Question from rcookex

Asked: 5 years ago

Where can i find the green and blue minions?

I can't seam to find them

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From: Gamer319 5 years ago

The Green Minions are in the Ever light facility, you must first get through the gates at the Ever light reef, and through to the jungle. You will make your way through the jungle until you find some pre-spawned greens, you must remove the poison from the walls near the netherworld gate and continue through to the facility where you need to perform a stealth retrieval mission , while possessing one of those green minions.

The Blue Minions are in the sewers under the Empire City Arena. After getting the greens above you will be prompted to go to the empire city harbor, you will have to make your way through the catapult fortress and the slave camp. Then you need to take out the sentinels and the soldiers leading up to senator Drearius's villa . Once you take his sedan chair you will make your way to the slums, go through the slums to the sewers where you have to try and retrieve the blue hive, before heading to the arena.

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