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Unanswered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
Can you tell me where to Find the other two intels in cliffhanger? 7
Care Package, Preadator Missile, and what? 6
Crappy Care Packages? 4
Do titles and emblems give you any bonus perks? 16
How do I get Launcher Titles? 6
How do you get cold blooded pro? 12
How do you get the patriotic title? 3
What lvl is ump45? 5
What's the best way to get better care packages? 3
Whats the emblem of the 10th chopper gunner (no prestige)? 3
where can I find ( ac130 )? 9
Where can I find C4? 1
Where can I find intel pieces/ What are they? 4
Where can i get a hack that has a speed hack aimbot and stuff like that in it? 3
Why does everybody hate the f2000? 1
"Terrain Cloaks"? 1
1,000 UAV's? 1
3 Attachments? 1
Any tips on Sitrep pro? 4
Are exp points lost in you get killed in any way? 2
Are there new emblems/titles after DLC? 1
Best map for Nuking? 1
Bling? 1
Callsign help? 2
Can i drive anything in multiplayer? 5
Can i get a Nuke or EMP on emergency airdrop? 3
Can you be able to get more killstreak slots? 8
Can you get a Tactical nuke from a care package? 8
Can you have more than 3 killstreaks? 2
Can you stop a nuke with an EMP? 4
Care Packages? 4
Challenge: MG Master? 2
Cooking time? 4
D-PAD actions? 1
Do Stingers now work during an EMP? 1
Does anybody know how to attach more than one attachment to a weapon? 4
Does c4 sticks to friendlys? 9
Dragunov? 6
Duel weild? 5
FMJ kills? 2
FMJ penetration??? 2
Ghillie suit? 4
Golden Weapons? 1
Grenade launcher doesn't work? 3
Halogen Scope? 3
Has Infinity Ward Patched the Care Package Glitch? 4
Heartbeat Sensor? 2
Hey, anyone want to help me unlock some weapon stuff online? Have a fake account you can use. 4
How can i get more than one attachment on my gun? 2
How can i get the MW2 title with the green thing behind it? 1
How can i tell if a gun have a high recoil rate? 6
How can you detonate the C4 without bringing out a remote? 5
how do I get "create a class" im multiplayer? 1
How do i get a riot shield to 1 hit melee? 3
How do i get the blade veteran title? 5
How do I get the captain price emblem that looks like mario? 1
How do i get the Dragon title? 6
How do I get the Pot leaf emblem? 1
How do i get the trophy "No rest for the wary"??? 2
How do i get Veteran Scar title? 1
How do i operate the javilin ? 3
How do I throw knives? 6
How do I unlock akimbo? 4
How do I unlock the "Great White North" Canada flag Callsign? 1
how do i unlock the "the hunter" TITLE? 3
How do i use c4? 1
How do i youse the riot sheld and a wepon at the same time? 2
How do you get FMJ penetration kills? 4
How do you get the pirate flag emblem? 5
How do you get the spining dubloon emblem? 2
How do you get weapon upgrades? 7
How do you unlock the soap emblem on multiplayer? 2
How long does the EMP last? 2
How many Chopper Gunners do I need to call in before i get the emblem? 1
How many Claymores can you set up at any one time? 2
If I prestige...? 3
Is holographic stronger than red dot? 5
Is it possible to change the thermal view on a Predator Missile? 3
Is it possible to play 2 player online from the same system? 4
Is it true that.....10th prestige? 4
Is there anything you can only unlock online? 1
Is there such thing as a MG4 Explosive rounds? 1
MW2 MP wep review? 3
New maps? 3
Noob tubes? 4
Preset classes? 1
Privated game in online mode??? 1
Question about those sentry guns? 4
Red Dot Sight and Holographic Sight? 3
Reloading? 3
Riot shield? 5
Rising Sun? 1
Silencer attachment question(?) 2
Skin shotguns? 2
Spas-12 and Sight of Hand? 1
Special Weaponry?!!!!!!!! 5
Stinger Launcher Challenges? 2
Tactical Knife Attachment Kills? 1
The best handgun for tactical knifing? 3
The juggernauts? 1
Theory about new golden guns? 21
Title Help? 1
Titles/Emblams how do u get them???? 6
Trophy case???? 2
UAV Help? 1
Ump 45? 1
Very high clip? 2
What are the best snipers? 2
What are the blue bags ? 5
What are the intel items for??? 1
