside the GDSH, turn east then look left, $100.


Includes the KCSH but no missions.

(11) From north end of open canal/sewer, go up the iron ladder, then a little
     north and east, $100.

(12) From north end of open canal/sewer, on the eastern sidewalk, go south and
     watch for a Veil ladder on the left, go up and hop over to eastern
     balcony, $100.

(13) On the ground below #12, enter the building, go through door on right/west
     side, then up the Veil ladder, $250.

(14) When on top of the plank bridge going over the open canal/sewer, go east
     into the building, through the door on the right, on the south side of
     room, $100. Nearby: [6]

(15) When on top of the plank bridge going over the open canal/sewer, go west
     past a veil pool and look left, $250.

(16) Sewer at entrance to KCSH, $250.

17-20 are available after the Castle mission.

(17) Go out to the street behind the KCSH, northwest corner & up the ladder,
     $100. Nearby: [7]

(18) Western-most part of building behind KCSH, upstairs in a room overlooking
     the street, $100.

(19) Same room as (18), $100.

(20) Eastern-most upstairs of KCSH, via a Veil opening, $100.


Includes the Castle mission and the Radio Station mission giver.

(21) Upstairs in the building that connects the southeastern area and this
     area, $500. (There's a Veil opening and 2 resistance fighters.)

(22) Southeast of park, up the Veil ladder to a balcony, $250.

(23) Southeast of park, into the building, southern room, $100. Nearby: [5]

(24) Northeastern corner, south of a Veil pool, $250. Nearby: [4]

(25) Western end of main street (Castle access) in a room to the south, $100.

(26) Western end of main street, north side, by a door, $100.


Includes the Radio Station and Airfield missions.

(27) In the little room upon entering from Downtown, $100. Nearby: [8]

(28) Upon entering go north and into the covered porch, $100.

(29) Next to #27, $100.

(30) Go back to the road and head west. The radio station entrance is on the
     south; to the west of the door is a Veil ladder. Take it up then follow
     the ledge around to the north and west, through a Veil opening. Go out the
     west window and follow another ledge south and through another Veil
     opening, south end of room, $100.

(31) At the north end of the north-south road, in a broken window on the east
     side, $100.

(32) At the north end of the north-south road, up the stairs or Veil ladder,
     $100. Nearby: [9]

(33) Longer of two alleys going west off the north-south road, up a Veil
     ladder, on a balcony, $250. Nearby: {2}

Intel [9]

[1]  BMSH, on the bar.

[2]  In the north-south portion of the underground canal/sewer, under water by
     the Veil pool.

[3]  In a house east across the canal from the BMSH, reached by going up a
     staircase, then in.

[4]  On porch of city hall, by the mounted machine guns.

[5]  Northeastern area, east of park, into the building, northern room.

[6]  When on top of the plank bridge going over the open sewer in the  
     southeastern area, go east into the building, through the door on the
     right, straight ahead into room.

[7]  At the east end of the street south of the KCSH. Available after
     the Castle mission.

[8]  In the little room upon entering Downtown West from Downtown.

[9]  At the north end of the north-south road, up the stairs or Veil ladder.

Tomes {2}

{1}  Northwest area (where BMSH is located), in a courtyard in the southeast.

{2}  Downtown West, in the longer alley going west off the north-south road.

     o --------------------------- o 
 o ----------------------------------- o
(       M A I N   M I S S I O N S       )
 o ----------------------------------- o
     o --------------------------- o

For the main and side missions I've mixed the collectibles and listed them as
you make your way through the level.

 o -------------------------- o
(        Train Station         )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (11)
Intel  [5]
Tomes  {0}

(1)  In the sewers, behind the waterfall, $250.

(2)  After going up the ladder out of the sewers into a kitchen, $100.

[1]  After exiting the kitchen, on a table.

(3)  Last room of first building, by the cash register (makes sense!), $100.

(4)  On the far side of the trains before blowing up the door, along the wall,

[2]  On the far side of the trains before blowing up the door.

