Question from ShamanKiruchi12

I Have download and install Play the joker on Playstation Store but when i played the game it isn't there?

i have download it in Playstation store and install it but when i play the game the Challenge mode won't show play as joker but all of the Challenge Mode was locked???

ShamanKiruchi12 provided additional details:

but i download it and i found 16 of Riddler Challenge but it doesn't show menu that you can choose between The Joker and Batman

yevinorion asked for clarification:

Did you possibly download and install the Joker DLC before you loaded up the game and did the mandatory install? Try deleting your DLC and redownloading and installing it. I found with inFamous that installing DLC prior to installing the game itself can cause the game not to register the DLC.

ShamanKiruchi12 provided additional details:

i did install the DLC when i play the game but does it make some trouble or no effect at all?


kristastrxphe answered:

you have to unlock challenge modes in game via Riddler Trophies to unlock them in the Challenge Mode section.
There are 240 Riddler trophies, and I believe 16 of them are challenge maps.
Once you unlock the challenge maps, you can choose Batman or The Joker to play as.
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cyclonebw answered:

When you re-download it make sure you download it not in background. That seems to cause alot of problems.
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arielmil answered:

Friend, do the following:
See the headline in the game if the game is American or European.
(He marks with a number, 1 = American / European = 2.)
From there you enter into PSN and download the addon in accordance with your game. (If you are American, low addon American ... If Europe, the European low)
contact msm:
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