What do you do to unlock another killstreak award? 5
What does Bling Pro do? 1
What duz hardline pro do? 5
What is the best class for a HC riot sheld class? 2
What is the difference between the stun grenade and the flash grendade? 1
What is the diffrence between MP5k and MP5 besides appearance? 2
What is the easiest way to get a tactical nuke? 3
What is the quickest and/or easiest way to get chopper gun title and how many kills does it take? 2
What is the Warming Up accolade? 3
What is your best class for a nuke? 15
What level do i unlock the one man army perk? 5
What perk do i need and what level do i need to get it to to get 2 claymores? 2
Whats the Best mode for spectre challenge? 1
Whats the maximum Create a class slot? 1
Where can I find infinite care packages? 1
Where can I find the Mars Scope? 3
Which is the better unpiloted aircraft? 2
Which Tiger are YOU? 4
Why are alot of people pissed with akimbos? 1
Why didnt they put the dragunov in multiplayer? 4
Why take it out? 2
Level Help Answers
Can someone help me on Spec Ops? 3
Extended mags help? 9
Highrise? 3
How do I get past (quarry)? 3
How do I get past the pit in special ops in under 35 sec.? 17
How do you get past Favela? 9
In online Multi-Player - are there any hidden Challenges? 12
Levels? 6
Looking for someone to help me with some OPS? 8
Loose ends? 2
Need a player to do special ops with ? 20
Spec ops veterans wanted - European players with 69 stars out there? 3
Special ops ...Bravo level...Bomb Squad...need help ? 3
Time Trial advice? 4
Why won't the game let me pick up the briefcase in the level with the Panic-Room? 3
3 Special emblems? 2
Any one need Spec Ops help? 1
Boosting partner? 8
Can some1 help me? 4
Ghost? 4
Help plz! How do I get to the LZ at the end of loose ends? 1
High Rise? 2
How do I get past cliffhanger, getting the ghost trophy? 29
How do I get past contingency on veteren? 1
How do I get past Museum? 5
How do I get past suspension (Veteran) and O Cristo Endovor(veteran) in special ops? 2
How do I get past the darn Museum? 5
How do i unlock the golden cross emblem? 1
How many Prestige are there? 1
I need somebody to help me in special ops? 4
In multiplayer, how do you get on the roof of the office building on the Highrise map? 3
Is it OK to make only 1 player a Veteran? 2
May someone help me with ECHO spec ops?! ( PS3 ) 2
My prestige what is it like? 3
Need spec ops help bad. any one wanna help me? 3
Prestige mode ??? 2
Pretsige mode? 5
Snatch & grab help? 4
Spec Ops: Snatch & Grab (& others)? 1
Special Ops Help? 3
Special Ops trophies? 5
Star 69? 4
Story mode 50% ? (spoilers possible ) 8
The cabin in the woods? 1
The Pit Training Course? 7
Veteran Mode? 2
What happen to Cage match? 2
What is Prestige? 3
What prestige? 1
When your 10 prestige can u mod a lobby? 1
Will there be Download Content? 5
Will they put a new map on ps store for free? 3
Strategy/Tactics Hel Answers
ADS in 3rd Person? 4
Anti-nuke boosting class??? 6
Can you shoot an explosive before it hits you? 2
Counter-MVP Question.? 1
Default or Tactical layout? 5
Does anyone agree with my strategy? 14
Elevator Glitch? 4
General Online Gameplay Advice? 6
Ghost Achievement Question? 4
How can i reach the top house on quarry map? 3
How can i use the downloadable content? 2
How do I hit with the riot shield then hit again immedietly after??? 4
How do i rank up fast from level 20 to 10th prestige? 1
How do you get on the tallest building in Karachi? 11
How do you increase your speed in multiplayer? 5
How do you level up online real quick? 4
How to stop hackers? 2
I can't finish "Did you see that? " challenge 3
I want some1 with a mic 2 ply wid? 8
I would like to know some glitches....please? 6
Ok, I used to be awesome, and now im not, y? 14
Pls Rate my class? 3
Promoted??? 4
Quick Scoping ? 8
Quickscoping intervention style versus others? 2
Rate my 5 classes!?!?!? 3
Should i prestige at lvl 70? 1
Spec Ops Mode? 2
Spec Ops? 5
Stopping power vs danger close? 8
What are the best Kill Streaks for a Tactical Nuke? 2
