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About Thor, Grey and Hulk? Answered 1
After completing new game+ on legendary can I continue again on a lower difficulty? Answered 3
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Besides hulk Thor or grey, what are the other unlockble characters? Open 1
Can someone please give me a list of the heroic deeds for each character?? Answered 1
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Captain america iron man. same team? Open 1
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Cheat Codes Dilemma? Open 2
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Costume Collector Trophy? Open 3
DLC/camera view? Answered 1
dloaded free dlc patch. will I still get a plat trophy without getting those dlc trophies? Open 1
Do all codes block trophies? Open 2
Do team boosts stack? Open 2
Do you get any bonuses for having a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 save on your HDD? Open 1
Downloadable Content? Answered 1
Enemy health? Open 1
FIle share for DLC? Unanswered 0
friend Invite? Open 1
Game Help ? Open 1
Has anyone tried emulating the PS3 game in your PC? Does it work? Unanswered 0
How can I hear Deadpool talk during the credits??? Open 1
How can I unlock the trophy costume collector? Answered 1
How can you replay other levels that are completed? Answered 1
How do i get past 1st level? Open 1
How do I start a new game and retain my progress? Answered 2
How do I turn the Hulk into the Red Hulk ? Answered 1
How do I unlock costumes? Answered 1
How do I unlock Psylocke and Carnage? Answered 1
How Do I Use Juggernaut? Open 6
How do u stop autospending from comming back on everytime? Answered 2
how many Alternative threads? Open 2
I need help? Unanswered 0
I no if you pre order you get jugga? Answered 1
If i use cheats like only 2 or 3 and i save my game will the cheats be there? Open 2
Is it possible to keep my heroes? Answered 2
Is their a code to get Jean? Answered 2
Is there a special edition or limited edition of this game? Answered 1
Is this game worth buying? Open 3
Juggernaut question? Open 1
Juggernaut? Answered 1
Looking For Co Op Friends? Unanswered 0
Magneto on PS3 PLEASE? Answered 1
Magneto's alt outfit?????? Answered 1
Magneto? Open 1
Marvel alliance 2 saved data lost please help? Open 1
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Not working after installing. Why? Open 1
Multiplayer? Answered 1
Need help with optional mission objectives? Answered 1
Really big question?!!!! Open 2
Save problems? Open 1
Saving after codes????? Open 1
So, it's not possible to play the game through by using the code to unlock all the characters? Open 2
The Simulator Replay? Answered 2
Thor, Hulk and Jean Grey? Open 1
Undeafed Heroes and Immortal Heroics Trophy? Answered 1
VIP Code never got!!???? Open 2
Wakanda Respawn Glitch? Answered 1
What are the 10 Spcial Conversations? Open 1
What Are The Teams? for power-ups ETC.? Open 3
What Rewards do you lose in Casual difficulty? Answered 1
Where is the downloadable content available for the PS3 version? Open 1
Where's the DLC? Open 3
Where's the downloadable content? Answered 4
Which side did you choose? Open 3
Which version is best? Answered 3
Why can't I replay all the levels? Open 3
Why does the game keep on clearing P2 and P3's stats? Answered 1
Will dlc compatability be affected by using an imported disc? Open 2
will the DLC be released for all countries? (PSN) Open 1
Will there be more DLC? Open 2

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