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How do I get past ? Locate dr. young:

Locate Dr. Young: search Arkham mansion to find Dr Youngs research notes before joker. Are the notes actually in arkham mansion? Where do i need to go to complete this quest?

s_manek asked for clarification:

I am in a place called 'caves' right now. Where exactly do I go now ? The objectives says ' locate doctor Young'

sheva307 asked for clarification:

guys i can't find that book with the fingerprints even while detective mode is activated, i have to say also that in this part i rescued the hostage after Joker's countdown but he didn't blow them as he was threating,instead he said(boom, i was joking)

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DoubleJ_2 answered:

You'll need to collect evidence of her fingerprints within her office and then follow her trail to the library. Her notes are stashed within a book, which is easy to find in detective mode.
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germancolossus answered:

I agree, its easy if you use detective mode and you'll know youre on the right track if you end up at the library. It took me a while the first time too...
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VitorFFer answered:

ok, once in the cave, you must get the batclaw in the batcave in order to proceed. Once you get it (happens as soon as you get to the batcave) you must push the nearby crates with it. That will reveal a passage which you must follow. Along the way you'll get into the sewers, beat up some thugs and then proceed through the area until you get to a maze like structure. Once there, make your way up and then head through the door. You'll be at arkham island again. Make your way to arkham mansion and break into it with the batclaw. Once inside, proceed until you find aron cash. He will tell you about dr young's office. Then follow the objective mark on your mini map
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karaneko answered:

Make sure you go to the most northwest corner of the mansion to save Cash and get to her office to get some fingerprints. Then go back to the library to get a book with her fingerprints on it on the same floor as the doctor and the guard that you saved.

I got stuck on this part too.
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Ninja405 answered:

You follow her finger prints its quite easy.
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vspectra6 answered:

I'm stuck at that part too sheva. I feel like there's a glitch where the mission is supposed to start over since you didn't beat the timer. I'm in the basment of the library where the hostages are and the books with the doctor's notes aren't there.
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nuawlns answered:

How do you get into the mansion?
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Cereborn answered:

Guys, remember how you had to scan around the Batmobile for Gordon's pipe? You have to scan around Dr. Young's office to get a sample of her fingerprints. You won't be able to track them without doing that first. If you've rescued the hostages in the library, go back out the way you came, then make your way to Young's office. After you've been there, you follow the trail back to the library.
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