What game mode and class should i use to get a nuke? 11
What is the best camping spots? 10
What is the best class for getting alot of kills? 9
What is the best perks and guns with attechments? 8
What is the best strategy for getting 2 birds with one stone achevment? 2
What is the best strategy to complete Enemy of the State Challenge? 3
What is the best way to get a nuke in salvage? 2
What's the best way to get kills? 5
Where to go for Goodgye challenge? 8
Will someone please help me with spec ops? 4
1 Player spec ops vs. 2 player spec ops? 4
AC130 or Chopper gunner? 1
After Prestiging? 5
An easier way to get nuke? (Camping wise) 2
Avoiding noobtubes and marathon/lightweight/commando? 1
Best class for kills? 2
Best place? 5
Best Strategy to complete "Ultimate Sacrafice" Challenge? 2
Best way to get challenge "Multi-Frag"? 1
Changing person? 1
Classes for nukes? 1
Claymore & Throwing Knife? 1
Death/ claymore question please?? 5
Difficulties? 1
Do both Bling perks count? 3
Do weapons and perks reset everytime you prestige? 2
Does it count? 2
Does Steady Aim increase a Shotgun's effective Range? 1
Emergency airdrop killstreak not working? 3
First time playing multiplayer onlne and sucked at it. Need help?? 6
Getting a nuke? 1
HIGHRISE (multiplayer)? 1
How can i get a higher match bonus when playin online? 2
How come my Colonel Sanderson Trophy won't register? 2
How do i get the <3 title??? 4
How Do I Use Grenade Launcher On My Assault Rifle ? 3
How do u melee? 3
How do you get the titlte MW2? 1
How do you rank up? 1
How hard is...? 4
How the HECK do i make bullet pentatration kills? 1
I need help on a few trophies, help? 2
I need the best custom class and stragtegy for getting a nuke, plz help? 8
Is it possible to shoot down AC130? (Multiplayer) 3
Is prestige an option or a requirement ? please help 5
Is there a way to switch between you killstreak if you have multiple stored up? 3
Loadouts? 2
Multiplayer item help ? 1
Museum bonus map? 2
No Rest For the Wary? 3
Not so secret anymore? 3
Nuke boost? 4
Nuke classes? 2
Offline AI? 1
Omnicide? 1
One shot kills on sniper rifles? 1
Please help me,I need to rank up? 2
Prestige and gun question? 1
Prestige or not? 1
Pro perks, what are they for....? 3
Riot shield yay!? 1
Scavanger or Sleight of Hand on my ACR? 3
Secondary too? 1
Should I prestige? 7
Snatch & Grab (Spec op)? 3
Special Op:High Explosive? 2
This is a pretty dumb question but is HIPFIRE when your standing or crouching? 1
What are good killstreak rewards??? 2
What do you consider the best custom class for getting killstreaks? 4
What Do You Get After You Prestige? 1
What game mode gives you the best chance of getting a Tactical Nuke? 2
What is "Ninja Defense" for? 2
What is nuke boosting? 2
What is the best glich for modern warefare 2? 1
What is the best killstreak setup and game mode for an EMP? 3
What is the best map to get head shots 4 snipers? 2
What is the best online strategy? 6
What is the best pistol to use in multiplayer? 2
What is the best place and game mode to get kills? 3
What is the best setup for quick scoping? 4
What is the best strategy for beginners? 5
What is the best strategy for being invis 2 uav? 1
What is the best strategy for completing "Carpet Bomb" challenge? 3
What is the best strategy for create a class? 2
What is the best strategy for getting a tactical nuke? 4
What is the best strategy for leveling up offline? 6
What is the best strategy for the grim reaper tag? 1
What is the best strategy to get 6 kills stealth bomber easy? 4
What is the best way for xp? 2
What is the best way to back a game after getting angry and doing poor? 6
What is the best weapon in online warfare??? 5
What is the definition of a headshot game in 3rd person cage match? 4
What is the point of Prestige? 1
What killstreaks (if any) count towards your actual streak? 1
What online mode is the fastest way to gain exp points and level up? 18
What's the best way to get the 40 fmj kills? 6
Why do people use the red dot sight, or the holographic sight, more then the agog sight? 2
