Question from babyhaomario

Asked: 5 years ago

Whats the best way to kill a Juggernaut?

Juggernauts are so damn hard to kill

Accepted Answer

From: Diz1904 5 years ago

A good strategy would be to circlestrafe him (he's slow when turning) while attempting to knife him. When do get a knife hit, you will stun him. Unload approximately half a mag of Barret .50 cal rounds into his head, and he should be dead(no poetic implications meant).

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There are few things good against juggernauts.High caliber weapons like Barret,Desert eagle.Explosives works good against them and flash grenades will stun them good.

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I know the best way.First throw him a flash grenade and then with a Desert Eagle or a Barret make him pay for everything he has done to you.

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