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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I beat AC130s? Open 18
Strategy Help status answers
ADS in 3rd Person? Open 4
Anti-nuke boosting class??? Open 6
Can you shoot an explosive before it hits you? Open 2
Counter-MVP Question.? Open 1
Default or Tactical layout? Open 5
Does anyone agree with my strategy? Open 14
Elevator Glitch? Open 4
General Online Gameplay Advice? Open 6
Ghost Achievement Question? Open 4
How can i reach the top house on quarry map? Open 3
How can i use the downloadable content? Open 2
How do I hit with the riot shield then hit again immedietly after??? Open 4
How do i rank up fast from level 20 to 10th prestige? Open 1
How do you get on the tallest building in Karachi? Open 11
How do you increase your speed in multiplayer? Open 5
How do you level up online real quick? Open 4
How to stop hackers? Open 2
I can't finish "Did you see that? " challenge Open 3
I want some1 with a mic 2 ply wid? Open 8
I would like to know some glitches....please? Open 6
Ok, I used to be awesome, and now im not, y? Open 14
Pls Rate my class? Open 3
Promoted??? Open 4
Quick Scoping ? Open 8
Quickscoping intervention style versus others? Open 2
Rate my 5 classes!?!?!? Open 3
Should i prestige at lvl 70? Open 1
Spec Ops Mode? Open 2
Spec Ops? Open 5
Stopping power vs danger close? Open 8
What are the best Kill Streaks for a Tactical Nuke? Open 2
What game mode and class should i use to get a nuke? Open 11
What is the best camping spots? Open 10
What is the best class for getting alot of kills? Open 9
What is the best perks and guns with attechments? Open 8
What is the best strategy for getting 2 birds with one stone achevment? Open 2
What is the best strategy to complete Enemy of the State Challenge? Open 3
What is the best way to get a nuke in salvage? Open 2
What's the best way to get kills? Open 5
Where to go for Goodgye challenge? Open 8
Will someone please help me with spec ops? Open 4
Technical Help status answers
Can not Download update 1.03, why? Open 5
Character won't quit moving around by himself in multiplayer? Open 5
Data Corruption? Open 3
DNS Error only when running MW2 on PS3? Open 3
Does online play span across consoles if the game is the same? Open 6
Hacking acount? Open 1
Help joining a party? Open 1
Help Please?! Open 2
how can I change the language from german to english ? Open 3
How can I get my multiplayer kills to display on the screen? Open 4
How to minimise the search area? Open 2
I can't ever seem to join a match. Why? Open 2
Is the game in black and white? Open 2
Is there any way to play Special Ops with people other than people on your Friends List online? Open 4
Is there something wrong with my hosting? Open 2
Multiplayer Online? Open 3
One life FFA? Open 1
Online Hackers! Help? Open 2
Partying up? Open 3
PLZ Help?? Open 2
Problem using save? Open 3
Problems With Connecting Online? Open 2
We forgot password for call of duty II and for our yahoo mail, what can we do? Open 2
What does "Client Command Overflow" mean? Open 3
When I try to get online it says my sign in name has changed and kicks me out? Open 7
When I try to join my friends game it says:The party is no longer valid? Open 5
Why are my Spec Ops and Campaign modes not saving? Open 2
Why Cant I Change My Multiplayer Name From 'Player' To Something Else? Open 3
Why cant i get into any games? Open 1
Why does it kepp saying trying to connect to matchmaking servers? Open 4
Why does my ps3 freeze after an online match? Open 2
Why does my ps3 freezing when i use predator missle or someone attack me by predator missle can you help me? Open 2
Why does the game keep telling me (instalation error) ? Open 1
Why does the screen keep messing up when I aim down sights? Open 1
Why does the Special Ops lag in Coop? Open 2
Why doesnt it show my name on split screen? Open 1
why i can't play CoD MW 2 online with unkown players??? PLZ Open 2
Why is it ever time I go to play on multiplayer it goes to a black screen and doesn't work? Open 1
Why my offline save always corupted? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(How does this almost always happen?) Open 3
100% Completeion? Open 8
100% Completion? Open 4
1000 Launcher kills emblem? Open 1
?Lot of questions of saves Open 1
?The Real "Warming Up" accolade way Open 1
Ads help please? Open 3
Akimbo pistols in last stand? Open 8
Any help with co-op spec ops? Open 1
Anybody want to start a clan with me? Open 2
Anyone know how to change your ps3 account name? Open 5
Anyone wanna play MW2? Open 1
Are there any changes besides storyline? Open 1
Awards after prestige? Open 5
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ? Open 1
Can I change the profile of the game save? Open 1
Can I pick the place I will play, but play with random people not private match? Open 3
Can i play with my brother online with the same system but not the same console? Open 4
Can someone help me with voice chat? Open 1
Can someone post a gamesave with everthing complete? Open 8
Can the second player in off-line Spec ops sign in to a PSN account? Open 3
Can you buy stimulus package when you buy the retail copy of mw2 in store? Open 2
Can you play multiplayer againts COM? Open 2
Can you rate my Fal Class.Strategie?. If you think you have one that is better plz provide it Open 4
Can you save corrupted game data? Open 3
Can you upragade perks to pro perks in split screen mode? Open 1
Care package pick up speeds? Open 5
Cheapest nuke ever? Open 2
Clan recruiting? Open 2
Could i play this? Open 1
Custom Class Names? Open 8
Derailed map glitch? Open 2
Did they really end the contract with PS3? Open 2
