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How do I get past Botanical Gardens (Aviary)?

I completed this level once and thought I saved the game. When I loaded the game again it takes me to a checkpoint where there is one guy remaining and the cages are still in the air. I take down the solitary guy and the cages are still in the air. Is this a bug as I've spent nearly two hours doing everything I can to get them to drop and can't. I don't have the option to restart the level, just restart from the last checkpoint which brings me to exactly the same place - with the last guy still standing, so I repeat...... and you get the jist.

Am I buggered and do I have to start the whole game again?!

MGS4RobRules asked for clarification:

The exact same thing happened to me. Did u manage to fix it?


Greydawg answered:

You actually have to drop them yourself I beleive with a batarang after disengaging the power to each cell. You have to free them to actually complete the section. Give it another try mate, you'll see.
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