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All All Open Questions for Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat (killer croc)? 4

Other Help Answers
Where can I see the full contents of the dr.'s diary and full color manual that comes with the collector's edition? 0
Where is the Joker DLC in Playstation Store? 0
''Rope-a-dope-a-dope!'' achivment? 4
Action camera? 1
Can you replay the missions you already did? 3
Can't find Batcave outpost on playstation Home???? 2
Character Bio? 2
Could someone post a game save? 4
Easiest Batman game to earn all trophies? 1
Game the year? 1
Hanging? 2
how do I find the wardens office? 3
How do i get back inside the mansion im locked out? 2
How do you get past 85%? 1
How do you unlock the extras in Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year (GOTY) edition? 1
how does this game compared to Arkham City and Origins? 1
how to Play as joker on chalange map? 3
How to unlock more Challenges? 2
I have 100% done on GOTY edition how do i put my save file on here? 1
I try to get all 240 riddles, but the last one is in the pump room and I can't get in, so is there another way in? 3
If we play as a joker can we go to the Gotham City? 3
Is Quincy Sharp still supposed to be in the cell after I beat the game? 1
Is there a cinematic menu in Arkham Asylum? 1
Once you beat the game will there still be enemies around? 4
Other villians? 3
Passwords? 2
Qustion about Collector's Edition contents? 1
Riddler's Challenges please help? 1
Save Game Request? 1
Saved data and bat cave outpost ? 1
Scarecrow map only in america? 3
Story mode difficulty determined Challenges difficulty? 2
Suit damage...? 5
What should i spend my XP on? 4
Where is the best and cheapest place i should by this game? 3

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