Why when ppl riot shield me it's a fast attack but when I do it it's slow? 1
Works for both? 2
Would Steady Aim Help With The Throwing Knife? 3
Technical Help Answers
Can not Download update 1.03, why? 5
Character won't quit moving around by himself in multiplayer? 5
Data Corruption? 3
DNS Error only when running MW2 on PS3? 3
Does online play span across consoles if the game is the same? 6
Hacking acount? 1
Help joining a party? 1
Help Please?! 2
how can I change the language from german to english ? 3
How can I get my multiplayer kills to display on the screen? 4
How to minimise the search area? 2
I can't ever seem to join a match. Why? 2
Is the game in black and white? 2
Is there any way to play Special Ops with people other than people on your Friends List online? 4
Is there something wrong with my hosting? 2
Multiplayer Online? 3
One life FFA? 1
Online Hackers! Help? 2
Partying up? 3
PLZ Help?? 2
Problem using save? 3
Problems With Connecting Online? 2
We forgot password for call of duty II and for our yahoo mail, what can we do? 2
What does "Client Command Overflow" mean? 3
When I try to get online it says my sign in name has changed and kicks me out? 7
When I try to join my friends game it says:The party is no longer valid? 5
Why are my Spec Ops and Campaign modes not saving? 2
Why Cant I Change My Multiplayer Name From 'Player' To Something Else? 3
Why cant i get into any games? 1
Why does it kepp saying trying to connect to matchmaking servers? 4
Why does my ps3 freeze after an online match? 2
Why does my ps3 freezing when i use predator missle or someone attack me by predator missle can you help me? 2
Why does the game keep telling me (instalation error) ? 1
Why does the screen keep messing up when I aim down sights? 1
Why does the Special Ops lag in Coop? 2
Why doesnt it show my name on split screen? 1
why i can't play CoD MW 2 online with unkown players??? PLZ 2
Why is it ever time I go to play on multiplayer it goes to a black screen and doesn't work? 1
Why my offline save always corupted? 1
About the region? 1
Are the matchmaking servers supposed to match us to players of a similar level ? 3
Can a PS3 user play online with a PC user of COD MW 2 ? 3
Can i turn off the crosshair in this game ? 3
Can multiple players play split screen online for PS3? 1
Can you play the Stimulus Package levels in the regular game modes or do you have to select the specific stimulus modes? 3
Can't get headset to work? 2
Cannot connect with my friend in spec ops& multiplayer? 3
Game completed. Missing trophies?!?!?! 13
Having trouble with the custom classes? 2
How can I get the game to stop timing out at the start of my matches? 1
How can I tell if the game is lagging because of me or sombody else? 2
How come I can't go online? 1
How do I delete DLC? 2
How do you use a headset (bluetooth) to actually hear the game and not just people talking? 2
How to delete/disable map packs and keep everything else? 1
I can't get the Turistas trophy, patch trouble? 1
If you mute a player can they still hear "you" ? 1
Is call duty modern wafare 2 broken? 1
Is it possible to play split screen Lan Party??? 9
Is there a way to avoid being made the host? 2
Multiplayer? 2
My horizontal margin isnt centerd is there anything i can do about this? 4
My mic wont turn on? 5
my RPG aims at the honey badger glitch? 2
Nat type strict? 3
Need Help? 3
Private match don't join? 2
Ps3 headset desktop feature? 2
Strange problems with online and Split Screen? 2
Trophies not syncing when comparing with others? 2
Trophies??? not getting them 2
What affects 'ping' or latency( i don't know what it's called)? 2
Whats going on? 2
Why can't I play with my friend in Spec Ops? 2
Why does my offline multiplayer profile data keep getting corrupted? 1
Why does my saves keep corrupting? 1
Why does the game keep corrupting my offline multiplayer data? 14
Why does this happen? 2
Why i can't invite friends to my party? 6
Why is multiplayer taking so long to load? 1
Why won't the game let me get trophies? 3