[3]  On a bulletin board at the north end of the tracks before blowing up the

(5)  North of the bulletin board by some boxes, $100.

(6)  East the bulletin board of intel #3, in a fenced area, $500.

(7)  After blowing open the door, in the northwest area before entering the
     next building, $500.

[4]  After going through the blown up door, head into the building, halfway up
     the stairs.

(8)  Enter the building, go upstairs, by a desk, $100.

[5]  Cross the catwalks to the other building, into a fenced area, on a wall.

(9)  Cross the catwalks to the other building, into a fenced area, near the
     hoist, $500.

(10) Go downstairs, head north into a burning room, up the stairs to the first
     landing, on a shelf, $250.

(11) Once upstairs, go across the room and make a right-hand u-turn into a
     narrow hallway, $100.

 o -------------------------- o
(          Dig Site            )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (11)
Intel  [6]
Tomes  {1}

(1)  In the tent with Sergei, $100.

(2)  In the empty barracks tent, $100.

(3)  Also in the empty barracks tent, $100.

[1]  In the first cavern on a table under a canopy where the ammo cache is.

[2]  In the first tunnel after leaving the first cavern.

[3]  After the second Veil opening, where the first Nazi is.

(4)  After the second Veil opening, head east, near the flags, $500.

(5)  Also after the second Veil opening, near table, $100.

{1}  In the cavern after the second Veil opening, find a wall with the Black
     Sun symbol, go through and follow the tunnel to the end.

(6)  On the top of the scaffolding to the right of the Tome tunnel opening
     (when facing it), northeast end, $250.

(7)  Cross the wooden bridge and enter a tunnel with scaffolding, climb the
     scaffolding and follow it, gold along the left in a niche, $500.

(8)  Leave the tunnel and enter another cavern, to the right side of the stairs
     leading up in the center to an altar-like area with a crystal on display,

(9)  Same cavern as gold #8, but to the left of the stairs, $100.

[4]  Near gold #9, on a table.

(10) Tunnel with fallen pillars you have to climb over, at the east end, $500.

[5]  After crossing the stone bridge, to the east.

(11) In the mine shaft, behind an explosive barrel, $250.

[6]  In the mine shaft, on the wall to the left.

 o -------------------------- o
(            Church            )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (19)
Intel  [6]
Tomes  {1}

(1)  Go down one flight of stairs in the building you start in, behind a
     bookcase, $100.

(2)  Exit the building, turn right then take the staircase on your right, $250.

(3)  Go back down to the road, head up the staircase in front of you (to the
     east), at the top turn right, $100.

[1]  By the southern MG42 nest near the start of the level.

(4)  North to the end of the road in front of the starting building, on the
     west side, on a porch, $100.

(5)  Go back across the road and up the ladder, through a Veil opening, $100.

[2]  In the first courtyard after climbing the ladder and going through the
     Veil opening you come to a patio, on the east wall.

(6)  South of the hole above the second (northern) MG42 nest, along the broken
     ledge behind some small crates, $100.

(7)  In the little room east of the second MG42 nest, $250.

(8)  After breaching the gate, go through and into the hallway, $100.

(9)  In a small room south of gold #8, $100.

(10) Go east to another bombed out building, $250.

[3]  Upstairs in the southeastern area, on a desk. (Upstairs from gold #10.)

(11) Before going through the next door along the road, on the north in the
     building, $100.

(12) Follow the street through the door, then into another building,
     fenced room in the northeast corner, $100.

(13) Behind the two cars parked by the staircase, $100.

(14) Upstairs in the same building, northeast room, $250.

[4]  Same room as gold #14.

(15) Go back to and past the stairs, jump down through the hole in the
     southwest corner into a small courtyard, then go east into the rooms,
     north room with the piano, $100.

(16) Exit to the east into an alley and head north to the Schloss Hotel, use
     Veil site to enter the Black Sun Veil opening, $250.

[5]  From in front of the Schloss Hotel head south to the end of another alley
     and enter the building.

(17) After entering the upstairs of the Schloss Hotel, in a bathroom before
     dropping down through the hole, $100.

