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Asked: 4 years ago

Is it possible to destroy the predator missile?

I've been trying to find out how to destroy the predator missile online but I always die before even trying or too late to even see it but I've been wondering for a while if it is possible to destroy it like any other killstreak rewards.

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From: tankman165 4 years ago

You cannot in fact shoot a Predator missile down. However, what you CAN do is refuse to accept BolognaSkater's answer, which is what I would do for someone who actually has the audacity to ask for your acceptance of his answer. This is GameFAQs, there is no competition for the most accepted answers, you give and receive help to further the knowledge and excitement of the gaming community, not to earn points. Get a life.

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No, it is impossible to shoot down a predator missile.

1, because it moves way to fast to be able to switch to a stinger and lock-on to it before it strikes the ground.

2, because the game just makes it impossible to even lock-on to a predator or shoot it with anything else.

You are probably asking this question because you get screwed by predator missiles all the time just like i do haha

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Please accept my answer above

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TO TANKMAN what if im with gamefaqs and i am checking for any bugs and etc. Don't make judgements before you know something first

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Uhmm... lets just keep this simple.
No you can't shoot down a predator missile.
However, you can equip the cold blooded perk 2 to make you invisible on radar so you will be hard to hit from all killstreak rewards.

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If you were from GameFAQs you would have better grammar because they don't hire idiots. Unless I am mistaken and they actually did hire you.

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LOL tankman165 to who your saying that?

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You cant destroy a predator missile but you can avoid being hit if ur cold-blooded or if u activate an EMP.

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