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Asked: 5 years ago

Can you get a Tactical nuke from a care package?

Is it possible?

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From: shadow0501 5 years ago

Yes you can in happened when i played live

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Yes, i just happen to got my first 4 kill, dropped nuke care package, and then blew it up only 5 min in game.

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You probably can get the nuke but it'll probably be very very very rare to get the nuke from the care package.

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yes...but it is EXTREMELY hard to do as this is baisicly care package drop rate:
la la la la la skip the rest of them la la la la la
>>>>TACTICAL NUKE<<<<0.000000000000000001%
and there you have it

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I know it's possible. Never happened to me though. But I've got an AC130 from a care package 4 times in a row in 2 different games. ^^

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Yes it is. Good luck

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Infinity Ward confirmed it is impossible.

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No, it is physically impossible.
The game files keep it from happening because every care package has a killstreak chance percentage, and the nuke, having 0.00%, cannot be gained from a care package.
And to anyone saying it is possible, and that it has happened to them, they are most likely lying, or got it pre-patch.
On Xbox, PC, and PS3, all you had to do was edit the care package file. IW patched it by making it read-only, and if they say they did it in a private match, it is because of the same problem of the files not being read-only, the modder's files carried over to your files, and stayed with you until you turned off you XBOX.

Bottom Line is, NO

I've am an Xbox/PC modder and I have viewed the default files of the care package.
Nuke has 0.00%.

And don't listen Ziskin1, he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. All the percentages have to add up to 100%, and I'm pretty sure 60 plus 60 is not 100.

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