[6]  In the cellar of the Schloss Hotel.

{1}  Upon leaving the sewer and entering a small chapel-like room, in the back
     of the altar.

(18) Outside, behind a bench to the east of the front door of the church, $100.

(19) Inside and at the north end of the church, $500.

 o -------------------------- o
(             Farm             )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (19)
Intel  [5]
Tomes  {2}


(1)  Stable #1 attic, south end, $250.

{1}  Southwest corner just past the stable where the road turns north.

(2)  MG42 nest #1, $500.

(3)  Stable #2 attic, northwest middle, $100.

(4)  Next to gold #3, $100.

[1]  Main house, 1st floor, southeast room.

[2]  Same as intel #1.

(5)  Main house, 1st floor, southeast room, closet, $100.

(6)  Main house, 2nd floor, northwest room, $100.

[3]  Main house, 2nd floor, northwest room.

[4]  Main house, 2nd floor, southeast room.

(7)  Stable #3, 1st floor, northwest corner, $100.

(8)  Underground bunker--barracks, $100.

(9)  Underground bunker--warehouse, $100.

(10) Barn, 1st room/hallway.


(11) Take the elevator down from the barn, go up the nearby ladder, south side
     of platform, $250.

{2}  Level 1 (the one you arrive on by elevator), go the middle where the
     catwalk is raised, then jump over to pipe and follow it east to top. Head
     left onto platform and into the little room.

(12) Level 1, small room on east side, $100.

[5]  Level 2 (level below level 1), small room east of Golden Dawn agent.

(13) Level 2, after passing the Veil shield, turn left into first room, go
     through the Black Sun Veil opening and to the end of the catwalk, $100.

(14) Level 3 (after elevator ride down from level 2), after destroying the Veil
     inhibitor, go below the catwalk and to the northwestern corner, $100.

(15) Level 3, generator room, $500.

(16) Next to #15, $100.

(17) MG42 nest #4 (2nd of cavern), $100.

(18) 2nd generator room, upper level control room, $100.

(19) West side of the cavern floor, on top of the large cylindrical tank with
     a pipe coming out the top, $250.

 o -------------------------- o
(          Hospital            )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (23)
Intel  [6]
Tomes  {2}

(1)  Lobby, $100.

[1]  Operating room on 1st floor.

(2)  Hospital room on right side of long part of hallway, under a bed pan,

(3)  North end of 1st floor hallway, $100.

[2]  1st floor, last room at end of hallway where long hallway turns west,
     where you must go to continue on mission.

(4)  Continue to the next hallway, turn left and open the 2nd locker, $100.

{1}  Just south of gold #4.

(5)  Go back to where you entered this hallway, turn left into a room, then
     left into another room, $250.

(6)  Out of this room, across to another room, left-most locker, $100.

(7)  Back out to hallway, turn left, then left again, last locker before the
     stairs up, $100.

(8)  Up the stairs, turn right, then left, 1st locker, $100.

(9)  Continue down hallway which turns right (south), in another locker, $100.

(10) After passing through the flickering shield-door, $500.

(11) Make your way up the next set of stairs, in a locker at end of room, $100.

(12) Head through the next room with lots of hospital beds and out to another
     hallway, go down the hallway to the end and turn left into another room,
     go to southwestern corner of room, $100.

(13) Once the door right next to here is unlocked, go through and turn right,
     in a locker, $100.

[3]  Continue through Veil opening marked by the black sun, on the wall at top
     of stairs going down to the laboratories.

(14) Continue on through the door operated by a switch. In the last room on the
     right before the hallway turns left, in the far corner, $100.

(15) Back out in the hallway continue to next set of lockers, 2nd locker, $100.

(16) Down the stairs, through the double doors, head back to the southeast
     corner, left locker of three, $100.

(17) Go to the large bed room off this room, under bed in western corner, $250.

[4]  Go up the stairs, then make two rights once at the top, on the wall.

(18) Make your way clockwise around the upstairs balcony, through double doors
     into another hallway. Make two lefts, in a locker halfway down on the
     left, $100.

