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Asked: 5 years ago

Can not Download update 1.03, why?

Why does the update only go to 7% and stop, then give me an error message?

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Try turning off the Media Servers option in the PS3's System Settings menu (I forget exactly where it is) it could also be a problem with their servers.

If all of the above fails then try Port Forwarding ( or putting your PS3's IP address in your routers DMZ.

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Delete game utility data

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Disable UPnP on your router.

I had this problem too. For some reason, some Linksys routers with UPnP enabled will disconnect you from the Playstation Network when it tries to auto-connect. This will also solve the auto PSN sign-on problem, and PSN Store downloads stopping if you try to download in the background.

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All you have to do is disable Media Server Connection under Network Settings and it will download easly

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Disable Madia Server...

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