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"You'll be playing because you're addicted, not because you're having fun."

Since I first write this review, I've got a copy of World at War, but Modern Warfare 2 is still the first CoD I played. Anyway, on to the review.

I really wanted to give a good review, I really did want too, but this game is quite rubbish, to be honest. Modern Warfare 2 is (Obviously) the sequel to Modern Warfare, A game I've never played, come to think of it, I've never played any Call of Duty, so I hoped, at least, this game would be friendly to new people to the series, unfortunately it isn't after the first 5 minutes of the Campaign.

This is the only place this game shines, it's game play is nice and simple, very easy to slip into it and I fount it really easy to grasp the controls, it was also very responsive and really, the best part of the game. The game has good controls, which pretty much every game needs to have to be a good one, having an amazingly complex controls won't get you very far. Unfortuantly, the rest of the gameplay falls short. In multi-player, some weapons are useless, some are extremely overpowered, for example, the most well known flaw, Model 1887 Shotguns. These guns can outpower every weapon on the game from short to midrange, if this wasn't bad enough they can also be dual wielded (Akimbo), the fact that they outpower Assault Rifles and Machine Guns at Midrange is absouloutly stupid, there was a patch for this, but it didn't really do anything, I'd still be shot by Akimbo 1887's and be dead at midrange, after putting 3 or 4 Assault Rifle bullets in my opponent. More about the multi-player flaws later on.

Unfortunately.. the story is pretty boring and unimaginative and according to some of my friends, very similar to Modern Warfare 1. Like I said earlier, I'm new to Call of Duty, which means the campaign should be difficult on the Normal difficulty, or at least challenging unfortunately, it isn't, I started on Hardened, recommended after The Pitt, and shortly found myself knocking that up to veteran, where it finally got mildly challenging. Even so, the game took me a short 10 hours on veteran, and my brother has beaten it in 6 hours on the Regular difficulty... for a game with so much hype and expectations, and my £45 it really isn't good enough, I had started to wish I rented the game instead. Re playable? Not really, unless you did the game on the Super Easy Regular difficulty and want the veteran trophies, then you might send out another 10 hours getting them. Oh... and people wanting the Co-Op story mode from World at War... It's gone so... yeah. This is without even mentioning the huge quantity of plot holes in the story, No spoilers, So I can't say anything, but just google it, and you'll find a list of them.

Special Ops
My favorite part of the game and it even has it's flaws.. Dear oh Dear. Specials Op's are basically short 1 or 2 player missions, and by 2 player, the person HAS to be on your friend-list and can't be a random person from the internet for some weird reason, which means people with no friends that have a copy of Modern Warfare 2, will never be able to get the Platinum trophy or the 69 Stars trophy or the Honor Roll trophy, this is because some of the missions have to be 2 players which makes me question again why we can't be teamed up with a random person from the internet or even an AI.. Anyway has a whole, special ops is good fun, even more with a friend, but still is good fun without 1, and seems to be a replacement for Nazi Zombies (Which I've played 1 game of round a friends house, it was awesome) from World at War, unfortunately there aren't any zombies on this one and instead there's a load of missions asking you do different things, sneak through a forest, collect some Intel and escape the gulag, kill a bunch of Juggernaughts on an oilrig, and mostly slightly edited stuff from the story but now is timed. This does however make up for the simpleness of the Story mode slightly, because, the Echo missions are rather difficult, though both have there own tricks to getting them done, such as High Explosive, which I did with my brother, it took us all day, then we find out there's a way to do the mission easily on co-op, using a cheap trick to block the Juggernaughts.

Multi player
This mode is really fun... if you are a veteran to Call of Duty online, us newbies will find ourselves thrown into a game with a bunch of players a lot more experiences than ourselves and shortly finding us basically being absolutely battered this is because the game doesn't seem to make games around people of your own 'level' or Kill/Death ration but more of random people, no matter how good they are and you find yourself, like I said, being battered by the other players which have a lot more experience. if you're a veteran however, you should find this mode fun, and (Apparently) the same as always with a few new modes, I really like the customizable weapons though that's one of my favorite parts. The largest problem I have with being against much higher levels is that they have much better guns, perks, and attachments, I'm used to games normally giving the new people a slight advantage which this game doesn't, let's face it, someone with Pro Perks and the all the Attachments for their gun is easily going to destroy a Level 1 with the basics. Like I mentioned earlier, IW haven't done a good job at balancing the guns (Model 1887 versus Everything) and some things just annoy you, Knife, for example, a basic tool, turned God-like on MW2, there's a setup which turns you into a running unstoppable knifing machine on this game (Marathon, Lightweight, Commando Perks) which lets you knife people from about, 2 meters away, and isn't slowed down by bullets and kills you in 1 hit, you would think if you are shooting someone running straight towards you a few bullets from an Assault Rifle would slow them down just a little bit, but it doesn't. On top of this, some maps are extremely poorly made, "Estate" for example, 1 side of the map has a house (Another thing I have a problem with, undamageable scenery, a rocket from an AC130 would surely destroy the roof of a house, yet it remains unscarred) on 1 side, giving the team that spawns there a huge advantage if they can defend the house and I'm sure you know, defending is a lot easier than attacking, the more you play multiplayer, the more frustrating it becomes, and the more addicted you become, deep down you know you're not having fun, but you're addicted, so you keep going.

As a whole the game honestly feels Rushed and Unfinished which is because I believe they want to release a new game every year, I'd rather have a brilliant game, that's taken 10 years to make and has been perfected, than a broken game that has been rushed to finished. I advise you to rent the game, then if you like it, but it if you want, but I wouldn't recommend it, the more I play this game, the worse and worse it gets, in contrast to some other games,which seem to get better and better the more I play them.

The hardest part of this review is giving it an honest rating, with the descriptions I'd give it a 2, "Severe Problems prevent any Real Fun" but that's only for Story and Multiplayer, Spec Ops has problems but is still fun. So, I'd go with 4, "Game is unremarkable and flawed" completely sums up my feelings for the majority of the game, and it gets an entire 2 points for Spec Op's missions.

Reviewer's Score: 4/10 | Originally Posted: 12/11/09, Updated 01/15/10

Game Release: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (EU, 11/10/09)

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