[5]  Go down the stairs, at the MG42 nest.

[6]  From MG42 nest, head east through the doors, make a left, then
     a right into a lab room, next to the door.

(19) Pass through the second black sun Veil opening. Complete the task here and
     head through the third black sun Veil opening, down some stairs, use a
     couple rooms to bypass a gate across the hallway, then pass through the 
     open double doors, into a room on the right before the next open double
     doors, $100.

(20) Next to the previous one, $100.

(21) Go out, turn right through the open double doors and down the stairs,
     enter the morgue, in the locker before turning right, $100.

(22) After turning right, turn right again into the first alcove, $100.

(23) Continue through the next door, then immediately on your left, $100.

{2}  After acquiring the Empower crystal, use the double doors in one of the
     two corners to go down to a room. Veil sight will quickly reveal it's
     hiding place.

 o -------------------------- o
(            Cannery           )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (20)
Intel  [6]
Tomes  {1}


(1)  Just before 1st air vent on the left, $100.

[1]  After the air vent, go up the ladder, then into first room on left.

{1}  Same room as intel #1.

(2)  Behind steam vent valve (red hand wheel), reached from back side, $250.

(3)  Continue straight on the path to the end, behind boxes, $250.

(4)  Past the Veil inhibitor, on the right, $100.

(5)  Down the ramp, in the niche, $100.

(6)  Down the stairs, right turn, into room, southeast corner, behind the
     bars, $250.

(7)  Through Veil opening, up stairs, northeast corner, $100.

(8)  Before continuing, go to the west end of this room, $100.


(9)  After going up ladder, southwest corner, $100.

(10) Just before MG42 nest, right into room, through door into
     greenhouse, $100.

(11) Continue through next door, back outside, at the east end of area, $250.

(12) Behind MG42 nest, in burned out train car, $100.

[2]  Just before entering cannery, room to northwest of burned train car.


(13) Just ahead after entering cannery, $100.

(14) Go through next U-shaped room, turn immediately right, follow around and
     down the stairs, southwestern corner, $100.

(15) Same area as #14, along north wall, $250.

(16) Back upstairs, head around to the western end of the room where there's a
     veil pool and double-door, to the right of the door, $100.

(17) Through the double door, up the stairs, through open door to the southeast
     corner, $100.

[3]  After leaving the warehouse/canning part and entering a room with three
     drafting tables.

(18) South of the outside battle tank, behind a crate, $100.

[4]  Tank control room.

(19) After the control room, head upstairs, turn right then left, across from
     the door with the rounded corners, $100.

[5]  Between the two doors with rounded corners.

(20) Enter the large room, head to the southwest corner, $100.

[6]  Exit the room through the formerly shielded door, on the left.

 o -------------------------- o
(            Castle            )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (16)
Intel  [6]
Tomes  {2}

(1)  At the first gatehouse head to the right along the ledge to the back,

[1]  Second gatehouse.

(2)  Outer courtyard of the castle, southeast corner, $100.

[2]  In the building between the inner and outer courtyards, on the left.

(3)  Inner courtyard, southeast corner, $100.

(4)  From the floor of the inner courtyard, take the spiral staircase (door
     between the two stone staircases). Once out, turn left, on the haystack,

(5)  From (4) go east, south, around to and up the stairs, through a narrow
     covered passage; when it opens up, turn left and go up to the dead-end,
     behind the sandbags, $100.

(6)  Go back to the Veil shield and proceed north, in the corner behind the
     crates, $100.

(7)  Under the stairs of the second spiral staircase, $500.

(8)  To the left in a narrow passage just before the elevator to the upper
     keep, $100.

(9)  After getting off the elevator, go downstairs, in a closet, $250.

(10) Along the first/western balcony of the dining hall, on double stack of
     boxes, $250.

(11) Down in a cellar reached by going through the fire place in the dining
     hall, $100.

(12) Next to #11, $100.

{1}  Down in a cellar reached by going through the fire place in the dining

(13) Along the second/eastern balcony of the dining hall behind a painting on
     the floor, $250.

