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Asked: 5 years ago

The crystals to unlock jean grey?

Has anyone found all the crystals to unlock Jean Grey? could you tell me were all of the them are or at least the stages they are in

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The First 5 Crystals are at Castle Doom, Missing Marvel, Factory Floor, Underground Politics.

The 5th one
Anti - Safe Harbor
Pro - Dock Work

there are also 5 more scattered throughout the next lvls

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At any point where you're at an HQ, you can go into the Simulator, and look through the missions. Any that show you missing a hero artifact still has one on the stage. It's easy enough to see where you missed something.

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Yeah, it's easy enough to see what stage you're missing artifacts from, the difficult part is knowing where on each stage to look, especially on certain levels. If anyone could give us more specific information on where to find the Crystal Shards, that would be great.

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