Win streak problem? 4
Wont start up? 1
You Did Not Get Trophy? 1
Other Help Answers
Multiplayer weapon challenges - where are my kills? 0
(How does this almost always happen?) 3
100% Completeion? 8
100% Completion? 4
1000 Launcher kills emblem? 1
?Lot of questions of saves 1
?The Real "Warming Up" accolade way 1
Ads help please? 3
Akimbo pistols in last stand? 8
Any help with co-op spec ops? 1
Anybody want to start a clan with me? 2
Anyone know how to change your ps3 account name? 5
Anyone wanna play MW2? 1
Are there any changes besides storyline? 1
Awards after prestige? 5
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ? 1
Can I change the profile of the game save? 1
Can I pick the place I will play, but play with random people not private match? 3
Can i play with my brother online with the same system but not the same console? 4
Can someone help me with voice chat? 1
Can someone post a gamesave with everthing complete? 8
Can the second player in off-line Spec ops sign in to a PSN account? 3
Can you buy stimulus package when you buy the retail copy of mw2 in store? 2
Can you play multiplayer againts COM? 2
Can you rate my Fal Class.Strategie?. If you think you have one that is better plz provide it 4
Can you save corrupted game data? 3
Can you upragade perks to pro perks in split screen mode? 1
Care package pick up speeds? 5
Cheapest nuke ever? 2
Clan recruiting? 2
Could i play this? 1
Custom Class Names? 8
Derailed map glitch? 2
Did they really end the contract with PS3? 2
Do I Gain Experiance in Private Match? 5
Do you know what does this means? 2
Does any know how to????????? 0
Does anyone want to create a clan? 2
Does the world preimere show more of the trailer? 1
Does this game have a dedicated server? 2
First time playing online and can't get into any game rooms, what gives? 3
Game length? 3
Game Saves? 2
Getting Launcher titles? 1
Glitches? 5
God hand? 1
Gun Veteran Challenge/Emblem? 2
Help for trophies? 2
Help i can only buy one game? 4
Help me out guys?? 3
Help needed for online? 2
Help with 2 trophies?? 3
HI i need help? 2
How did I earn these? 3
How do i get golden cross from call of duty 4? 1
How do I get the chopper gunner title? 1
How do I get the emergency airdrop emblem? 3
How do I get the first 4 airplane emblems? 2
How do i get the no rest for the werry trophie? 2
How do i get the Reign Down accolade? 1
How do I get weapon specific titles? 6
how do i go about using the save files from GameFaqs onto my ps3? 3
How do I make on of my perks say none? 2
How do you elevator? 1
How do you get 100% completion on spec ops, and can you do all of the missions solo and get 100% completion? 1
How do you get the vouyer and denied titles? 5
How do you run extremely fast in a private match? 3
How do you shotgun jump? 1
How long would 1 mile in a Multiplayer map be? (Marathon/Lightweight Miles) 3
How many maps and modes ? 2
How many nukes do i need to launch to get the emblem? 4
How the heck? 2
How to get a second savegame for split screen? 1
How to get error message in multiplayer? 1
How to play offline multiplayer with bots ? 1
I dont have any friends online multiplayer. <?> 1
I played COD 4 MW more than 4 times with different skill levels...did someone else beat it more times??? 1
If I delete my save file, will I loss my rank online? 1
Is call of duty7 released? And is it true that it will not be modern warfare 3 it will be black ops? 2
Is it possible For The Different Versions ( US & Europe ) To Play Together Online !? 5
Is it possible to "disobey orders"? 2
Is it possible to earn Trophies during online play?? 2
Is it possible to show each player's name during a lan party instead of it just displaying Player? 1
Is Modern Warfare 2 the same for PS3? 7
Is the PS3's server the same with PCs' and Xbox's? 2
Is the stimulus pack downloadable or do you have to buy a cd or something???? 4
Is there a way to hack on mw2? 1
Is there a way to play multiplayer split screen on one end with a friend at home, and an online friend on the other end? 1