(14) Upstairs after going through the door from the second/eastern balcony of
     the dining hall (the first time through the dining hall), $100.

[3]  On a desk along the path after leaving the dining hall (the first time).

[4]  In the communications room, filing cabinet.

[5]  In the communications room, bulletin board.

(15) After shutting off the downstairs shields and passing through the western
     one, in the first hallway under 3 crates with a lantern $250.

[6]  Upstairs in the library, on a desk.

{2}  In the locked closet of the communications room (can be reached second
     time through by dropping in from above).

(16) After shutting down the upstairs shield, you pass through the upstairs
     of the communications room (opposite side as before), then through a Veil
     opening to an ammo cache, southwest corner, $100.

 o -------------------------- o
(           Airfield           )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (21)
Intel  [8]
Tomes  {0}


(1)  South side of garage, $100.

(2)  Garage -- in the work pit, $100.

[1]  Second room after garage.

(3)  Second room after garage, $100.

(4)  Garage -- upstairs, on the hoist, $250.

(5)  Garage -- upstairs, north end, west office, $100.

[2]  Garage -- upstairs, north end, east office.

(6)  After exiting the garage to the motor pool, northwest corner, MG42 nest,

(7)  Tarmac, northwest corner, $100.

(8)  Tarmac, southeast corner by Hangar 18, $100.

(9)  Hangar -- west side control room, $100.

[3]  Hanger -- southeast corner, upstairs office.

(10) Hanger -- northeast corner, upstairs office, $100.

(11) Small courtyard after hanger, two offices in the southeast part of the
     area, southeast room, $250.

(12) Small garage, first pit, $100.

[4]  Small garage, north end.


(13) Under the first staircase down, $100.

(14) Under the tank before the first stairs going up, $100.

(15) Behind the first Veil inhibitor, $100.

(16) Next room beyond the Veil inhibitor, $250.

(17) Go down another staircase, then past the next one going up, by the large
     pipe where steam is coming up, $100.

(18) Reasearch facility, first room, on the floor at the southwest corner of
     the plane platform, $100.

[5]  Reasearch facility, first room by the Veil shield switch.

[6]  Right after leaving the first room.

(19) End of the long hallway after the first room, $100.

[7]  First room on the left with two scientists (backtrack from gold #19).

(20) In the hallway after the scientist/missile room, on the right, $100.

(21) After the elevator ride up, next to the Black Market seller, $500.

[8]  Bridge control room, southeast corner.

 o -------------------------- o
(           Zeppelin           )
 o -------------------------- o

By the way, when you reach the support zeppelin, you can abort the mission and
return to Downtown West. You can then select Zeppelin in your journal on the
Objectives page and select Revisit to get back. :-)

The intel for this level is out of order. I've listed them in the order found
but kept the numbers used in the journal.

Intel [9]

[1]  Main zeppelin, first room from outside platform, on a crate.

[5]  Go down a full level, head east into a small area, on the wall by
     the door.

[2]  Follow the catwalk around (past the elevator) to another small area,
     on a crate.

[3]  In the room with all the anti-aircraft guns.

[4]  In the small control room after the cut scene.

[6]  After the plane hangar, in an ammo room off the hallway.

[7]  On the bridge, on the center table.

[9]  Lower level of plane hangar on the third east-west catwalk, on a crate.

[8]  On the console for the super weapon -- can't miss!

     o --------------------------- o 
 o ----------------------------------- o
(       S I D E   M I S S I O N S       )
 o ----------------------------------- o
     o --------------------------- o

 o -------------------------- o
(          Warehouse           )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold   (7)
Intel  [4]
Tomes  {0}

Intel is slightly out of order but makes for the fastest way through the level.

(1)  Initial room, $500.

[1]  Up the stairs, first room.

(2)  Around the balcony above entrance, into the room, $100.

[3]  Jump down to entrance room and head through the now open door, go around
     the truck to the opposite side of this courtyard and through the door.

(3)  Same room as intel #3, $500.

(4)  Up the stairs, in the first room, $100.

