Question from CherishandMatt

How do you get on the tallest building in Karachi?

I have seen many players perched up there and pick people off. I have tried many times to get up there but to no avail. Would anyone mind giving me some tips or the way to get up there?


daltman92 answered:

What you need to do is youtube ladder glitch for karachi
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warlordloki answered:

Is this what ur refering too? not many people use elevators online as theyre kinda tricky
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Kearnzy6 answered:

Depends what building youre talking's a video
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mrbebe2010 answered:

I had a hard time with it. You ethier need to use the running hack. or the youtube thing.
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Iwanagi answered:

I don't think there's a Prone Elevator for this map.....maybe a running hack, but it might be patched. Good luck with it, though.
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Shadow_Wolf911 answered:

You need the speedhack or the elevator but i think the evevator is patched
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TheBonsaiSlaya answered:

You mean the building where the Rangers spawn? It is an easter egg.
Basically, take lightweight and marathon, it makes it the easiest, and run towards the platform thing to the side hanging down. Jump at the last moment, it takes practice. Your character should latch on, for a split second. When he does, push the stick up VERY quickly. you should hopefully climb to the top. Now, crouch and walk along the metal planks. Just avoid the obstacles and find your way up. Atop, there are teddy bears, the legendary COD easter egg marker, but not much else. Great place to snipe from, but very difficult to get to and if you attempt in a public match someone will most likely spot you and kill you. And for all above, this is NOT a glitch. This is comedic value. You need no hacks. Just try over and over again.
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mapexjo answered:

U do an elevator but I forgot how go on youtube
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broken_angel_13 answered:

Hey slaya your explaining the highrise easter egg
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ttjjoman answered:

Search 'strafe jump' on utube
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broken_angel_13 answered:

Where the support bars are where one of the domination flags are you can strafe jump onto them from the building with the ladder and then strafe jump to your left building and find your way to a floor above the regular floor in the ruined building. I dont know if its what your looking for but you can check it on youtube. It isnt a ladder and not really glitchy, just very hard to get to if you cant strafe jump, like i cant...
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