Question from dbw1978

How do I get past electrical gates?

When you enter the main cell block Harley quinn starts talking, You climb up and beat up 11 men. It says to use your detective mode to find out how to shut off or shut down the electric floor I have used every single detective mode there is in the world and I still cant find a way in. I'm ready to trade this game in if I cant figure this out.


DjRajman answered:

You need the cryptographic sequencer, you will eventually get it through the story!
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twyz answered:

You just use the crypto sequencer to blow the fuse box that powers the floor.
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TheBucks777 answered:

Use the cryptographic sequencer. Use both analog sticks to make the tool's screen a bright green color. This should disable the security gates.
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Maxiadam1 answered:

You have to climb up on top of the roof of the watchtower and punch thorugh and it will knock Harley Quinn out.
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