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Asked: 4 years ago

What/Where do i find Juggernauts?

I got the game recently and i have absolutly no idea what a juggernaut is... please explain ty

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From: Kearnzy6 4 years ago

To add on to wat he said^^^^^ juggernauts are people with extended health and are really annoying to kill

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You can only find the juggenauts in the spec ops portion of the game. in spec opes you can find the juggernauts in the echo and charile sections.
the three best three are
1:snatch and grab
2:high explosive
3:armor piercing

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snatch and Grab will be your first test so good luck

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A juggernaut is a heavily armored machine gunman who runs towards you and seems impossible to kill unless you have a very strong weapon, such as a sniper rifle or launcher. (You know when he comes when you hear a deep *jugg* sound.)

You can find juggernauts in the following special ops missions:

Snatch and Grab, Estate Takedown, High Explosive, and Armor Piercing

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Randctod is spot on on with his answer. However, you can also find the juggernaut in the museum level. He is standing with the Russian soldiers in the other room(not the one you start in). To make him come alive press the big red button.

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Juggeranauts are like these soldeirs who look like the enemys from killzone except they dont have a gas mask and they dont have glowing eyes.

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You can find them in story modes and spec ops section

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