Question from papaJ1129

Has anyone lost they game data/ corrupt files?

There has been 2 times since starting this game that my save was lost. Once at 20% and again at 35%. Each time my game was deleted and in its place on my hard drive, was a corrupt file. The fact that i am not connected to the internet makes me believe its the game itself. I have six other games and never had an issue with any of the files. Is it a combination of a glitch within game software or a hardware issue of the new ps3 slim?

jamesseda asked for clarification:

Yes, I had tis just happen to me after a few freezes yesterday , i thought it was the cd, My save file was corupted after everything froze and I had to eject or power off. I deleted everything and reinstalled. When I start the game I get this message. any help?


CactuarWrangler answered:

Don't turn off the game or system when the small circular save icon is in the bottom right corner of your tv screen.
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jamieN086 answered:

I've lost data twice, both when I had over 90% completion and it isn't the ps3 slim because I have one of the older 40gb ones from before the slim came out.

I thought it was a problem caused by my friend because his ps3 hard drive completely died and whenever I borrow a game that was played on that ps3 some of my files corrupt, I've lost Batman, Force Unleashed and Little Big Planet data.
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Jennithebaker answered:

This happened to me just tonight. My fiance and I played this game on and off for about a week and got to the fourth year, probably only a -few- levels to go! And to our confusion, the game wouldn't load. We're always very careful when it comes to saving and always wait to turn anything off. I just wanted to post that this happened to us as well, in case there's a manufacturing problem with some of the disks. I'm so bummed. I'm not sure I'm up to starting over again!
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rwatson7 answered:

I am actually referring to Batman Arkham City btw...
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