Do I Gain Experiance in Private Match? Open 5
Do you know what does this means? Open 2
Does any know how to????????? Open 0
Does anyone want to create a clan? Open 2
Does the world preimere show more of the trailer? Open 1
Does this game have a dedicated server? Open 2
First time playing online and can't get into any game rooms, what gives? Open 3
Game length? Open 3
Game Saves? Open 2
Getting Launcher titles? Open 1
Glitches? Open 5
God hand? Open 1
Gun Veteran Challenge/Emblem? Open 2
Help for trophies? Open 2
Help i can only buy one game? Open 4
Help me out guys?? Open 3
Help needed for online? Open 2
Help with 2 trophies?? Open 3
HI i need help? Open 2
How did I earn these? Open 3
How do i get golden cross from call of duty 4? Open 1
How do I get the chopper gunner title? Open 1
How do I get the emergency airdrop emblem? Open 3
How do I get the first 4 airplane emblems? Open 2
How do i get the no rest for the werry trophie? Open 2
How do i get the Reign Down accolade? Open 1
How do I get weapon specific titles? Open 6
how do i go about using the save files from GameFaqs onto my ps3? Open 3
How do I make on of my perks say none? Open 2
How do you elevator? Open 1
How do you get 100% completion on spec ops, and can you do all of the missions solo and get 100% completion? Open 1
How do you get the vouyer and denied titles? Open 5
How do you run extremely fast in a private match? Open 3
How do you shotgun jump? Open 1
How long would 1 mile in a Multiplayer map be? (Marathon/Lightweight Miles) Open 3
How many maps and modes ? Open 2
How many nukes do i need to launch to get the emblem? Open 4
How the heck? Open 2
How to get a second savegame for split screen? Open 1
How to get error message in multiplayer? Open 1
How to play offline multiplayer with bots ? Open 1
I dont have any friends online multiplayer. <?> Open 1
I played COD 4 MW more than 4 times with different skill levels...did someone else beat it more times??? Open 1
If I delete my save file, will I loss my rank online? Open 1
Is call of duty7 released? And is it true that it will not be modern warfare 3 it will be black ops? Open 2
Is it possible For The Different Versions ( US & Europe ) To Play Together Online !? Open 5
Is it possible to "disobey orders"? Open 2
Is it possible to earn Trophies during online play?? Open 2
Is it possible to show each player's name during a lan party instead of it just displaying Player? Open 1
Is Modern Warfare 2 the same for PS3? Open 7
Is the PS3's server the same with PCs' and Xbox's? Open 2
Is the stimulus pack downloadable or do you have to buy a cd or something???? Open 4
Is there a way to hack on mw2? Open 1
Is there a way to play multiplayer split screen on one end with a friend at home, and an online friend on the other end? Open 1
Is there any cheats 4 this game? Open 4
Is there any one want to join my clan:cm-1? Open 1
M21 EBR sniper? Open 4
Map Pack 3? Open 1
Mult Player? Open 2
Multiplayer splitscreen? Open 2
Museum - Player Character(s)? Open 5
MW2 or MW1? Open 4
MW2- 3rd Person? Open 4
Need friends? Open 8
Need help in some spec ops misions?? Open 1
Need help with a tittle? Open 1
New maps??? Open 3
No 3rd perk selected? Open 1
No profile name on splitscreen? Open 1
Offline in-game name porblems? Open 1
Offline mode? Open 1
OK...soooo? Open 4
Online Challenges for OFFLINE mode? Open 2
People still play this game on PSN? Open 1
Please help with controller problem ? Open 2
Presitge? Open 6
Prestige..ranks ?? Open 2
Ps3 question.? Open 1
PSN messages? Open 2
Question about Prestige Mode? Open 4
S.S.D.D. on Veteran? Open 2
Set player data error?? Open 1
Should i get MW1? Open 2
SPAS 12 Title is doing my head in!!! Please please help!? Open 2
Splitscreen names? Open 1
Still can't get online why? Open 1
Sup people I really need to know if the game's worth it?...Please respond!!! Open 3
Surgical, Mach 5, and dictator titles? Open 1
Symbols when shooting enemies in Multiplayer? Open 3
The end of campaign? Open 1
Third person cage match? Open 4
This is just a little survey but what is your favorite custom classes that are good? Open 9
Throwing Knife Challenge?!?! Open 2
Trouble with Spec Ops (Online Mode) Any Help Please? Open 2
Vids? Open 1
What are bullet penetration kills? Open 1
What if you miss the throwing knife kill at the end of the campaign mode? Open 2
What if...? Open 2
What is lan party? Open 3
What is the best Perk for Perks 1,2,and 3? Open 5
What is the best way to record HD gameplay footage on PS3? Open 2
What is this admin menu? Open 1
What level do you unlock the Wargasm challenge? Open 3
What rank was Ghost? Open 4
When does Resurgence map pack come out for PS3? Open 4
When i loaded my a name for two player it and it wont? Open 1
when is CoD modern warefare2 map pack release? Open 5
When is the first map pack coming out? Open 4
Where can I find a sight that explains how to get all (or most of) the callsigns? Open 1
Which one should I get, COD: black ops or mw2? Open 1
Which sniper is better online, the barret 50 cal or the intervention? Open 11
Who host ps3 challenge lobbys? Open 1
Whose found the intel locations ?, if found please tell :) Open 4
Why cant you play more maps on free for all? Open 4
Why does my clan tag keep disappearing after i switch my ps3 off then go back on it ? Open 4
Why haven't I played in terminal in a month? Open 4
Why is my gun camo automatically? Open 4
Why won't the PS3 find the split screen save game data? Open 2
Why??? OH GOD Why??? Open 1
Will i get the trophies if i download the save file? Open 2
Will it have split screen? Open 5
Will there be DLC? Open 7
Xp conversion to score problem? Open 2

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