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Asked: 5 years ago

How To play as Joker?

i have download it in Playstation store and install but what should i do next
should i
pick the challenge mode
or make a new save
or continue story
i dont understand until now! please help me!!!

Additional details - 5 years ago

but my game doesn't show any command prompt that i need to choose between Batman And The Joker

Additional details - 5 years ago

Damn i do that

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From: Marscaleb 1 year ago

I have discovered that you also need to be aware if you have the "Game of the Year" edition or not. (Game of the Year will be displayed on the title screen if it is)

If you have the Game of the Year edition then you need to select the downloadable content for the Game of the Year edition; it will be listed as a separate game entry in the Playstation store.

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Did you even try any of those? Joker is a character in Challenge mode.

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Okay well to play as the joker you need to go into Challenge mode. That is the only place you can play as him. You don't need to make a new save i believe.

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After downloading (and installing!) the content, all you have to do is go into challenge mode. After selecting it from the menu, you'll be prompted to choose whether you want to do Batman's challenges or the Joker's. You do not need to make a new save.

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Make sure u download the joker map pack after u create saved data or it will not work i made this mistake -_-

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If you installed and it still won't work I would re-download and install it without(!) using "download in background". That seems to fix alot of problems.

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Did you go to "Challenge Mode" or "Downloaded Content"?

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you can play as the joker in challenge mode. you to download it through psn first. make sure you download it from the same ps store where your game is licenesed. for exampe, if your game is an USA edition , then you should download the DLC through an USA account.

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After you download the content off of PSN (It's free) and install it, go into challenge mode and it will ask whether you want to play as Batman or Joker. Doesn't work with the DLC maps.

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