Is there any cheats 4 this game? 4
Is there any one want to join my clan:cm-1? 1
M21 EBR sniper? 4
Map Pack 3? 1
Mult Player? 2
Multiplayer splitscreen? 2
Museum - Player Character(s)? 5
MW2 or MW1? 4
MW2- 3rd Person? 4
Need friends? 8
Need help in some spec ops misions?? 1
Need help with a tittle? 1
New maps??? 3
No 3rd perk selected? 1
No profile name on splitscreen? 1
Offline in-game name porblems? 1
Offline mode? 1
OK...soooo? 4
Online Challenges for OFFLINE mode? 2
People still play this game on PSN? 1
Please help with controller problem ? 2
Presitge? 6
Prestige..ranks ?? 2
Ps3 question.? 1
PSN messages? 2
Question about Prestige Mode? 4
S.S.D.D. on Veteran? 2
Set player data error?? 1
Should i get MW1? 2
SPAS 12 Title is doing my head in!!! Please please help!? 2
Splitscreen names? 1
Still can't get online why? 1
Sup people I really need to know if the game's worth it?...Please respond!!! 3
Surgical, Mach 5, and dictator titles? 1
Symbols when shooting enemies in Multiplayer? 3
The end of campaign? 1
Third person cage match? 4
This is just a little survey but what is your favorite custom classes that are good? 9
Throwing Knife Challenge?!?! 2
Trouble with Spec Ops (Online Mode) Any Help Please? 2
Vids? 1
What are bullet penetration kills? 1
What if you miss the throwing knife kill at the end of the campaign mode? 2
What if...? 2
What is lan party? 3
What is the best Perk for Perks 1,2,and 3? 5
What is the best way to record HD gameplay footage on PS3? 2
What is this admin menu? 1
What level do you unlock the Wargasm challenge? 3
What rank was Ghost? 4
When does Resurgence map pack come out for PS3? 4
When i loaded my a name for two player it and it wont? 1
when is CoD modern warefare2 map pack release? 5
When is the first map pack coming out? 4
Where can I find a sight that explains how to get all (or most of) the callsigns? 1
Which one should I get, COD: black ops or mw2? 1
Which sniper is better online, the barret 50 cal or the intervention? 11
Who host ps3 challenge lobbys? 1
Whose found the intel locations ?, if found please tell :) 4
Why cant you play more maps on free for all? 4
Why does my clan tag keep disappearing after i switch my ps3 off then go back on it ? 4
Why haven't I played in terminal in a month? 4
Why is my gun camo automatically? 4
Why won't the PS3 find the split screen save game data? 2
Why??? OH GOD Why??? 1
Will i get the trophies if i download the save file? 2
Will it have split screen? 5
Will there be DLC? 7
Xp conversion to score problem? 2
"Look Ma Two Hands" trophy? 2
(Why does this always happen too?) 2
2 Player Campaign!?!? 2
2 player online (Spec. Ops.)? 1
360 vs Ps3? 3
3D person? 1
A question on spec ops? 1
Accolade title? 1
Air space crowded? 3
AK47 or Tar-21? 1
Another leveling question.... question mark? 1
Answer me Please ???? 2
Any cheat online?? 3
Any good ways to go through levels fast? 1
Any one how to change the name (player)&(guest 2)? 1
Any word of keyboard/mouse support? 5
Anyone know what factions appear on what maps in multiplayer? 2
Are some guns on the game fictional? 1
Back to level one...? 1
Best killstreaks? 8
Blinging a Javelin? 4
Boosting? 3
Callsigns & Titles? 1
Campaign co op? 1
Can a PS3 online player add and play together with a xbox 360 player?? 3
Can anybody join a camper killing clan? 5
Can I get akimbos on demo? 1
Can i hack mw2 without Usb or cable? 2
Can My Laptop Run Modern Warfare 2 ? 1
Can someone 10th prestige hack me? 2
Can the care package get tactical nuke? 2
Can you play 2 player on line for modern warfare 2? 4
Can you play with friends online? 2
Can you preorder it?If so do you get anything special for preodering? 6
Can you still do elevators? 1
Capture the flag? 1
Care Package Percentages? 2
Choosing places? 1
Close Range Kills? 3
Closed lobby glitch? 1
Co-op? 2
Cod: ww1 ? 1
Cod: Ww1? 1
Completing prestige? 4
Confirm Completable Perks with Tactical Knife? 1
Controller help plz? 1
Country flag callsigns? 6
Custom class for killstreaks online? 2
Custom Classes in Prestige Mode? 2
