• Trophies

    Complete each condition to get the allotted Trophies. There are 11 Bronze Trophies, 2 Silver Trophies, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    100 Stars (Bronze)Earn a total of 100 stars in single-player
    25 Stars (Bronze)Earn a total of 25 stars in single-player
    50 Stars (Bronze)Earn a total of 50 stars in single-player
    75 Stars (Bronze)Earn a total of 75 stars in single-player
    Ace (Bronze)Score your first goal in an Online Ranked match
    All Star (Silver)Earn all of the stars in single-player
    Champion (Bronze)Complete the Tournament Challenge
    Hat Trick (Bronze)Score 3 goals in an Online Ranked match
    Hot Shot (Bronze)Achieve the Most Valuable Player award in an Online Ranked match
    Natural (Bronze)Win an Online Ranked match
    Rookie (Bronze)Play 10 Online Ranked career matches
    Showoff (Bronze)Score a goal while reversing in an Online Ranked match
    Striker (Gold)Score 500 goals in your Online Ranked career
    Victorious (Silver)Win 50 Online Ranked career matches

    Contributed By: Guard Master.