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How do I beat Yellow Jacket?

I'm stuck at the fight against yellow jacket where you need to defeat him to continue chasing down iron man. but i can only get him down to 75% health then he just recharges and i dont get any clues about how to damage him further, what do i do?

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scottydeux answered:

I would highly recommend having a team with a targeted fusion. I found no luck with guided or clearing ones. Make sure to use one of the heroes that has a targeted option to beat his arms. Hit him with the fusion right when he starts to recharge. Repeat. Should only take three targeted fusions.
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KidInFamous88 answered:

Keep beatin up his hands until he falls closer to you then do a fusion move.
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geniusbider answered:

total 3 phase, 1st time after u beat him up to 75% (got some health back and his right arm smash on the ground) use your R2 + any 4 bottom for a super, then he will be down. 2nd time around 45% hp, same thing, once u receive hp back, is the time use your super again, 3rd time hp is around like.. 1% lol, good luck
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