Danger close pro? 2
Display bars? 1
Do i need to complete campaign to unlock Spec Ops? 2
Do Mounted MG's and killstreaks like chopper gunner affect leaderboard accuracy? 1
Do offline multiplayer achievements/stats transfer to online multiplayer? 1
Do you get something special for prestiging this time? 2
Do you lose control of your Ac130/CG when you die? 6
Do you unlock anything by gathering all intel or beating the entire game on vetern? 2
Does anyone know if this one there are 10 pristege levels online? 2
Does pavelow count towards ur killstreak? 6
Does picking up a different weapon at the begininng of an op change the enemies placement? 1
Does prestiging lower your health? 4
Does prestiging reset the challenges unlocked after you prestige once or do they just carry on throughout all prestiges? 4
Does Sentry Gun count toward your killstreak? 3
Does the lady easter egg work? 1
Does the MW2 for PS3 have trophies? 7
Dog tags next to names after playing online? 1
Double XP??? 4
Emblems/titles in privite match? 2
Enemy Drones? 3
FMJ or burst fire? 2
Ghillie In The Mist? 12
Ghost trophy? 3
Good custom killstreak class online team deathmatch? 1
Hacked Leaderboards? 3
Help on spec ops? 1
How can i get SUPER SPEED HACK ??? 1
How can I get the pirate flag emblem? 9
How can I jump further and higher in CODMW2 (multipleyer) ? 9
How can i play ??? 2
How do I change my screen name on multiplayer online? 4
How do i CORRECTLY use a grenade launcher? 4
How do i get "My lil pwny" title? 1
How do I get 100% after I already have all the intel? 2
How do i get golden cross emblem from call of duty 4? 1
How do i get golden skull emblem? 2
How do I get rid of this? 2
How do i get SAS emblem on multiplayer??? 6
How do i get the Blade Master title online? 1
How do I get the rianmaker title? 2
How do I get these titles? 4
How do I get Top Gun title? 1
How do i join a friends game on call of duty modern warfare 2? 7
How do i line up the enemy with intervension? 2
How do I make an 18 player Search and Destroy lobby? 1
How do perks work? 2
How do u get desert,snow,and urban ghillie suits? 7
How do you (easily) quick-scope? 5
How do you become host in an online lobby? 1
How do you get Did you see that? title 1
How do you get the AFK accolade? 4
How do you get the Super Mario emblem? 2
How do you go/get prestige? 1
How do you know if you're the host of a match? 2
How do you level up without going online ? 5
How do you mute other players' voices in multiplayer? 2
How do you play derail on free for all? 1
How do you shoot the stinger? 9
How do you use third person view? 2
How many people are usually playing online? 2
How much damage does the masterkey do? 2
How to use a game save? 1
How to use dual uzi in primary weapon? 2
I dont get it? 1
I need help with online??? 1
If i am lv 1 and i lose XP, is there anything lower? 2
If you use your killstreak after you die will it count towards your next killstreak? 1
In multi-player does the Silencer take you off of the mini-map when firing? 1
Intervention question? 1
Is it possible to destroy the predator missile? 9
Is it possible to make more slots for a custom class? 1
Is it possible to play MW2's Singleplayer on 3rd person? 2
Is it possible to survive a nuke? 4
Is it possible to unlock all killstreak rewards before you prestige? 2
Is it worth using BLING to get BLING PRO? 1
Is mw2 Facebook compatible? 1
Is the F2000 a good gun to use? 3
Is there a limit to how many Sentry Guns you can have active at a time? 1
Is there a US Army Ranger Emblem? 1
Is there any way to stop the...? 4
Is this even possible? 1
Is xp between levels in prestige overwhelming? 1
Its any vehicle for online playing? 3
Javelin Glitch? 1
Killstreak rewards? 1
Killstreaks? 1
Lag Switch? 2
Light Machine Guns? 1
Looking for a Boosting Partner /AKA Nuke Booster / Nuke boosting? 4
MacTavish? 1
Map Packs? 1
Melee attack in multiplayer? 2
Model 1887 trash? 2
Multi Player. Map HIGH RISE How do you get to the very top of one of the main buildings? 2