(5)  Go through the south door, across the balcony to a dead end room, $100.

[2]  Same room as gold #5.

[4]  Return via the balcony and take the north door, make an immediate turn
     east into a large room.

(6)  Same room as intel #4, $100.

(7)  Head through eastern door and follow hallway around to another room,
     under/between crates before dropping through the Veil opening, $100.

 o -------------------------- o
(       Officer's House        )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (11)
Intel  [4]
Tomes  {1}

(1)  From front door make 2 rights into a room, $100.

[1]  Same room as gold #1.

(2)  Ground floor in the nook/pantry behind the kitchen, under the sink, $100.

(3)  From the kitchen nook/pantry take the stairs from the corner of the room
     up to servant's quarters, $100.

(4)  Second floor, turn right and go to back room, $100.

(5)  Next to #4, $100.

(6)  2nd floor, barracks, $100.

[2]  2nd floor, barracks.

(7)  3rd floor, officer's suite -- armoire $100.

(8)  Officer's suite -- living room with fireplace, $100.

[3]  Officer's suite -- library.

(9)  Officer's suite -- library, $100.

(10) Officer's suite -- secret room, $250?

(11) Next to #10, $100.

[4]  Officer's suite secret room.

{1}  Officer's suite -- secret room.

 o -------------------------- o
(       SS Headquarters        )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold   (7)
Intel  [4]
Tomes  {0}

[1]  Behind the reception desk.

(1)  Behind the reception desk, $100.

(2)  2nd floor room off the landing, south of the stairs, $100.

[2]  2nd floor room off the landing, south of the stairs

[3]  2nd floor, northeastern-most room

(3)  2nd floor, northeastern-most room, $100.

(4)  Attic safe, northeastern corner, $250.

(5)  1st Floor back room, 1st door on left, $500.

(6)  1st floor back room, 2nd door on left, $100.

[4]  1st Floor back room, 2nd door on left.

(7)  Basement (middle third).

 o -------------------------- o
(       Paranormal Base        )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold  (10)
Intel  [4]
Tomes  {1}

{1}  First room, northeast corner.

(1)  First room, south wall $100

[1]  Up first set of stairs where the 1st prisoner is, on left.

(2)  Up 1 staircase from 1st prisoner, $100.

(3)  Next to #2, $100.

(4)  3rd floor, first room on right, into another room at east side, $250.

(5)  3rd floor, first room on right, into another room on the north side,
     into another room on west side, $100.

[2]  3rd floor, same room as gold #5.

(6)  From 3rd floor room, go back to hallway and around to southwest corner,
     down the stairs, $100.

(7)  4th floor, second room (2nd prisoner), $100.

[3]  4th floor, same room as gold #7.

(8)  4th floor, end of hallway, jump up on railing then down on the crates
     below to the west.

(9)  4th floor, third room (end of hallway), $100.

(10) 4th floor, second room at the end of the hallway (3rd prisoner), $100.

[4]  4th floor, same as gold #10.

*** Don't forget to grab Midtown East gold #11 on the way out.

 o -------------------------- o
(        Radio Station         )
 o -------------------------- o

Gold   (8)
Intel  [4]
Tomes  {1}

[1]  As soon as you enter the street, on a table.

(1)  West side of street, halfway down road, near the rubble, $100.

(2)  East end of southern "T" intersection, up a Veil ladder, in the room,

(3)  Lobby on the east side by the short stairs down, $100.

{1}  Eastern balcony above lobby.

(4)  Before entering the first duct, $100.

(5)  After exiting the duct, climb the scaffold, jump west, then south onto
     catwalk, $250.

[2]  After dropping out of the second duct, in a communications room.

(6)  Exit the communications room & hallway and turn right, $100.

[3]  After exiting the elevator shaft / stairs, in the hallway on the wall.

(7)  Southwest corner of roof, $100.

[4]  In the small communications room off the roof near the flak (AA) gun.

(8)  Elevator shaft / stairs while escaping, _before_ descending, go around to
     far side of shaft, $250.