Question from pumasoccer

I just entered prestige mode why is the XP earned so low?

For example I had a 16 kill match with 8 deaths and 2 headquarters captured and some headquarters destroyed and I got like 500 or 600 XP normally should that not be in the thousands?


chefcooksalot answered:

There is no reason for this, it has to be your miscalculation or something.
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pumasoccer answered:

Is low at first then increases? cant remember my calculations may be off a bit the XP is still low
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Aegis2047 answered:

XP scales as you get higher in level. If you still got the 8k xp from when you were level 69, you would level up ridiculously fast when prestiging.
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RisingAgain answered:

this happened to me too. don't worry Aegis is right. you get the experience all the same, the match bonus is scaled to your level.
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FF13_IS_ARD answered:

The higher the level the more match bonus you will get,if you want to rank up quicker just do a couple of cage matches with your friends you'll get min 5000xp maximum 8000xp with no challenges.if u completed some challenges you should have a decent amount of xp
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andruwjonesfan3 answered:

I had the exact same problem. The reason why your XP is lower is because when you prestige you go back to level 1. The higher your level is the higher your match bonus will be. You should see that your match bonus will steadily increase. Mine got to the thousands once I reached about level 21
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Xx_Bazza_xX answered:

When u prestige it is just like starting the game again but with an extra custom class....... so does that help ya
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maungpyaephyo answered:

It might seem a little low and harder to get since ur facing more experienced players than ur last prestige.
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Jank_dude answered:

Well it can be hard to answer this question. Maybe you got a challenge without noticing it.
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cheezyboo answered:

When you Prestige, Its like an add-on, you earn less XP and therefore rank up slower, if it didn't do this people that are on 6th Prestige would probably be 10th. Boring eh?
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gameshooter22 answered:

Your problem is that maybe u got poor weapons and perks,u dont complete challenges or u re starting 2 get worst...
Good luck anyways ;)
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Ashendari7 answered:

Okay in headquarters you only get 50 exp for each kill and capturing and I think destroying a HQ gets you 100 so without match bonus you should have gotten about 1200 maybe, without match bonus so you must have remembered wrong or I'm completely wrong.
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hallstromjr answered:

Headquarters is only 50exp for each kill. And to get the exp for capturing or destroying an HQ you HAVE tp be the FIRST one in the HQ to get the exp.
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