Multiplayer points bonus? 2
NAT Type on multiplayer online? 1
Negative Accuracy? 3
Official resurgence map pack date? 1
One hit kill sniper riffle anywhere on the body? 7
Online Team-Must be good!? 1
Online? 3
Prestige Chalanges? 1
Prestige emblems? 1
Prestige Help? 2
Prestige mode? 1
Prestige Question? 2
Prestiging decision question? 1
Private match effecting Leaderboard? 1
Pros and Cons of using 3rd person? 2
Ps3 or Xbox360? 1
Ps3 slim or fat? 11
Rate My Class - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2? 4
Recording on ps3 possible? 2
SCAR-H: Veteran III? (prestige) 1
Sentry Gun Help? 1
Sentry guns? 4
Serious Multiplayer Problems? 2
should i buy MW1 or MW2? 8
Should i get this game or wait for battlefield bad company 2? 2
SPAS 12 Title is doing my head in!!! Please help!? 3
Spec-ops veterans wanted - interested in cooperation? 3
Static playing? 2
Stimulus package only two modes? 9
Stimulus Package? 1
Tactical Nuke? 2
Teen version? 1
The Price Of War Trophy? 2
Throwing Knife? 2
Titles? 2
Trophy question? 2
Unlimited ammo? 1
Usp akimbo glitch? 1
Voice chat? 1
W1200 shotgun in museum? 4
Wats wrong with CAMPING???? 1
Weapon kills before prestige? 2
What about the Teddy Bears? 2
What are flares on aircraft ? 3
What are hipfire kills in multiplayer? 1
What are the people screaming in multiplayer? 2
What are these? 1
What determines match bonus exp? 5
What do Sitrep Pro & Danger Close Pro do? 1
What do you get when all perks are pro? 3
What do you suggest using for a noob tubing class? 2
What does commando pro do? 1
What does marathon and lightweight pro do? 3
What does prone blocked mean? 2
What games modes do not have respawn? 1
What has been the best match to rank up for you on Mw2? 4
What in the world is a javelin glitch? 3
What is FMJ? 1
What is the "warming up" accolade? 12
What is the best class 4 all the primary guns? : ) 3
What is the best class for domination and demolition? 1
What is the best gun on this?????????????? 26
What is the best gun with a grenade launcher attatchment? 1
What is the Javelin Glitch? 2
What Is the point of boosting? 1
What is the point of trophies for mdn.warfare 2? 1
What is your favorite shotgun and why? 5
What online modes are there? 1
What's an explosive Round? 9
What's the best way to get the 30 sec or less in the Pit? 3
What's the point? 2
Whats a good light machine gun? 4
Whats it mean when std complete comes up? 1
Whats so good about this game? 2
Whats the best Rifle gun? 5
Whats the point of collecting the Intel Laptops? 3
When do we get the stimulis package? 2
When dose the 1st map pack come out i forgot??? 5
When i go prestige will i lose all my weapons/attachments and perks? 3
When is it comeing out? 2
Where can I find my kill stats, FMJ for example, and do they apply to campaign? 2
Where is a good map to get bullet penetration kills? 3
Where is a good place to get this game? 3
Where on a person would be considered the One-shot kill be? 6
Which is better? 2
Which killstreak reward counts toward your total killstreak count? 2
which LMG has the biggest clip?? 1
Which one should I get? 5
Who si better COD4MW or CODMW2? 3
Whoo think's it's really stupid that IW started using numbers in the 100's for multiplayer kills? 4
Why am I the best in MW2? 6
Why didn't my Pave Low give me my EMP? 4
Why do people camp so much? 8
Why do some people in multi-player shoot their weapons as soon as the match starts? 2
Why does this game suck so bad? 4
Why is it that in demolition i get a higher match bonus than in other game modes? 1
why is'nt it called CoD 6: modern warfare II? 4
why M rated? 7
Why wont the killcam work? 3
Will COD Modern Warfare 2 bring back gun camos? 4
Will difficlties previously beaten overwritten during replay? 2
Will Modern Warfare 2 feature a survival mode like the zombie mode in World at War? 9
Will Private Matches Ruin Your Ratio? 2
Will they add in the War Game-Mode? 3
Would I do well online? 2
You get anything for completing all challenges? 3

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