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Asked: 4 years ago

How do I solve the 3 ring puzzle the quickest???

See above... not longer then 5 steps please??(trial)

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From: mewtwokirby 4 years ago

To keep things simple, only use R2(rotate clockwise) and perform the following steps.

Rotate Inner Ring twice.
Rotate Middle Ring once.
Rotate Outer Ring twice.

This should work unless your platforms start on the left side for some reason.

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It will be 5 steps exactly.

Outer x2 Clockwise (R2)
Inner x2 Clockwise (R2)
Middle x1 Clockwise (R2)

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Its actually really easy. Cycle through the rings as you are trying to decide which ring to use. when you land on the right one, the ring will glow over and over again (instead of just once) and your controller will vibrate. Then rotate that ring clockwise and repeat, and you'll be done in 5 turns.

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Outter Ring clockwise twice, inner ring clockwise twice and middle ring clockwise once. If this is for the *trial* you can also just press select and look at the scroll. The game itself tells you how to do it in 5 turns. You can not do it in less than 5.

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